Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 98

Volume 1 Chapter 98 Call For Help

When Baronette went out, Su Ming felt comfortable. As if the thorns on her heart had been lifted. Earlier, when they exchange pleasantries she felt that she was being stared n.a.k.e.d by the other party the way she looked.

She slumped back on the wide executive chair and rested her back heaving a long loud sigh when it was her and Su CI Yi was left inside.

Su Ci Yi sniff the last ounce of the energy from the air. It was then that she confirmed something within the atmosphere.

'That person was definitely not a woman. The Yang energy from his body was thick and dominant. Proof that he's not a female. The only feminine part of him was his blinding fashioned wear. The old geezer Su Mo knew how to sniff these gender differences when he declared Baronette was a man.





Qin Yu proceeded to the entrance where the flamboyant car stopped. The man who came down was none other than the only son of the Huan Clan. He was only wearing a street style grayish hoddie and rugged pants.

He creased his eyebrow and in an irritable mood went to the bothersome fella.

Huan Ro came down from his flashy SUV and proceeded to the entrance. No matter how painstakingly difficult to find this villa, he had already instill on his mind this intricate route. Since childhood, he had memorized the flow of the streets and crossovers that I'd be a piece of cake navigating here.

There was a certain guard who should have been familiar with him serving as day watch but when he approached him, he was immediately rejected.

Bet the staffs and servants here was definitely briefed of banning him, his entire family and the whole Huan Clan. He can understand stand that but he was still right here, swallowing his withered pride just to talk to that person.

Soon, another person came from the inside villa and approached him.

He was staringno, he was glaring at him with an unknown enmity. His face was familiar but he couldn't point it out because his unsophisticated driver's uniform was in the way.

Well, he must be some passerby he met on the side road.

The man whispered something towards the guard watch and soon the latter leave. Leaving him in a heavy ambiance.

"And so, what can we offer on the honor of having the son of the semi-elite Clan here?" Qin Yu's tone imbued with snicker made his mood riled up. But then again, he was not here on that trivial matters. He was here to talk with Su Ci Yi. If only the woman's number was available then he doesn't need to go over his way just to force his way inside.

"I called the hospital and they said that your first madam was here. Can you tell him that I need her presence a little moment?" Huan Ro didn't lose his professional pose in front of this man despite the apparent animosity of the person.

Qin Yu innocently scratch the back of his hand and replied with an overtone of laziness, "Milady? Oh, she just went somewhere. I wonder when she will come back."

Huan Ro raised his eyebrow. Su Ci Yi was not here? "I'll just wait for her to come back then."

Qin Yu's sharp eyes glint, "If it's alright for you to wait for a month then, I'm not going to interrupt you."

Huan Ro clearly heard him and pondered. Did she go on vacation ? He pulled his phone and opened it in front. "I'll ask for her current number then? Can I trouble you with that? It seems that she's not answering and picking up my call."

That's because she doesn't want to get a call from you, fool.

Qin Yu plastered a strong vibe and with conviction said, "No you can't."

Huan Ro was triggered by his confidently conceited attitude while the other party doesn't seem oblivious on it. This man was overflowing of boldness not knowing his position. He can see that he was only a manservant doing odd jobs inside the villa.

Huan Ro came with the sole intention of having a serious talk to the woman. He had no time dealing with this person that seemed to have a few screw loose. He needed to get a straight-up answer to this unscientific phenomenon. The day he was straight out stunned by the flow of events. No, it wasn't just stunned, but stupefied completely. He was definitely sure that she was not the Su Ci Yi she knew.

What did she do to the original Su Ci Yi? Where was his lost sweet childhood friend?

Could it be that this woman was a poser?

But still, the Su Clan didn't find any suspicions towards her. All they could tell was that this woman was deranged

The hell with that! This woman was nowhere than the level of an ordinary woman he had met!

She's a walking time bomb that would cause havoc once provoke and will not leave her debtor until they were blue and black in the face.

Qin Yu's eyebrow arched sharply. Since the man acted in dazed, he immediately closed off the gate. Huan Ro pulled himself up and stared at the iron-gate closing wall. What was this man think he was doing?


Qin Yu looked back.

"Youwhat is your name?"

Qin Yu contemplate. What was his name here again?

"Song Mao"

"Song Mao, what are you doing? Do you dare to close the gate on me? You might not know but I am a habitual regular at this home. Oh, you're new here so you definitely don't know."

Qin Yu tilted his head innocently, "That line was famous for trespassers nowadays. Try to change your old tune, that was already as old as the gold."

Huan Ro couldn't believe the atrocities of this man.

Qin Yu was already losing his patience, he had never dealt with some annoying people in his life. "The Su first lady is out of the town. She will be back next month." He said as he twirled the bundle of keys on his hands and set his back to him walking away.

Soon, a cab stop right in front of them. Huan Ro looked at the person who came down, then to the man who said she was on vacation. But before he could even approach her, that Song Mao guy was already in front of her!

"Milady, did you forgot anything? You're back early?"

Su Ci Yi felt exhausted but when the first face she saw coming back was him again she was even more tired. A single vein appeared on her head seeing him approaching. But as soon as she cast another glance to the person on the side, another bulging vein popped into her head.

Can't she have time to cultivate anymore?!


The talk was held on the shade under the verdant canopy beside the brimming flowers. There were two chairs and a table in the middle.

Huan Ro seated right in front of Su Ci Yi while the latter was peacefully gazing at the beauty of nature.

Before Huan Ro could speak his first sentence, he took a meaningful glance at the person standing beside the woman. Since this information was confidential his presence was not needed.

This Song Mao guy pretended that he didn't hear him as he continued to look at him in his pretentious smile.

It was when Su Ci Yi fend him out from the place that they were finally left alone.

"Who are you?" Huan Ro's straight to the point accusation. This was the second time that he asked her but this time, there's no way that he'll accept that kind of the same answer again. He had seen with his two eyes how this woman fights and acts during the scene. The way she conducted herself with that enormous strength as if she was already used to it. How skillfully she maneuver the air and waved her indigenous weapon.

Su Ci Yi felt that this time, he can't fool this braindead man. Well, it's time to steer clear her circ.u.mstance a little bit.

Su Ci Yi explained the current flow of happenings but weaving some lies. There's no way that she would tell him all the truth of her transmigration right?

A woman who suffered and pained hit her head and remembered her past life in an ancient wuxia setting. A woman who was killed before knowing the reason why? A martial transmigrator who left behind her Senior Brother on that far away Sect.

There are things that needed to be kept behind. Those were the only details that she decided to disclose in the meantime.

Huan Ro showed a face as if he's undergoing complicated diarrhea.

He can't explain it if he's stomach got hurt because of the recent revelation on this past life thing or on the tea juice that was served to him by the man who just only came this moment to deliver their snack.

Su Ci Yi didn't know that these two were having an internal battle.

None of it was Su Ci Yi's concern. She had already explained it to him and her purpose was finished here. She abruptly stood and would about to leave but then Huan Ro blurted out in his seat. In a tone, he was very disappointed and full of remorse. While his hand clutches on the glass, his stare followed on the object he was holding without lifting his eyes.

"Xiang Mo Mo is missing. She was abducted by an unknown. Now that I confirmed it, you are the only person who can help me with this..."

Su CI Yi knitted her eyebrow and huffed her sleeve in audacity.

So this what he's true purpose coming here?

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