Dark Moon Era Chapter 26

Chapter 26: First Reserved Camp

"What should I do?" Tang Ling's empty eyes suddenly came alive like a burning fire, yet the fire looked like the flames from hell. They were filled with hatred and anger.

He curled his fingers and held that lock of silver white hair in his fist.

A little smile curled up in the corner of Su Yao's mouth. He stood up relaxed while the cigarette was still lingering at his mouth. Then, he passed the pot of soup to Tang Ling.

"Finish this first before we talk. Do you know what is used to boil this soup? Level 1 vicious beast bone! A whole femur! These have never been wasted before, even for me." Su Yao spoke the truth. In this era, the least dangerous animal out there were the wild beasts, followed by mutated beasts and then vicious beasts. Even the Purple Moon Warriors would have to run for their lives if they ran into the latter.

Level 1 vicious beast bone, even if it was the lowest level of vicious beast bone, was extremely precious. Tang Ling had never seen a vicious beast before anyway, so he did not say anything about the precious meat soup. He neglected the heat on the pot and never even asked Su Yao why he would feed him with such precious resources.

He put his hand into the soup for a piece of meat, stuffed it into his mouth and swallowed it after several bites.

As expected of Level 1 vicious beast meat, the moment the meat entered his stomach, a burning stream exploded in his chilly stomach. Streams of energy which he could clearly feel flowed to every inch of his body.

Tang Ling was weak, so the burning stream hurt his stomach, but he did not mind the pain from the strength he gained.

He grabbed the meat and vegetables in the soup and stuffed them into his mouth without wasting a single bit. After recovering some strength, he held the pot up and poured it down his mouth. 

It was like an infant vicious beast feeding.

Su Yao did not have any thoughts on how Tang Ling ate. After all, should men not eat like this? He admired his behavior instead.

In his place, there were no sympathetic concepts like a starving person being fed full. Humans were not that precious in this cruel era.


Tang Ling placed the empty pot in front of Su Yao with a thud. He had been out cold for two days and starved for one, so the sudden intake of this amount of food caused extreme discomfort to his body, but it was not unbearable.

In fact, the explosive heat stream that flowed along his body was enjoyable while the replenishing of strength infatuating.

Now that Tang Ling had more strength, he managed to support himself to stand wobbly.

"What should I do now?" 

Tang Ling finally managed to stand straight in front of Su Yao, and it was also the first time he carefully sized up the man before him.

"What should you do?" Su Yao stuffed the half-smoked cigarette into Tang Ling's mouth. He frivolously took several more items out from his backpack, then said in a serious tone, "First, you must get into the First Reserved Camp."

First Reserved Camp?! Tang Ling's breath hastened again. He uncontrollably sucked in the smoke from the cigarette and it made him cough fiercely. Instantly, the half-smoked cigarette fell on the floor.

Su Yao did not mind at all as he picked the cigarette up and put it back in his mouth, then squinted his eyes at Tang Ling.

In this era, 10kg of quality beast meat was needed to exchange for a single pack of poor quality cigarettes. Not a single bit of resources should be wasted, and that was the first rule of survival in this era.

Tang Ling had no space in his mind to think about the value of the cigarettes. His mind was occupied by the three loud words: First Reserved Camp.

Many moons ago, the First Reserved Camp was the place that he idolized because, in order to become a Purple Moon Warrior, one must attain the qualifications of a reserved warrior.

There were a total of five camps for the reserved warriors and the First was the best of the best, the elites.

The settlement once had a saying that those who could walk out of the First Reserved Camp alive would surely become a Purple Moon Warrior.

Tang Ling dared not to have extravagant hopes. His own hopes were as tiny as a speck of sand! Notwithstanding the fact that becoming a reserved warrior of the Fifth Reserved Camp was already enough to qualify to stay in the Safety Sector.

However, now, everything that he once hoped and idolized was shattered in his heart. Instead, that bloody glare from the swords from that night branded itself in the deepest part of his soul.

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He no longer wanted to enter the reserved camp, not even the elite First Reserved Camp!

Accompanying his hurried breaths, a scorching sensation of boiling blood amassed at his chest, and his eyes started to turn red.

The meat soup that he just finished was in effect. Compared to before, it was the first time Tang Ling felt something powerful in his boiling blood and a vortex formed at where his heart was, devouring everything madly.

The so-called sanity was slowly fading away.

He was no stranger to this situation!

Su Yao crossed his hands and looked at Tang Ling calmly. A long, meaningful smile curled upon his lips, and when Tang Ling's eyes were taken over by the obvious red, he casually stepped up and landed his wide palm on Tang Ling's back.

His palm landed on his back as though he did not exert strength, yet it softly scattered the energy that amassed at Tang Ling's heart. The blood that gushed towards his heart faded like the falling tide, and everything quickly returned to normal.

"A man must know how to control himself." Su Yao turned around, flicking his finger and the cigarette, which was burned down to its bud, was flung out of the window.

Tang Ling did not see the trace of sadness that flashed in Su Yao's eyes.

"If you want to attain power, the methods aren't important as long as you hold on to your bottom line." He turned around to Tang Ling again. Su Yao's carefree look returned, but his eyes looked strict as he added, "The First Reserved Camp? So what? As long as you are there, you can attain power and knowledge! Am I right, kid?"

Tang Ling's hurried breath calmed down. The red and burning sensation had slowly faded from his eyes, and he somehow agreed with what Su Yao said.

However, at the same time, after that little bizarre change, the fogged memories in his mind started to clear up.

He remembered the transformation that happened at the very last moment, that astonishing physique, the powerful muscles, the frenzied power of… slaughtering. There was some terrifying power residing in his body!

"What is this?" Tang Ling pointed at his chest. He knew Su Yao must have known something. Otherwise, he would not have stopped the transformation with such a skilled movement.

Su Yao lazily sank into the sofa, adjusting his body to a comfortable position as he looked at Tang Ling with a faint smile hanging over his mouth. "I heard that it's more interesting to find out the answer to your question by yourself. If I were you, I'd try to understand it and then control it."

Tang Ling deeply gazed into Su Yao's eyes. He was not that foolish to press on the question. Su Yao's attitude told him that the man was not planning to reveal it.

Starting from the transformation, one question after another was weaved out of Tang Ling's original poor yet calm life. Since he could not explore the problems for the time being, it would be best for him to adapt to their existence.

The cruelty of life had taught Tang Ling that lesson a long time ago.

Several seconds of silence later, Tang Ling shifted his gaze to the items that Su Yao took out from his backpack.

A brand new black uniform that had a purple pattern sewn at the cuff. 

A pair of shiny leather boots.

A bronze medal with a crescent moon carved on it.

It was the reserved camp uniform!

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