Chief Honey Pet: Raise A Little Warm Wife From A Famous Family Chapter 834

Chapter 834: Chapter 834: The medical report given to him is fake

Ling Ruofei glanced at Liang Yunsheng, and something flashed in his eyes. But soon, the cynical expression that belonged to him appeared on his face again.

"Why are you so worried! " Ling Ruofei reached out and handed the medical report to Yin Qianchen, "the result is... Xi Bao is very healthy. There's nothing wrong with him. "

"Is that so? ! " Liang Yunsheng heaved a sigh of relief.

"Of course... " Ling Ruofei reached out and pinched Xi Bao's Chubby little face. "Xi Bao is so cute. How can God be... so cruel... "

Yin Qianchen had always been serious in his work. He Opened Xi Bao's physical examination results and flipped through them to get a better understanding of the situation. When he saw that they were all normal prompts, he closed them He did not open them again. "since there's nothing wrong, that's good. Then I can go home. "

"Well, don't you want me to stay with Xi Bao for a while... " Ling Ruofei said as he suddenly walked to Yin Qianchen and stuffed Xi Bao into his arms.

Yin Qianchen's body stiffened almost imperceptibly, but he still caught Xi Bao with a very standard posture. However, he did not hug Xi Bao often, and his movements and expression were not familiar. If he had to use force to solve anything, Yin qianchen dared to say.. He had not met an opponent who could defeat him until now, but if it was to be like this... ... To deal with a soft little guy, he had to think about how to make him sleep comfortably and how to make him not cry. To him, it was actually.. ...

"If you want to see Xi Bao, you can come to the house anytime! " Liang Yunsheng smiled.

It was better to stay in a place like the hospital less. That's right. Ling Ruofei nodded. Just as the family of three was about to turn around and leave, he suddenly thought of something and called out to Liang Yunsheng.

"Right Yunsheng... ... Not long after giving birth .. I have some things that I need to pay attention to regarding women. I'll tell her in private. It won't take long, but I know that saying these things in front of you... ... Yunsheng will definitely be embarrassed ! So.. .. Boss, I'll have to trouble you. Take Xi Bao and wait outside. It'll be fine in a while."

Liang Yunsheng was a little embarrassed by Ling Ruofei's words. He... ... What kind of women's issues did he have to talk to her about ! !

Yin Qianchen also understood Ling Ruofei's meaning and did not feel that there was anything wrong with it. For Liang Yunsheng, he had always given her some personal space and respect, although... ... He did not think that there was any women's issues that Ling Ruofei could talk to Liang Yunsheng about, but he could not listen to it. However.. .. Liang Yunsheng had always been shy, so it was better to let them talk alone.

After Yin Qianchen walked out, ling ruofei closed the door mysteriously.

"what... What do you want to talk to me about? " Liang Yunsheng didn't know whether to laugh or cry at Ling Ruofei's actions ...

Ling Ruofei faced the door with his back to Liang Yunsheng. He took a deep breath and turned around. When he faced Liang Yunsheng again, his expression became unusually serious.

"What's wrong? " Seeing Ling Ruofei's expression, Liang Yunsheng obviously had a very bad feeling. "What on earth... Do you have something to tell me in private? "

Ling Ruofei was silent for a moment and then said, "the medical report that I gave Yin Qianchen just now... was fake. "

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