Comrade: Almost A Cat Astrophic Love Story Book 2 Chapter 159

Volume 2 Chapter 159 Daddy Pei I Was Talking About This Ab

By hook or by crook, Fu Sichen had managed to bring his love interest back to his apartment.

His ulterior motive was shameless enough.

Pei Zhen was unaware of that sort of calculated manoeuver. Glancing at the loitering reporters at the hotel entrance, he made an annoyed noise.

Fu Sichen tried to suppress his own glee and took a step forward. "Reporters are around. You can't go home."

Pei Zhen frowned. "Yeah, I probably can't leave."

"You'll have to stay here."

No matter how wildly his heart was beating, the dashing-looking man put up a calm front, looking as decent as decent could get.

"Don't be anxious," Pei Zhen turned at look at him and said in a comforting manner, "Even if there's only the two of us, rest assured I won't try anything funny. I promise."

Excuse me?! Fu Sichen thought something wasn't quite right. Why was he feeling so out of sorts?

It didn't matter, Pei Zhen was putting up temporarily at Fu Sichen's serviced apartment for the night.

After a shower, wearing Fu Sichen's pajamas, Pei Zhen gladly and diligently got into bed.

Although Pei Zhen's 1.8 meter-frame was supported by a proportionate bone structure, he looked a little thin next to Fu Sichen. Fu Sichen's top hung very loosely on Pei Zhen, ending below his butt. If he bent over slightly, it immediately exposed a flat white chest in the front.

At that moment, he was looking down and reading his script. Fu Sichen took a sidelong glance and could see Pei Zhen's collarbone under the roomy pajamas. His throat tightened.

Cough, cough. Fu Sichen didn't really want to be a beast given that Pei Zhen had to continue filming the next day. He walked over to Pei Zhen and straightened up his pajamas. "Don't catch a cold."

Pei Zhen was stunned for a second and looked down. Realizing how exposing the wide collar was, he said happily, "What do you think? Don't I have a stunning physique?"

Pei Zhen, who was grossly lacking self-awareness, reminded Fu Sichen of a naïve little white rabbit. He mindlessly played along. "Yes, excellent."

"Isn't it so. I've always known I have an exceptionally good physique, and Xiao Nian refused to believe me." As he said that, he rolled up his sleeve and bent his elbow in a show of his bicep. There was only a slight swelling of soft flesh.

Embarrassed, Pei Zhen refused to give up and reached out to pull up his pajama top. "Look, I do have abs."

He lifted his pajama top.

There was an ab alright—in a single flat piece.

Thoroughly shamed, Pei Zhen covered up and turned red. "Well, I… I used to have more definition in my abs. I did."

Fu Sichen pursed his lips and looked at Pei Zhen steadily without a word. His gaze clouded over.

"You don't believe me?" Pei Zhen was desperate to defend his dignity as the self-declared 'top'. "Here, feel it if you don't believe me. You can't see it, but you can feel it."

Pei Zhen took and forcefully placed Fu Sichen's hand on his lower abdomen.

He was habitually lazy, and even if he were forced to exercise, he'd find ways to cheat his way out.

His abdomen was soft, and even if he had ever developed any significant muscles, there wasn't a trace left.

Touching the delicate skin with his fingertips, Fu Sichen could only feel a burning furnace within, scorching the intense tightness in his body.

"Yes, I can feel your ab." Fu Sichen's voice was hoarse, and his fingers uncontrollably explored downwards. "And it's hard."

"See?" Although not understanding how Fu Sichen could praise him with closed eyes, it didn't stop Pei Zhen from bragging, "I think they're hard too. If I exercised a little more, I'm sure I could become the second Schwarzenegger… woohoo."

Before he could finish his bragging, he suddenly felt something grab his manhood. He raised his eye to look at Pei Zhen, and Fu Sichen said in his low sultry voice oozing with appeal, "Daddy Pei, I was talking about this ab."

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