Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 99

Volume 1 Chapter 99 Backtrack

Huan Ro knew his chance was an absolute zero. He was only trying his luck on his fate.

Qin Yu was brimming in victory. His grin would almost hit his ear. If his lady would reject him and he still insisted, he had already brought an elastic tight rope and would drag him outside the gate wall if he remained headstrong.

"I'll hear your detail, but not here."

Su Ci Yi made an abrupt turn and face the man wearing a clover-green jacket. There was a thrill of earnest and despair on his face. A foreboding doubt was throbbing on his chest. He doesn't have any person to talk about these things but only Su Ci Yi. If he left this case to the police, he'll just be treated like an insane person. If Su Ci Yi didn't reveal her circ.u.mstances, then he thought he's going to be insane. In this case, at least he knew that someone can confirm his claim.

"Milady?" Qin Yu's smile made a complete overturn.

"I'll be out for a while again. Don't tell Dad of his visit." She replied.

Su Ci Yi was thinking that this subject was confidential and the man was acting like there was more to his statement. She will surely get her hands on all of that valuable information from him.

This villa was not the right place to talk about these things. The walls have ears and therefore they needed to secure a secluded room. Added to her concern was his father that anytime would go out and would find this man there. Seeing Su Ci Yi was enough to make Su Mo attacked by his sickness and seeing Huan Ro would send him the final blow and straight to his death!

He had already been attacked yesternight. The fact that one of his mortal enemy was visiting inside, would be made a double blow on him.

Before Su Ci Yi leave she took a turn and faced Qin Yu's sticky glare. "Song Mao"

Qin Yu raised his arm that was grabbing the little Qin Tao while smiling. She didn't know when that kid came here, all she knew was that he was already there. "Bring along this child with you. He'll be just a nuisance here." Qin Tao's blue nerve popped out as he bared his teeth towards his father. He was grateful to his daddy, allowing him to go to the master, but he's saying he's a nuisance? Then his daddy would be a gross stalker.

"Be sure not to let your mouth slip to father." Su Ci Yi warned him. This man was like a chatterbox and an excessive flatterer. Any moment he might screw up and couldn't hold his tongue talking to the old man. Well, at least she warned him now.

Qin Yu shove the child on Su Ci Yi's arms while on his left hand still clutching a rope. His gaze was still glued to the back of the leaving person. Begrudging, his lips crooked.

"My, Mywhat a troublesome Lady-saint I have."


Huan Ro reserved a private room just for the three of them on the second floor of an Italian Restaurant. These establishment cost a fortune for a meager saving individual but since the Huan Clan was a decent establishment and could afford the world's luxuries, he can manage to offer this place.

While waiting for their current orders, Su Ci Yi didn't dawdle anymore and spoke straight to the point.

"Tell me the whole details of her disappearance?"

Huan Ro put his two hands on top of the table and stared towards it.

"After the tragic misty night, Xiang Mo Mo was recuperating on her hospital bed. Later on, we found out her unusual actions. Sneaking into the middle of the night, unstitching her IV drop from her hand and pacing along on the eerie dark alley. Some stationed nurses were able to spot her talking to an unknown man. Talking in a hush tone as if they were talking the most dangerous crime cases of the century. Only their muffling can be heard from the silent night."

That night was followed by another and almost every time she would be seen talking to someone.

"I was worried and decided to guard her on that night but nothing happened on my watch. Of course, I couldn't believe them but on the second day, when there was no moon outside and the stars are hiding behind the large expanses of gray clouds It was so dark and the only light illuminating the pathway was the flickering streetlight. I saw her went out. Curiosity struck me as I followed her up to the rooftop. I think I know what was she trying to do as she stepped her foot on the edge. We were on top of the 10 story building and it'll be suicide to fall off..." Huan paused for a while and contemplate the flow of events.

Then he continued "...she knew I was following her so she turned around and what I saw was her horrendously smile. A creepy grin that made my spine chill and shivers..."

"...and then Xiang MoMo jumps down."

After his long line, he couldn't take the chill as he gulped down the glass of water beside him.

Su Ci Yi was now concerned with the man that talked to Xiang MoMo than the recent suicidal act of this woman. This man was sure coated in mystery and

Hold on, Huan Ro stated that the woman disappeared

She looked suspiciously at Huan Ro.

"Xiang Mo Mo didn't die." Huan Ro declared. "When she jumped, I also fled to her side but I didn't catch her. When I look down, she was gone and there was no dead body on the ground."

Silence consumed the two of them.

It would be probable to think that an unknown entity abducted her. But was it against her will?

Huan Ro continued himself, "But before all of that happen, Xiang Mo Mo would frantically rummage every drawer in the hospital. He even jumbled my belongings and search for a certain"

"Bead." Su Ci Yi chimed in.

No one knew about the existence of this bead, aside from Lin Shushu and her companion. And now, Xiang MoMo knew it too. But the woman seemed to have a grasp on the true nature of this item.

Huan Ro told him that Xiang Mo Mo was frantically looking for this bead but when he asked her, he couldn't comprehend the woman's vague description.

The bead was the starting line of all. Supposedly, this was also the imaginable power that pulled her in this world.

If this bead was her companion in transmigrating, therefore she should have it. However, no matter how she shook her dead brain, she can't comprehend and picture out. Was this some solid tangible asset that could be owned like the jewels and trinkets?

Su Ci Yi had a strong intuition that this case will somewhat direct her to the root cause of all of this.

Her mind kept throbbing thinking about deep things.

It was thanks to the food that arrived and made her heave for a while.

Qin Tao was peacefully eating his own portion. Su Ci Yi's good points to him raised seeing he was behaving himself. Qin Tao was a good and thoughtful disciple if only he would never open his mouth and would talk unnecessary things.

Just like right now.

"The food here is just so-so. It was no good compared to the place I went with the master!"

No one asked his experience and opinion about this but he declared.

He definitely inherited this attitude of him to his father.

"This is just a so-so restaurant." He repeated again, seeing Huan Ro didn't reply.

"En. That restaurant must be dazzling and elegant. So did you eat plenty?" Huan Ro then decided to give his attention to the kid.

"Master and I, went to the Japanese Resto recently. Master definitely likes the food there compared to this."

Huan Ro nodded. Tired to argue with him.

"Daddy will definitely go there with Qin Tao and Master again."

"En. En." Uhm Daddy he said?

Qin Tao, after eating and gaining his strength begun his blabbering and nonstop singing praises on Qin Yu. If the man was here and he heard him, she couldn't imagine the kind of grin it would plaster on his narcissistic face. That man was always smiling but the moment he stopped, that was when this kind of strong aura of him resonated. Su Ci Yi could feel it. When the man's mood was down, his infinite aura was resurfacing without him knowing. Was it possible for a human to possess this kind of thick mass of energy inside?

Huan Ro had finished eating and now reaching for the ice tea place on the right side of his. He reached it first before he spoke feeling curious about this child's history, "Who's this kid? I have seen him more frequently glued to you."

Su Ci Y replied nonchalantly. "My Child." She's definitely becoming a smooth lier and sweet teaser lately. This is definitely the influence of that man!


Huan Ro burst into unrealistic coughing. C-CCChild? Did she mean a child? How could she? It's impossible to

Su Ci Yi narrowed her eyes,

"Don't tell me you don't believe when you experience 'the unknown' first hand?"

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