Daoist Master Of Qing Xuan Chapter 212

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This took the Mystical Whale by surprise, as it did not imagine that Shen Lian could help it with its injury. The divine power Shen Lian exhibited while not as great as his previous owner, Mister Sea, it was still extremely powerful. He would not just be making empty promises.

It also could not imagine that twenty years ago, Shen Lian was just a small cultivator which could be swallowed by it.

Shen Lian waited until the Mystical Whale came to a decision. Other than him, only people of the rank of immortal Zhenren could help with the injury of the Mystical Whale.

The Qi of devilry surrounding the injury was extremely intense. If an average cultivator came in contact with it, his body and mind would have been frozen. The coldness could also destroy the spirit and the mind.

Shen Lian could only withstand it because his body had gone through the River of Spirits, and his spirit and mind were extremely robust, which too far exceeded the average Powang cultivator. As such, he could defend himself from the effect of the Qi of devilry.

The Mystical Whale rarely used its brain, but it was being careful this time. “If you can help relieve me of my pain, please agree to this one item.”

Shen Lian asked, “What other request do you have?”

The Mystical Whale replied, “Mister Sea has cut out his telepathic communication with me. Now I have no owner and I am rather afraid. You are a powerful cultivator and are a human being. You must be from one of the Xuanmen sects. Can you take me in?”

Shen Lian said, “Actually your owner has become a student of Baoyue the Venerable at Jinguang Temple. If you are not afraid that he will blame you if he comes to look for you, I have no reason to say no.”

He had his plan. While the Mystical Whale’s breathing could disturb the Qi of heaven and earth, but if he guided it to the right direction, it could turn into a natural Qi Gathering Formation. If Gu Caiwei’s Longevity Temple had the aid of the Mystical Whale to gather Qi of vitality, it would make the place a better spiritual location, even if it was not going to be as great as Qing Xuan.

The location of Longevity Temple was not too great. There was a vast sea with tons of treasure around, but the best spiritual locations were mostly occupied or dying.

Being the affiliate of Qing Xuan, to have such thin layer of Qi of vitality and spiritual vigor was a sorry sight for the big sect of ten thousand years of cumulation.

The Mystical Whale said, “I didn’t know that my owner is now in Jinguang Temple. I know where that is, it is in the Westfall and I can’t get there at all. In addition, given he is still alive but has cut out communication with me, I think he will not be bothered about me anymore. If you have other considerations, you can just offer protection to me temporarily. After so many years, I do have some accumulations which I can use to contribute to you.”

It knew that if it did not have the protection of someone powerful, it would end up just being a piece of meat waiting to be sliced.

Shen Lian too looked like he came from one of the Xuanmen sects and would probably not be involved in evil deeds unlike those pursued by the demon king in the sea or the evil cultivators.

At the same time, having someone to rely on giving him a sense of comfort.

Shen Lian laughed, “We Qing Xuan doesn’t need something from you, but I need your help in something. Your suggestion is perfect for me.”

When it heard that Shen Lian was from Qing Xuan, the Mystical Whale was happy. It had lived long enough to know Qing Xuan was one of the four main sects of Xuanmen. Now that it sought protection from Qing Xuan, while it would not be considered as enlightenment, but at the very least it would not be captured by just anybody.

It swallowed a huge amount of Qi of vitality and hence it possessed deep mana, far exceeding the cultivators on earth, and in some circumstances, some of the demon kings. There were however only quantity but not quality. It had no way when it came across great cultivators who were excellent in divine techniques.

If it had any tricks up its sleeves, it could have dispelled the Qi of devilry instead of waiting for Shen Lian to appear.

The grey-robed cultivator saw Shen Lian dived into the water and resurfaced quickly. He then hovered to speak with the Mystical Whale. He was rather curious about Shen Lian’s origin.

He had never heard of such a guy, but he had the idea to invite Shen Lian to Longevity Temple. Afterall, Gu Caiwei allowed foreign cultivators to discuss Dao there. If there was something good that came from it, the cultivator would have received something from them and they would then forge a relationship.

He would have some great records if he was the one who introduced the cultivator over.

The grey-robed cultivator did not expect himself to achieve Dao in this life, but if he could pull the strings with Qing Xuan, it would allow for his future generations to have higher chances to enter Qing Xuan. It would be something good. The non-formal cultivators were unlike those from the Xuanmen sects who only needed to focus on cultivation. They had to worry about wealthy celestial land and the evil cultivators elsewhere who were killing others for money.

He would gain protection from Qing Xuan and hence his ownership and life could be safe.

Not to mention what the grey-robed cultivator was thinking, Zuo Shaoqing was wondering what Shen Lian was thinking. The young chief has always had some unpredictable actions, but he almost always gained from such actions without being thrifty.

In the beginning, he was rather angry at Shen Lian, but over the years, he began to respect Shen Lian as he behaved in a free and wild way, but at the same time he was extremely thoughtful and never just followed his heart.

The Mystical Whale looked like it was a huge danger and Zuo Shaoqing wondered how Shen Lian would handle it.

From his personality, he would expect him to chase away the Mystical Whale. If he could not, he would kill it, or just leave. He felt like Shen Lian would not do any of those, but they were discussing something.

A humongous object which looked akin to an island; then there was this young man in Daoist robe.

There was extreme contrast, but nobody could expect that Shen Lian was going to take in this Mystical Whale.

With the words of promise from the Mystical Whale, he then did as he said.

He went into the sea again, and then Xuan Ice was formed, which turned into a huge ice land.

The Xuan Ice kept spreading and it almost reached where Zuo Shaoqing and the grey-robed cultivator were. They immediately lifted off.

The coldness made the grey-robed cultivator shiver.

Zuo Shaoqing’s sword aura destroyed the cold Qi and hence he was not affected. His sword eyes opened, and light rays shot out. He looked at the ice and finally he saw not far away from the Mystical Whale, Shen Lian was frozen.

Zuo Shaoqing was shocked as he did not know what had happened. He turned into a sword ray and flew towards it. Some of the ice dust went with him. As Shen Lian was placed in the depth of the ice block, covered in extremely thick Xuan Ice, it was hard to destroy it. Even with his sharp sword ray, he could not just get to Shen Lian.

The grey-robed cultivator too took out a small hammer and commanded it with mana to knock on the ice. There was only a small dent made, and it was far less effective from Zuo Shaoqing’s. The recoil effect almost made him spit out blood.

Zuo Shaoqing intended to continue with his attack but he realized Shen Lian was smiling on the ice.

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