Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 96

Volume 1 Chapter 96 Sweet Morning Torment

Su Ci Yi woke up early in the morning and little Qin Tao was still sleeping on her side. Slowly, she took a warm shower and changed her clothes. The setting sun hadn't still made its full appearance. The morning glow shone lightly covering its warm light on the rosy flower bloom.

The outside residence was brimming of classic budding petals and scented flowers. Aside from the fully attended variety of roses, pink daisies, stunning dahlias, bright marigolds are also catered inside. The gardener had woke up early in the morning to drizzle water over the plants. It was because of this person why this villa, despite being antique glowed in freshness and inspiring vibe pulling absolute positivism on every weary hearts. Su Ci Yi passed the person trimming the rotten leaves of plants but since her mood was lifted seeing the brilliant colors in the morning, decided to greet that person earnestly. She remembered that this person was an old man in his late 60's and being called Uncle Wan.

Su Ci Yi caresses the beautiful bloom of the petal and smiled brightly, "A good morning to you Mr. Wan"She stopped in the middle and her almost curving smile turned into surprise.

"Oh, good morning to you too Milady. The weather's too good today, so be sure to always plaster that sweet smile of yours~" Qin Yu's morning glow and professional healthful advice.

He was wearing a soft fabric 100% pure cotton loose Camisa de chino and gaudy pants. On his head rested Luffy's straw hat. When he greeted her earlier, he took it down and plastered his morning wide grin. His outfit should be supposed to emanate an impoverished caretaker yet why does she saw a proficient detergent model doing a photoshoot amidst the apricot blossom drizzle under the illuminating sunlight huh?

Su Ci Yi doesn't want to stay on that thought as she fastened her pace.

Qin Yu, followed her trail almost sticking close to her side.

"You're as early as the beautiful birds in the morning and the broadway-like melody of the siren, have you taken breakfast Milady?"

Su Ci Yi reiterated and replied briskly, "I'm not going to eat breakfast now."

"How about tomorrow?"

Seriously, why does he needed to know? "I'm not too!"

"Then the next tomorrow?"

"I'm not."

"Then on the February first?"

Su Ci Yi's halt stopped. "I'm not going either, tomorrow or the next tomorrow nor anytime." Qin Yu seeing her mood also stopped.

Su Ci Yi thought that the man was exhausted trapping her with bullets of questions. But she was totally wrong.

"Then how about lunch Milady?"

"I'll eat wherever."

"What about dinner?" Su Ci Yi glared at him. Why does he need to know this too?

"Milady, do you like to eat pork rillettes, lobster bisque and beef burgundy from the prestigious French restaurant? If you like, I can order delivery. Or should you prefer sashimi from the Japanese restaurant that we went the last time? Oh, they have a newly opened menu that has just come out to the public. Also, I can learn how to cook sweet desserts aside from the parfait besides"

Su Ci Yi cut him off and in a desperate attempt to fled, she unknowing exerted her full speed and in the heat of the moment, entered the car which was a stone's thrown away from her. What has Qin Yu caught was only the grime and dust she left fleeing from him.

Qin Yu fixed his eyes on the little bunny's trail, somehow this was becoming interesting. Small puffs of laughs appear on his lips. This 'PROJECT CODE: CHASING A FIERCE LADY' goal has been soaring well. The book Qin Huzao sent him was accurate. Getting to know a woman, one must stay beyond her boundary to activate interaction and intimate closures.


It was only a few minutes when Su Ci Yi decided to go out from the inside of the clunker. However, she was slump back again when Su Ming came in her corporate attire and black wedge heels.

It looked that she was off to the company this early in the morning. She traced back to find the shadow of Su Mo but she caught nothing. Su Ci Yi fell into deep contemplation not seeing his presence.

Su Ming stated that Su Mo's not going to go to the office today. He was not feeling well and therefore will just take a leave. Anyway, he had already notified his staff that any moment his daughter will come to the company and will immediately throw into the affairs and deals of the management. His secretary will be there to guide her.

Su Ming was not a stranger to this company, she had also conducted her 'On-the-job-training' here when she was still a college student. It's just that after graduation, his father was exhausted finding her trails for she had the habit of going out and exploring different places. But now that the situation escalated, she can't goof around anymore.

Su Ming cast a guilty stare on Su Ci Yi. She told him that his father was not feeling well today but there was more to the info. Yesterday, her father was attacked by his high blood pressure, though he promptly took his maintenance - the level of his emotion yesterday was grave. Su Ming just felt grateful that he didn't collapse right in front of them.

Yesterday's trail of events took a toll on Su Mo's health.

Su Ci Yi felt nothing to do anyway and surveying the company was a good decision to take today. She'll just cultivate this evening if she won't get sidetracked again.

She was already sitting on the front seat and was expecting Su Ming to seat on the driver soft cushion since between them two, she has the idea of how to drive.

However, her illusion broke when she seated on the passenger's seat. Su Ci Yi looked back to her in confusion. Su Ming gestured in front and there! Today's driver was approaching in his c.o.c.ky stride. He easily slid on the driver's seat and turn the engine. The man was now wearing a professional suit in austere style and undistinguishing features. He was also wearing formal black pants and was already in his faux pointed black shoes.

"Kindly buckle tight, Milady."

Qin Yu pulled the front seatbelt and pass the garage.


There was a kind of deafening quietness inside the car. While Qin Yu was focused on the front road, Su Ci Yi had long retired on her fate. She doesn't even want to know if he's a chef? A butler? A gardener? Or a professional driver? He's an all-around guy with a lot of plans on his sleeve.

Su Ming's mind was filled with company matters.

Back then when she had time, she dropped off inside and mingled with the middle-level employees. When she's still fresh from school, she was always in his father's office while Su Ci Yi assisted him.

Now, the time was changed. At this moment, she'll be filling in his father's position for a while until he had fully recovered. The original plan was to teach her little by little and be familiar with the company's internal flows but since these events happened, she doesn't have any other choice.

She's just that grateful that Su CI Yi was with her. At least when she was put into battle later, she will not felt alone there. Her presence was enough to secure her confidence inside. "Sis" Su Ming abruptly stopped Su Ci Yi's total blank mind.

Su Ci Yi turned to the front mirror showing Su Ming's pale face. "Are you nervous?"

Su Ming nodded her head. "Dad's elite investor will be on the company later. I'm afraid that if I do a little wrong move, he'll pull out his money" His dad also informed her that just last night that investor made another big transfer into his account. This also made Su Mo's mood escalated.

Su CI Yi's gentle eyes filled with encouragement directed to her, "That will not happen and that is a statement."

Su Ming's imaginary cat ears droop as she sighed in the downpour of her mood, "Really?"

Su Ci Yi's confidence was as high as the mountain Tai. "Definitely."

Su Ming was still feeling uncomfortable.

Qin Yu couldn't take the mood and inserted himself, "Try to pinch the pressure point in the webbing between your thumb and index finger when nervous. Stimulating it will reduce your stress."

Su Ming decided to take his advice and pinch her thumb.

A little later and she felt absolute coziness over her soul. It was as if her mind became clear in an instant and that materialistic worry subsided. The air-lifted and the once gloomy mood disappeared.

She turned to Qin Yu and thank the man.

The inside now became stable.

After a long while, Qin Yu announced and stopped the motioning car. "We're here." He then automatically opened Su Ming's door and the latter soon went out, leaving Su Ci Yi's door still locked from the inside. Then he went down and personally opened it to her. Su Ci Yi ignored him. But the man didn't take it seriously, he even leaned near her height and whispered,

"Can Milady teach me how to cast an anti-stress bewitching spell?... Just like what you did with the other madam earlier?"

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