Cultural Invasion Into Isekai Chapter 72

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Legendary! Legendary! Tirion Fordring!

Messai had no idea what was going on with her recently. In the past, she has always been diligent and thrifty. Her entire monthlys expenses would not even reach ten gold coins. Yet, in the past two days, she actually ended up spending over two hundred gold coins.

If those gold coins were to be donated to small villages, it would be enough to construct multiple little chapels. They would also be able to provide countless children wearing ragged clothes a full meal.

It was precisely because of those things that Messai ended up giving all of the money she earned to the church.

But, in a short two days, she spent an enormous amount of gold coins. Had it been before, this would be a sin to her to display such behavior of extravagance.

But, once Messai thought of how she was doing this to defeat the demons, that her money was essential fundings in the battle, she managed to successfully persuade herself. Just like that, she continued to push her gold coins into that demonic machinery!

The female knight pushed into the machine three golden coins and purchased her eightieth Hearthstone card pack. But, the five cards from the pack were ordinary to the extreme.

Yesterday, Messai had seen a dwarf opening a Paladin legendary card called Tirion Fordring. It was a card with an overwhelming ability. [1]

She had never seen that legendary Paladin before in all eighty packs she opened. But, Messai managed to open two legendary cards from other classes.

The miss knight of the templar army was not discouraged. She once again issued a challenge at Ynor.

Sitting behind the counter, Joshua was watching the battle between Messai and Ynor.

In the past two days, this nun-outfitted woman had become a frequently seen individual in the tavern.

She seemed to have already forgotten about her true purpose in coming to the tavern. She was meant to bring punishment upon the demon and not to play cards with the demon.

This sort of development was what Joshua was hoping to see. If the other templars were able to be like this miss knight and settle battles with demons through a card game, then perhaps the casualties suffered by either side in battles would sharply decrease.

While Joshua was pondering if Messai would be able to turn the tide this time and achieve victory to prove the glory of the Ecclesiastical Templars or if Ynor won achieve his one-hundred and seventy-second successive victory, a thinly build old man supported by a crutch walked into the tavern.

With how noisy the tavern was, no one shouldve noticed the appearance of this old man. But, Joshua immediately detected his presence.

Joshuas race as a Chaos Demon and the Duke of Bones imprint on his left hand were both informing him that this old man was very dangerous.

"Ciri, go upstairs. Bring Melina with you."

There wasnt enough time for Joshua to warn Ynor. He could only order Ciri who stood behind him to leave.


When Ciri saw the expressionless look on Joshuas face, she realized the answer to her question.

"Youre looking down on me too much."

Following Joshuas eyes, Ciri saw the old man that walked into the tavern. She took out her staff that could be used as a spear. She had made preparations for battle.


Joshua was surprised by the young female mages refusal to leave. He had warned her with the tone of his voice that what was about to happen could be very dangerous.

But, since Ciri had decided to stay, Joshua had no choice but to distance himself from where Melina was. He hoped that the upcoming battle would not involve the ordinary people here.

The old man came for Joshua. Using his crutch to support himself, he walked over to the bar counter. Then, he strenuously got onto a bar seat and placed his crutch on the counter.

"What can I do for you?"

Joshuas pitch-black eyes were fixed onto the old man. No matter how old the man before him looked, Joshua did not dare to lower his guard.

"I am an Archbishop of the Nation of the Holy Church. You can address me as Desireless."

The old mans voice was very slow. It was so slow that one would feel anxious hearing him talk.


Joshua informed his own name. At the same time, he began to gather magic power in his hand. He was prepared for a battle.

"While I know my request is a bit sudden, is it possible for you to free my disciple, Chaos Demon Joshua?"

Desireless recognized Joshuas identity. Like Messai, he too possessed a third eye. But, his third eye was so powerful that it could replace his sight.

Because of how powerful his third eye was, what Desireless saw in Joshua was not only his identity as the peak existence in the demons food chain, the Chaos Demon, he also saw an aura of death that caused even him to feel a sense of suffocation.

In Desirelesss entire life, he had only experienced this sort of suffocating aura of death once. It was in the Holy War of Farucci during the birth of that terrifying Lich. That was something that happened hundreds of years ago.

"This is my earnest request."

Desireless lowered his head. His behavior was completely unbefitting of an Archbishop.


At this moment, Joshua and Ciri looked to each other. They were both able to see confusion in each others eyes.

Ciri had already prepared her magic incantations. She was waiting for the battle to start so that she could ask the dwarves in the tavern to help her drive out this old man who came to cause trouble. But, Desireless didnt come here to cause trouble. Instead, he came to make an earnest request, a plea.

"I think youre mistaken, elderly mister."

Joshua discovered this Archbishop does not possess the arrogance and unreasonability that those with high status would generally possess. He was not someone who would start a fight just because.

Instead, he gave Joshua the feeling of one of those Indian ascetic monks. Humble, cared for the good of all living things and seeks to save all life. They were people that could disregard their entire position and status Perhaps this was what those so-called saints were?


Desireless raised his head and looked to the young demon before him. He had interacted with countless demons in his life. Among them, the Chaos Demons were the most terrifying race of demons.

The instant Desireless entered this city, his third eye immediately detected the presence of a Chaos Demon. When he learned that his beloved disciple Messai was together with the Chaos Demon, he had prepared himself for the worst.

Perhaps his disciple wouldve been killed by the Chaos Demon before his arrival. Or perhaps she was ruthlessly tortured by that Chaos Demon. Regardless of what it might be, no clergy-persons would be able to remain unharmed in the hands of the demons.

"I think the disciple youre talking about must be that miss knight over there. She is currently in my place as a guest. Ive never imprisoned her."

Joshua was able to tell Desireless had prepared himself for a battle should negotiations fail. The Ecclesiastical Templars were already stationed outside the tavern. Desireless only came inside because he hoped that they could end this without anyone getting hurt.

"In that case, I must bring her away."

As this place was the demons territory and the lair of a Chaos Demon on top of that, Desireless found there to be no reason to linger too long.

After realizing that Joshua had no intention to fight, he immediately stood up from the bar counter and walked toward Messais table.

"You may do as you like."

Seeing Desireless walking toward the taverns main hall where Messai was enjoying Hearthstone, Joshua suddenly recalled the time on earth when he would skip class to go to the internet cafe only to have his parents come to catch him.

It was truly a memory so miserable that he refused to remember.

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