Daoist Master Of Qing Xuan Chapter 213

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Shen Lian’s hands started moving inside the ice block. A point of blue light appeared on the fingertip of Shen Lian. It soon turned into a ball. The ball lit up the ice block and it soon burnt with blue rays.

As the ice started to melt, the blue ray became dimmer. In the end, it was contracted to the size of an egg on the fingertip of Shen Lian.

Shen Lian then landed on the back of the Mystical Whale, it was where the water spout came out from.

The Mystical Whale supported Shen Lian in the sky with the water spout.

A pretty and delicate young man dressed in Daoist robe standing on top of a waterspout looked rather like a fantasy. There were water droplets everywhere and as they refracted the sunlight, the scene was filled with rainbow-like color.

Zuo Shaoqing commanded his sword ray to land close to Shen Lian. The sword ray on his feet formed a High Cloud, which helped in lifting him up.

He asked, “What is happening?”

Shen Lian smiled and said, “I am taking this Mystical Whale as a gift for my Senior Apprentice-Sister. You can stop rowing the raft now.”

Zuo Shaoqing was not surprised as he was used to Shen Lian’s action, but the cultivator which followed was extremely shocked as he did not expect Shen Lian to tame the Mystical Whale so easily.

The grey-robed cultivator too could not understand the whole process, why was it so cold? Why was the Xuan Ice so hard? It was even harder than iron formed using mana. The last light Shen Lian formed reminded him of one thing.

He set up his equipment and asked Shen Lian, “Senior, was the Daoist technique you used just now the legendary Ice Light? Given Shen Lian had the divine ability to tame the Mystical Whale, his cultivation experience must be beyond what he could imagine. It did not sting to call him senior.

Shen Lian replied, “This divine technique has not been seen on earth for a long time. My Dao friend, you can recognize it?”

The grey-robed cultivator cupped his hands and said, “Senior, please don’t call me your Dao friend. My name is Qing Hongzi. You can just refer to my name. For Ice Light, I only heard about it when I was at Longevity Temple a while ago.”

Among the Daoist techniques in the world, they rarely separate themselves from Yin, Yang and Five Elements. The eight Qis of Taixu too included the Yin, Yang and Five Elements. Gu Caiwei was trapped in Ruhua for many years and she still could not reach Huandan.

However, with her understanding of Daoist techniques and the eight Qis of Taixu, she would occasionally explain the best of the different Daoist techniques in Longevity Temple.

Ice Light was something that even within Qing Xuan, not many had achieved. Three thousand years ago, there was an immortal Zhenren in Qing Xuan, who offended a non-formal Xuanming cultivating Daoist. Before the immortal Zhenren transcended beyond the mortal world, he found and killed the Xuanming Daoist, and as a result, obtained the Ice Light.

Another immortal Zhenren who was an expert in Dao of Talisman researched on the Ice Light cultivating method. He then created a bunch of talismans which could conserve the Ice Light. The light could not just be used on the enemy, it could save lives too. If one suffered a heavy injury that hurt the roots and could not be saved in a short period of time, one could use the talisman to freeze oneself and the vitality.

Zhang Ruoxu used the talisman of Ice Light to freeze his vitality while he waited for Shen Lian to return.

The light was extremely hard to cultivate not because of the complication, but because one would require extreme Yin and extremely cold Qi of devilry as the raw material.

It was extremely hard to find an extremely Yin environment. As a result, the light was not something that could be regenerated easily. Even if one succeeded, one would always have to replenish the supply.

The immortal Zhenren, too, spent a lot of effort and time to find a spiritual cave which had the extreme Yin and extremely cold Qi of devilry. However, the spiritual cave did not have a huge supply of Qi of devilry. The source had withered after the immortal Zhenren took up the Qi of devilry.

The difficulty was not something Qing Hongzi could understand. He only heard from Gu Caiwei about how among the Yin and cold techniques, Ice Light was one of the top ten.

Since ancient times, there were all kinds of Daoist techniques, even in the sector of Yin and cold, there were countless of them. For Ice Light to be listed as the top ten, it suggested how powerful it was. If not because of the blue light characteristic which fitted in well with the description of Gu Caiwei and how powerful Shen Lian was, Qing Hongzi dared not to make such a guess.

When Shen Lian confirmed his guess in silence, Qing Hongzi felt even more respectful for Shen Lian.

Shen Lian saw how polite Qing Hongzi was, and hence he just went straight to the point, “I am planning to go to Longevity Temple. Can you lead the way?

When Qing Hongzi heard it, he was over the moon as Shen Lian wanted to go to Longevity Temple without him even initiating.

“I will lead the way immediately.”

When he intended to use his equipment to lead the way, Shen Lian then pointed at the Mystical Whale and said, “You just need to show us the direction, I will get this guy to send us there.”

Qing Hongzi said, “I accidentally forgot about this matter.”

Shen Lian used his divine thought to order the whale to stop the waterspout. The three landed together on the back of the Mystical Whale. While its back was smooth, the three of them did not slip.

Qing Hongzi could feel the Mystical Whale’s body carried spiritual sense. He was even more respectful of Shen Lian.

Being able to tame such a demon beast was indeed impressive. If he could bring such a person back to Longevity Temple, Gu Caiwei would have to look at him in a different light.

Longevity Temple was built on a sea island. There used to be a volcanic explosion on the island, and it caused the area to have some spiritual vigor. However, after several ten thousand years, the land and sea had shifted and the spiritual vigor too had traveled to other places. It was no longer near its peak, but it still could work as a place for cultivation.

For someone like Gu Caiwei who had great cultivation experience and was just a step further from Huandan, Qi of vitality of spiritual vigor was not the most important thing. It was just that if the Daoist body were to be kept clean, it was best to be at a place where the Qi of vitality was in abundance.

Gu Caiwei was wearing a female crown and her rather soft and feminine aura was added with some sharpness. She was then on top of the bier, but what she said was the fundamentals and there were not a lot of fluffs associated.

The best part about Xuanmen sect was the generations and generations of cultivation experience and hence they could get to the fundamentals easily.

It could help the students to get on the right path faster.

It was said that ‘The truth is usually simple, but a lie would need more lies to cover, therefore more complicated.’

While what Gu Caiwei said was plain, it cut through to all the hearts of the lower-ranked cultivators.

All of a sudden, the cultivators could feel the Qi of vitality outside was going through a stir. A huge spiritual vigor was approaching.

The mana hidden underneath the Qi of vitality and the spiritual vigor could destroy the island.

Gu Caiwei looked towards that direction and her expression softened.

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