Dear Young Master Spare Me Please? Chapter 100

Chapter 100: Tears

Han Meixiu didn't want to hear anything anymore. She was actually regretting her decision to visit. But she remembered her maternal grandmother's word, that the Old Han was still her grandfather that deserved to be respected thus she still showed her manners.

The young woman already left when he continued his sentence.

"be careful with that Third Young Master Chen." But obviously nobody heard him anymore. The room went back to its silent and gloomy state.

He looked outside the window again and envied the few people outside with their respective family.

When Han Meixiu left the room, someone was waiting outside the door to guide her into a different way to avoid the crowd. When she got on the car, her emotions were still in chaos. She's been holding them in.

She cried.

The one escorting the young woman was startled when he saw her wept. He immediately called his boss to report.

After she calmed down, she noticed they're not returning to the Liu residence.

"Where are we going?"

"Second Young Master Liu wants to see the Young Mistress. We're going to the Palm Five Hotel."

Han Meixiu checked the time and nodded. She normally wanted to drop by at her cousin's office but it's in the opposite direction. Besides, it's almost rush hour and the road would be terribly congested soon. She didn't want to make Liu Zijian wait.

As they slowly travel along the 6 lanes road of the Q City's main highway, she couldn't help herself thinking about the conversation she had with her paternal grandfather.

'Was I rude when I cut his sentence?' She asked herself. There was a slight pinch in her heart when she heard how her grandfather addressed her cousin Han Meili.

She didn't want to hear the rest because she might give in. She sighed as her conscience was tugging her for what she just did but the other part of her was justifying her actions.


From a certain safe distance in another side of the hospital after Han Meixiu left, a young woman emerged wearing a cap and mask. Her eyes were elusive but contained a strong determination.

She was obviously trying to hide her presence as she continued to walk towards the hospital.

When she arrived in front of the door of the room she's been looking for, she was already dressed in a medical gown she took along the way to disguise herself.

The old man was blankly staring in front of him and didn't bother to look to the person who came in.

"Han Huang..."

His eyes bulged when he heard the voice. Unlike Han Meixiu's voice that sounded sweet and soft, this voice was a little coarse and cold.

"Li'er" He whispered as he slowly turned towards her.

The young woman didn't look up; she instead tightened her grip on the scalpel she was holding.

The old man saw the surgical scalpel the young woman was holding. Although he somewhat knew what the she was planning, he didn't let it show on his face. Whatever she would do to him, he would gladly accept.

It was his fault why she was in this kind of mess anyway.

Maybe it's really his time to leave this world. He was able to see the granddaughter he's been worried about.

"You're here"

The young woman slowly lifted her face covered with a white mask that was slowly getting damp as her tears continuously ran down.

She was resolute to 'punish' the old man lying on the bed. If it wasn't for him sweet talking her, she wouldn't be in this state. She wouldn't have abandon her reasons and lost her soul.

But looking at his welcoming subtle smile even though he knew what she was planning, her determination wavered.

When was the last time someone looked at her like that? When was the last time she was treated as a human being and not just like a tool to accomplish something?

It wasn't that long but for her it seemed like it was already like eternity.

Her emotions poured out as her grip from that scalpel loosened making the thing fell down on the floor.

She didn't move a single step as she wept. Her tears came down like an endless stream.

She was able to temporarily escape today not because she was capable to but simply because the 'guards' allowed her to. For what reason, she didn't want to know.

For her she wanted to lessen the mountain of unwanted emotions piled up inside thus upon hearing that the old Han was in this hospital, she didn't hesitate to come.

Looking at the granddaughter that he witnessed to grew up weeping as if there's no tomorrow, he started to severely curse himself.

Among all of the Han family members, she's the one suffering the most.

Originally, he planned to seek a marriage agreement between her and any of the Liu's sons. But the young woman said she wasn't interested to any of them. She liked the Third Young Master Chen.

As for since when, he didn't know since he never really saw the two ever met.

He thought he was doing her a favor when he included her in his ridiculous plan. But looking back, he shouldn't have suggested it in the first place even if she would beg him to.

There's really no medicine for regret.

"Li'er, grandfather is sorry."

The young woman stopped crying and inhaled deeply before she spoke. She was clearly sorting her emotions.

"It's too late." She simply answered.

As she turned around to leave her words reverberated in the entire room.

"Next time we meet, I won't be your granddaughter anymore."

The young woman said coldly before she left the room.

Once again, Han Huang was left alone where cold loneliness accompanied him. Several memories were slowly playing on his mind weighing heavily on his chest.

Even though he apologized for both of them, nobody accepted it. He actually understood them.

What else was left for him?


He closed his eyes and let a tear slowly traveled unchecked down his sickly face. The pain he's feeling was the type that seeped into his bones.

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