Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 97

Volume 1 Chapter 97 Su Company

Su Ci Yi went down just outside a second story building. The business' flowing transaction occurred on the first floor while the internal managing and main office were on the top. The building was not lavishly styled nor had an elegant vibe. Just the typical building entity made of solid materials and a strong foundation. The business focused on importing & exporting lumbers& woods, and construction supplies to different areas. Delivery and ordering of products are stable and faring well on a quarterly basis. Now that they had expanded and was able to enter the market of province B, there will be a lot of doc.u.ments needed to prepare and renew some papers that had already expired.

Su Ming and Su Ci Yi proceeded inside Su Mo's office. Su Ming immediately went to her mahogany desk and promptly sorted out the sheaf of papers.

Not long after, there was a mild knock on the door.

Turn out it was the secretary of Su Mo. He knew that the president won't come today because he himself was notified earlier. It was stated that his daughter will just take over for the meantime. He brought along with him the files that needed to be signed in the absence of the President. "You need to analyze these details, Ma'am. Also here, it needs your signature." He politely informed her while handling the stack of folders on his arms.

Su Ming nodded. "Kindly put them on the other side. I'll open them later. By the way, when will that person arrive?"

She was talking about their elite investor that will be coming today in this company. She didn't get any picture of him so Su Ming was picturing a typical blondie type of a foreigner. This was what she was thinking when a tall person in a white tight skirt, deep-blue flounce blouse, and a silky brown hair entered without any warning. The woman walked in an aristocratic way and her h.i.p.s swaying from left to right. Her red lipstick was brilliant that it'll be the first you'll notice upon looking.

"Why don't I see the grizzled hair old man here?" She inquired upon entering.

Su Ming stood up and politely greeted her while in deep contemplation, does his father knew someone like this person?

Su Ci Yi kept looking at the woman not minding that her aura was already cast off on the sideline.

The red woman took a turn and seize Su Ming's overall composition and exclaimed, "Goodness! You must be his child. I'm Baronnete Mitschivitski."

A foreigner? Why that does sounds familiar?

The secretary butted in the middle as he introduced the woman. "She's our elite investor, Ma'am. Please treat her well in the future."

Su Ming's eyes widened. His father said it was a man? How come?

"Su Ming, right?" Baronette opened her tinted lips showing the pearly white teeth inside.

She extended her hand in a professional way. "Yes, it's nice meeting you."

"I've heard a lot about you from your father. You must be pretty popular, you're quite lovely dear."

"The same goes for the Madam. You are so stunning and gorgeous." Su Ming returned the complementary.

After their formal introduction, Baronette turned her way to Su Ci Yi. While the latter can't believe that this person was able to recognize her despite her fading aura. Right now, she was still probing this woman's appearance.

Baronette walked towards her. Her red lips rose, "Hi, you seem doing great?" She looked into her deep eyes. Into the depths of her soul with that weird smile of hers. Su Ci Yi thought that this person was scrutinizing her soul and could see through the energy inside her.

This woman's eyes

"Not as much as you are." Su Ci Yi's small reply.

The woman just shrugged off hearing her apathetic tone. Turned to Su Ming and lifted her h.i.p.s unto the desk table sitting while playing the pen that she snatched at the poor pencil holder, "What happened to your father?"

"Father was not feeling well. If you have any concerns in the future, you can directly approach me."

"Poor thing" She exclaimed then added, "Ah, I have submitted my credentials to him. Did he look into it? Is he not suspecting me anymore?"

"F-Father trust you even if you'll not submit your doc.u.ments." Su Ming, of course, needed to make herself better on this person's eyes, knowing her ample contribution to the company.

"That was sad." The woman stood up. Feeling bored with the situation, she seated cross-legged on the sofa instead. She intently pulled her short skirt higher, that her fair legs would be seen. The secretary who had been listening blushed on the scenery and frantically excused himself seeing that he was not anymore needed.

Su Ci Yi thought that it was deliberate.

As if her mind was read by this woman, she turned towards her. "Are you a whimsical mute? Why don't you talk?"

Su Ming heard this as she defended her, "My sister just don't like to talk incessantly, that's just to it."

Baronette scrutinized Su Ci Yi's expressionless face. Turn her head left and right. She was looking at her as if she's looking at a rare item, full of wonder. "Did I heard that Su clan's first daughter is mentally deranged? Somehow that doesn't feel right?"

Su Ci Yi spoke with vigor and mocking, "Being mentally incapacitated is not a permanent deceased. That's the reason for rehabilitation and treatment."

"You finally spoke! I didn't know how to get you to speak! Good thing I try."

Su Ming and Su Ci Yi just looked at each other don't know what to say to this person.





That morning Qin Tao woke up. His big doe eyes that were still wet and blearing cast its doubtful look at the surrounding. He clumsily glanced left and right. The room was empty. Right now, it was not still registered on his mind that he was on his master's villa. As if he was still dreaming that he's still at the mansion and his own home. Sloppily, he went down the bed, pulled a chair, stood on top of it and open the doorknob.

He got out with his messy hair, loose pajama and still clutching Su Ci Yi's pillow.

His father should be inside the next room. That's what he thought. But when he knocked on the door, he was furiously opened by the just awaken Su Mo. His eyes were half-closed and his disheveled clothes were ugly to look at. Added to his undescribed face was his grisly mood of being disturbed. Upon seeing that it was only the child, he lessened his hostility. He thought he had scared him and he stooped down on his level and stare at this little bunny's face but was a little disappointed by the next words of the child.

"You are not my daddy." Qin Tao stomped his feet disappointedly on the ground knowing it's not his father who opened the door and proceeded to the next door.

Su Gi opened it with a yawn. When she looked down, she saw Qin Tao and her eyes glitter instantly.

"Grandson. Want to go to grandma?" She posed to pick the child.

"You are not my daddy!" Ignoring her, the child proceeded to the next door again.

Su Mo and Su Gi were speechless. What was he looking for?

Qin Tao knocked on the next door but no matter what, no one opened for him. He only stood there waiting for someone to open it. Strange, where was his daddy?

Then he looked at his surroundings and varied thoughts gone through his headdifferent facesdifferent place, different decorationsand the room he had just left was not his room! Did Qin Tao got abducted by an ugly space alien?!

Su Gi and Su Mo were faced with adversity. Only in this situation that they had come to realize something very important and had missed being discussed during dinner. Soon, the two were caught into an awkward moment.

They didn't know this child's name!

Qin Yu came in just in time and immediately tugged Qin Tao into his arms.

"Song Mao" Su Mo called to him in his sleepy tone.

"Is there something wrong with my grandson?" When Qin Yu heard it, he almost slipped his left foot.

Then as if being woken by a nightmare, Qin Tao's eyes rimmed with the flashback of yesterday's event! He was not at the mansion but rather on his master's villa! But when he woke up earlier, his master was not already on the bed?

Su Gi looked suspiciously at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu replied casually, "The first madam said to take care of the child. I'll get him back to the room."

When the father and child were left alone, Qin Tao broke from his father's arms and pouted on the side counting catties of mushroom.

Qin Yu followed him and sit right next to him.

"What is it again?"

"Daddy is unfair!"

"Why is it?"

"People said, stalking is bad. Daddy has been stalking master. Qin Tao can't get the master's attention because daddy is a hindrance."

One moment, he couldn't remember his own place and one moment his sulking. Man, this child's mood was even worse than that of a red tide woman!

After dropping the two women, he rushed back immediately seeing his shadows message. He knew this would happen since that kid had never gone to other people's house to sleepover except for his grandma and grandpa's home and so, he's habitual routine resurface every morning.

As he was coaxing the child, throwing over the moon promises and foretelling exaggeration, Qin Tao's sullen face stabilized as he obediently nodded his head on his father's statement.

Qin Yu's eyes as he was speaking, unintentionally traveled towards the gate wall. What he saw an unfamiliar mocha-colored blazer SUV and a familiar man of a semi-elite clan went down.

"What was that gorilla doing here?" His face turned dull as he clicked his tongue looking at the rival man.

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