Comrade: Almost A Cat Astrophic Love Story Book 2 Chapter 162

Volume 2 Chapter 162 Kiss My One And Only Precious Darling

After the lights went off and Pei Zhen had fallen asleep, Fu Sichen, who looked liked he was sleeping, opened his eyes again.

Stretching out his long arm, he pulled Pei Zhen into his embrace. After enduring, for what seemed like forever, he was like a possessed man. Lowering his head, he kissed Pei Zhen.

He kissed him from his pretty brows to his soft lips.

Then it got addictive, to the point that Pei Zhen expressed annoyance in his dream state. Only then did Fu Sichen let go of him.

It was a dreamless night, a rare opportunity for a peaceful and secure rest. Being awake again, Fu Sichen felt a hand placed around his waist, and his head moved downwards gently.

Nose pressed against someone's chest, he was almost unable to breathe.

Fu Sichen almost choked out of his sleep.

He opened his eyes and lifted his head, looking into Pei Zhen's eyes.

Pei Zhen's body was straight and stiff, like a pencil, right down to his foot. He very diligently put on a pose of embracing someone. Even when Fu Sichen looked at him, he offered a casual smile.

"Good morning, precious."

Fu Sichen was at a loss for words.

He didn't look too happy. "What did you call me?"

"Hey." Pei Zhen didn't loosen his embrace, stubbornly keeping up the dignified air of the top party. "Precious has got quite a temper first thing in the morning."

Fu Sichen was tempted to hit him.

He finally understood what the out-of-sorts feeling from the night before was about.

Pei Zhen wanted to be the one on top, to be in the top party position in their relationship.

"What are you saying, my love." Fu Sichen forced a smile and removed Pei Zhen's hand from his waist. "Seeing you first thing in the morning is more than I can ask for, why would I be grouchy?"

"Isn't It." Pei Zhen smiled happily and rested his chin on one hand. The languid posture made him look quite enchanting. "I'm also happy to see you."

Fu Sichen paused.

After the pause, his heart was once again overflowing with joy, and naturally, he started to smile. However, he immediately pursed his lips, then turned over and got out of bed.

"Pei Pei."

Pei Zhen looked at the man standing next to the bed. "Huh?"

Fu Sichen immediately bent over, using one hand to encircle Pei Zhen's waist and the other to tuck behind his knees. With a heave, he lifted all of Pei Zhen's 1.8-meter frame in a princess hug.

Pei Zhen was aghast.

At once, he started to struggle and turned red in the face. "Freaking hell, let me go! You, you bastard…"

"Good morning." Fu Sichen smiled gently, lowering his head and planting a kiss on Pei Zhen's soft lips. "A kiss for my unique precious one."

Pei Zhen was stunned.

His heart began to beat wildly, as though it was about to explode.

Xiao Nian had come over to pick up Pei Zhen. The moment he entered the apartment, he saw his Daddy Pei red in the face and misty-eyed, he even had a gash on his lip.

Shocked, Xiao Nian glanced at the opened windows around the apartment and reminded, "Best Actor Fu, even though it's the tail end of Summer, the fact is that it's still Summer. You should shut the windows at night so that Pei Pei won't be bitten by mosquitoes."

It was only when Xiao Nian gave the reminder that Pei Zhen felt the slight pain on his lip, and gave the inflictor of the gash a dirty look.

"Okay." The inflictor squinted his eyes, unable to hide his cheekiness. "I'll take note of that."

Pei Zhen was about to leave for filming and Fu Sichen, as the new boyfriend, wanted to accompany him. Xiao Nian thought it was strange, even if he held status as one of the film's producers.

They all got into the car, right after which, in his usual manner, Pei Zhen stretched out his legs and shut his eyes for a nap. Not long after, his mobile vibrated.

Initially, Pei Zhen wanted to ignore it, but the other party continuously sent messages as though obsessed with an immediate response.


When Pei Zhen finally took an impatient glance at his mobile phone, it was even more devastating.

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