Comrade: Almost A Cat Astrophic Love Story Book 2 Chapter 158

Volume 2 Chapter 158 I Wish I Could Tell The World You're Mine

If the tabloid reporters had moved forward a few steps and looked into the car, they would have hit the jackpot with a sensational entertainment news headline.

Best Actor and Best Actor candidate—the two of them were in such a compromised position that there was no way they could have explained themselves out of the situation.

The exposure would have been such earth-shattering news, that it would rock the hot search headlines for a whole week at least.

Unfortunately, that opportunity wasn't to be. Soon after, the rather aggressive hotel security walked up briskly.

"You two!" Waving the electroshock weapon in his hand, the warrior-like middle-aged security guard hollered at them fiercely. "This is private property, who gave you permission to enter?"

"We… we…" The reporters were reluctant to abandon the rare opportunity and tried to pacify and explain at the same time, hoping that the security guard would accommodate them. "We won't affect…"

"Get out! Get out now!"

It was five-star security for a five-star property. He waved his electroshock weapon like a magician's wand and chased the two reporters out of the carpark.

It was finally quiet outside.

Fu Sichen extended his head to check and ensure that the coast was clear, then hurriedly helped Pei Zhen out of the car.

Once they were in the lift, he heaved a sigh of relief.

"Best Actor Fu," Pei Zhen leaned lazily against the elevator wall and said with a teasing smile, "You're worried that the reporters would find out about our relationship?"

"What?" Fu Sichen was stunned for a bit, his pupils widening slightly. "No… wait… you don't mind being found out?"

"… I, I don't care," Pei Zhen replied. Since he had chosen to be with Fu Sichen, he was prepared to take on the potentially disastrous future, including being exposed by the reporters.

Fu Sichen froze while he took the information in. Realizing it felt like the biggest 'Doh!' in the century. His expression changed as he turned to hit the lift button. "Call the reporters to come back here. We'll perform our best kiss for them."

He was worried about Pei Zhen, and that was the only reason he had sent a text to the hotel security!

The thought of having missed this golden opportunity to come out of the closet pained Fu Sichen. He wished he could turn back time.

He hit the lift button decisively, and one wouldn't know if they should laugh or cry over his strange reason. Seeing that he was really going back after the tabloid reporters, Pei Zhen stopped him. "What are you doing? Are you mad? Who in their right mind so desperately wants to come out of the closet?"

"If I don't come out of the closet, scores of people will be eyeing you." Fu Sichen thought of the young leading actress and was annoyed. "I wish I could tell the world you're mine."

Pei Zhen was taken aback by the declaration.

Of course, in the end, Fu Sichen didn't manage to execute his plan. He almost had to be hauled back to the apartment by Pei Zhen.

"Just one kiss." Fu Sichen was still trying to persuade Pei Zhen. "Just the one kiss, we don't have to say anything. The reporters will draw their own conclusion."

"If you don't want to break up on the first day we're together, you better rid yourself of such ridiculous thoughts." Extending his hands to receive the Persian cat that had jumped up at him, Pei Zhen walked towards the full-length window. The reporters were still negotiating with the security guard downstairs.

"We won't break up." Dropping the idea of coming out of the closet, Fu Sichen walked towards Pei Zhen. He spoke gently and steadily, "Pei Zhen, you will fall in love with me. I'll make sure of that."

Pei Zhen pursed his lower lip and smiled. He wasn't quite sure why the arrogant promise from Fu Sichen didn't provoke the slightest feeling of disgust in him.

Falling… in?

Yes, indeed he was thinking of how to get into Fu Sichen.

Pei Zhen refused to admit that they hadn't gone all the way in the car solely because Pei Zhen didn't know how to.

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