Crazy Leveling System Chapter 384

Chapter 384

Chapter 384

Yuan Qinglong immediately rushed toward Yi Tianyun as soon as he introduced his name. The ground was immediately shattered as Yuan Qinglong stepped on them in the middle of his charge.

Yi Tianyun also felt that although Yuan Qinglong was just at 8th Level Core Transformation Stage, he was far more powerful than the Army General Feng!

So, Yi Tianyun immediately equipped the Red Dragon Suit and the Red Dragon Divine Spear to increase his power.

Yi Tianyun immediately used the Tyrant Soul to increase his power further, but he refrained himself from using the Crazy Mode as he wanted to see the extent of his true power without the help of Crazy Mode.

"Very powerful!" Yuan Qinglong said as he stopped for a second to block Yi Tianyuns incoming attack. But he wanted to guard a little bit too late as the only thing he could do was only to cover his entire body with a dragon scale!

Yi Tianyuns attack hit Yuan Qinglong directly, and the impact created an explosion that soon covered up Yuan Qinglong.

"Interesting, youre worthy enough to force me to use my full power!" Yuan Qinglong voice was heard from the cover of smoke.

The next moment, Yuan Qinglongs was seen again, but this time, his entire body glowed green, and not long after that, he transformed into a huge azure dragon!

Yi Tianyun scanned the Azure Dragon with his appraisal eye and saw that the Combat Power of Yuan Qinglong had reached more than 40 million!

Yi Tianyun immediately understood why nobody has ever passed this stage, as he saw that Yuan Qinglong was far more powerful than any cultivator with the same level of cultivation!

"Is this your full power? Then I will increase my own power so that I could compete with you!" Yi Tianyun said as he smirked toward the Azure Dragon.

"Dragon God Bloodline, Activates!" Yi Tianyun shouted, and his entire body was immediately covered with a dragon scale, raising his Combat Power 8 times the previous value.

After activating Dragon God Bloodline, Yi Tianyuns combat power was at 46 Million points while having a Dragon Gods phantom shadow on his back.

Yuan Qinglong was startled as he saw Yi Tianyuns transformation, but he couldnt stop now. This was a test, a part of the trial! It was his duty to try to defeat any opponent who came his way, no matter who they were!

"Dragon God Tyrant Soul!" Yi Tianyun shouted as he clasped the Red Dragon Divine Spear in his hand.

Once again, Yi Tianyun took his opponent very seriously, he never thought of the fight as a game as he never wanted to lose a fight out of his carelessness.

Two huge dragons rushed toward the Azure Dragon from the spear and collided with Yuan Qinglongs huge dragon claw!

Yuan Qinglong was pushed toward the wall with his claw almost destroyed and a gaping hole on his abdomen.

But Yi Tianyun didnt stop, he quickly rushed toward Yuan Qinglong again and attacked once more!

This time, Yuan Qinglong was knocked down to the ground, receiving heavy damage from Yi Tianyuns attack!

But Yi Tianyun didnt want to give Yuan Qinglong any breathing room as he quickly jumped over to the Azure Dragon and immediately activated the Dark North Divine Art and Absorbing Star Great Technique!

Received: 10.000 Exp, 13.000 Exp, 12.000 Exp,

Yi Tianyun smirked as his plan worked, he knew that even though Yuan Qinglong wasnt a living entity, Yi Tianyun still could absorb the Spiritual Energy that formed his body, the same as the Old Xuans case in the Heaven Immersing Ancient Ruins!

After a while, Yi Tianyun become impatient as the absorption rate was too low.

"Equip the Evil Dragon Suit!" Yi Tianyun shouted as he changed his equipment to the Evil Dragon Suit. This equipment enhanced his absorption rate several times that he was finally satisfied with the amount of experience that he got.

Received: 34.000 Exp, 35.000 Exp, 35.000 Exp,

Yi Tianyun thought about leveling up the Dark North Divine Art or the Absorbing Star Great Technique, but he knew that he must refrain from doing so for now, but he was still unsure at the end!

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