Daoist Master Of Qing Xuan Chapter 675

Chapter 675 Chowhound

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While Jing Shu was pondering over why Shen Lian was not fearful, she was suddenly met with Shen Lians warm gaze.

Shen Lian said, At least I am still alright for now. Things have not reached its worst state, Though he mentioned this, he knew that things could never be worse.

In his prior trial set by Daoist Master Shangqing, everything he had was destroyed and his real soul was ultimately reconstructed. Therefore, spiritual items such as the seed of the heaven and earth and painting of Mounts and Rivers of the Gods of Earth and Vale had vanished in the trial. At the same time, the charm of these spiritual items integrated with his real soul that passed the trial. Hence, he was able to transform into the Golden Pitcher to repress Lady Mother of the Chariot. In fact, if he had sufficient mana, he could even transform into the painting of Mounts and Rivers of the Gods of Earth and Vale.

It was said that the worst scenario had surfaced because when Daoist Master Taiyi helped him to quicken the creation of the painting of Mounts and Rivers of the Gods of Earth and Vale, he had dissociated the imprint of Shangqings Primordial Spirit which was in his body and integrated it into the painting of Mounts and Rivers of the Gods of Earth and Vale. Hence, in a certain sense, he had dispatched himself from the influence of Daoist Master Shangqing.

In hindsight, he was actually given an opportunity to avoid this deadly situation during the time when Daoist Master Taiyi quickened the creation of painting of Mounts and Rivers of the Gods of Earth and Vale. Although he did not understand this complication then, he did grasp onto that opportunity and dispatched the imprint of Shangqings Primordial Spirit from his own Primordial Spirit.

However, it was clear that Daoist Master Shangqing did not give up on his plans. He had utilized this trial in Bi You Palace to lure him back into this sophistication. He had realized that Shangqings traces were deeply etched in him, be it his spirit that was placed in the realm of nothingness or his current consciousness.There was no way of separation.

Nonetheless, Shen Lian did not regret his trip to Bi You Palace, after all, Daoist Master Shangqing had made it clear to him that there would be no denial against Daoists. Even if he had not made this trip, there would be other schemes awaiting for him in the future. He was grateful to Jing Shu for she had clear his doubts and prevented him from being dumbfounded. Although awaiting for devastation helplessly pained him greatly, but Shen Lian felt fortunate for he knew the reason for his impending death.

He was also thankful to Daoist Master Taiyi. After all, he had once helped him to escape this misfortune. Unfortunately, he was still entrapped within this sophistication.

Though he knew that the Daoist did not need his reciprocation, Shen Lian would still remember his deed. It would be good if he could return this favor.

Jing Shu was slightly angered when she saw Shen Lians peaceful mien. She said angrily, Why are you not panic nor alarmed?

Shen Lian smiled and said, Worrying and complaining does not help me with anything. Moreover, there are not many living creatures in the world who have the same attainment as I do. In this aspect, I actually need to be grateful to Daoist Master Shangqing.

Jing Shu grumbled and said, You are unbelievable. It is so obvious that Daoist Master Shangqing has lured you towards an inescapable death, As she was born from an extraordinary origin, she would never understand how precious was Shen Lians current attainment. There are so many mortal beings in the world who could only experience an ordinary lifetime. Even the sight of a meteor in the sky was a privilege for many living creatures, not to mention the view of aged stars.

Therefore, Shen Lians gratitude towards the Daoist was genuine. After all, he was from the mortal world. He knew the lives of mortals were as short-lived as the ephemeral. Take Old Master Shen as an example, he was ultimately demised and buried despite being so aspirational. In the current world, not many knew of his existence.

Shen Lian sighed and said, This is Bi You Palace, you should mention something nicer.

Instantaneously, Jing Shu regretted her doings and stopped criticizing Daoist Master Shangqing. She said, I am not concerned about your plans. However, why am I so misfortunate? I only wanted to have a tour outside and such troubles just had to come to me.

As she talked about it, she felt more aggrieved. She had always been a capricious demon, unrestrained by rules and did not need to conserve her heart. Hence, she actually started to cry. Her Kunpeng demon body was inherently blessed with the Water formulas. Once she cried, a deep pool of seawater was amassed in Bi You Palace and almost flooded the main hall.

Left with no other options, Shen Lian transformed into a space of void and swallowed the sea water.

Jing Shu was surprised by Shen Lians technique. She stopped crying and asked him, Why did you swallow my tears?

As Shen Lian knew he had caused her troubles, he did not argue with her. After all, Jing Shu was involved in the karma once she was informed of this secret. Once the connoisseurs of Yuxu Palace and Bajing Palace knew about Shen Lians secret, they would be able to investigate the antecedents. Therefore, Jing Shu would be inevitably related to this complication.

Jing Shu also knew that even if she betrayed Shen Lian and turned to Bajing Palace and Yuxu Palace, they would not be grateful. After all, if she had done so, it only meant that both palaces were indebted to a demon like her. Yuxu Palace had always existed as a noble and solitary place. They do not fear or respect others, not to mention Bajing Palace. The fame of the Jie Order in those years was even termed by the people of Yuxu Palace as A unified living group of all animals and insects, regardless of its appearances.

Although she was a Kunpeng, she was not compatible to the noble disciples of the Jie Order. In fact, she was way below their status. After all, no matter how powerful the founding master of Kunpeng was, he could never manage to compete against Daoist Master Shangqing. Given that they were disciples of their founding masters, her status was inadvertently inferior to the disciples of the Daoist.

Thus, if Jing Shu were to go to Yuxu Palace and Bajing Palace, it would be a suicidal decision.

As Shen Lian did not argue with her, she thought that he was actually a decent man. She calmed her state of mind and realized that Shen Lians statements were rational. Complaints and worries would not alter the current situation anyway.

Hence, she appeared more composed, sighed and said, Forget about it, I acknowledge my misfortunes. This is my own problem. I could have enjoyed my life in Palace Yaoshi. It was my decision to come out of that palace. Now that troubles have occurred, I only have myself to blame.

Shen Lian said, Would you want me to escort you to Palace Yaoshi? The Demon Master of Kunpeng may protect you.

Jing Shu shook her head and said, Palace Yaoshi is concealed. I will not be able to return unless this tragedy of the world is over, Her temper faded as fast as it came. After she finished speaking, she told Shen Lian sweetly, You do have some conscience. How about this? I really desire to taste some dragon meat. I will not blame you if you capture that Yinglong for me.

Shen Lian was speechless. He had met many kinds of figures in his life. Nevertheless, it was his first time meeting a chowhound like Jing Shu.

He said, There is some karma between me and the Xia Kingdom. Capturing Yinglong should not be a difficult task.

Jing Shu said, We have an agreement then. You cannot go against your own words. Let us capture it right now.

Shen Lian said, I think you should let me refine Bi You Palace first. I would like to bring it back to Da Zhou.

After Jing Shu listened to him, she stopped urging and said admirably, This is the place of enlightenment of Daoist Master Shangqing. You had actually obtained it. If I had a Daoist Palace, even the Seven Great Demon Kings would be defeated by me.

She then continued, No, it should me Six Great Demon Kings. After all, she idolized the Winning Buddha. If she had defeated Seven Great Demon Kings, it would mean that she despised his ability. This could not happen.

Shen Lian found Jing Shu more likable due to her candid responses. No matter what happened to Bei Mingzi, Jing Shu was truly a decent person.

As he thought of these, he also dissociated his spirit to inform Kui Li to return.

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