Dear Young Master Spare Me Please? Chapter 120

Chapter 120: First Day

Han Meixiu was escorted with one of the twins serving Mr. Liu. She was just briefly informed with the process of entering the building and where to wait.

Upon entering the said building, she followed the instructions mentioned to her. Although she was given a piece of paper, she didn't need to look at it again. She simply memorized the content. it wasn't too much anyway.

The building has two sets of elevator, one on the right part and one on the left. Each set contained five lifts. One was until 7th floor, the other one was from 8th to 21st floor, the third one was from 21st to 31st floor, the 4th would stop in every floor until the 31st and the last one was from 31st to 35th floor.

Her destination was actually the 21st floor so she took the 3rd one since it came earlier than the second one.

Upon reaching the 21st floor, she went inside an ordinary looking office and showed the card given to her earlier. It was like a pass. She then escorted to a small room and asked to wait.

Han Meixiu noticed that there were already four people inside the room and all were wearing a face mask to cover their faces just like her.

'So I don't need to pretend I'm sick since everyone is wearing a mask.' She muttered to herself.

She assumed that there was also one female as that person has a long hair that was loosely tied.

All of them were actually wearing a jacket covering their bodies making it harder to identify if one was a man or a woman.

As she sat down on the vacant seat near the table, nobody actually paid attention to her. Everyone had their heads down and seemingly lost in thoughts.

It wasn't even a quarter of an hour when one by one, they were called. She was actually the last to leave the room.

She thought she would see the other trainees after leaving the room but until she was escorted to the elevator, she didn't see other people.

The elevator was actually located inside that office. It wasn't as glamorous as the one that she took earlier. It was just like a plain box of metal devoid of any design. There was a small touch screen to choose which 'floor' they would go but instead of numbers, they're actually letters.

The man escorting Han Meixiu pressed letter "S" and had his thumb scanned. She then heard a 'ding' sound and the elevator closed.

As she was observing if they would go up or down she actually got confused. It seemed they did go up but she also felt they seemed to travel horizontally?

Although she wanted to ask the man, she knew this person would not answer her based from it's aloof and indifferent attitude.

When the elevator's door finally opened, the man just moved his right hand to indicate she should stepped out. The moment she did, someone guided her to a certain room.

Upon entering she was greeted with another plain room with a single long desk located in the corner of the room. There was a computer chair and at least three monitors on the desk. There was also one folder beside the keyboard.

Although the room was well-lit, if one was claustrophobic, that person would certainly not feel comfortable inside.

"Please have a seat and wait for a call for further instructions." The man said before he handed her a small wireless phone and went out closing the door behind him.

Han Meixiu breathed in and out before leisurely walking towards the chair.

Before she could even sit down, the phone on her hand rang.

The voice on the other line was clearly automated. It only said to solve the scenarios listed on the folder before the line was cut off.

Han Meixiu actually thought it would be easier if the man earlier just told her about it rather than telling her to wait for a call.

But since it might be the process, she just followed the instruction and opened the folder.

There was actually 100 scenarios listed and each were different. It was like a test. Basically, she was just asked to acquire information in different settings using only the set of computers she has in this room.

As she understood what she should do, she immediately started.

Han Meixiu didn't know how long she's been immersed in what she's doing when the phone rang again.

She was actually startled and almost cancelled the call but she remembered that instructions were actually coming from this phone.

An automated voice said, "lunch time."

Hearing the word lunch, she immediately felt that she's indeed hungry. After few minutes someone came in and deliver her lunch.

The two people actually set up another table where she could eat. After setting up and placing the foods on the table they left.

Han Meixiu looked at the table full of dishes. No matter how hungry she was, she knew she couldn't finish everything.

''I didn't know their so generous to their trainee.' Han Meixiu uttered softly with amusement written all over he face.

What she didn't know was, it was only her who had a feast-like lunch. Simply because Liu Zijian already pre-arranged her meals.

There was actually a cafeteria for all the regular members of the LCG but all trainees had to eat alone since they're not officially part of group yet.

In that cafeteria, majority of the topic was clearly about the new set of trainees.

The digital team was actually ecstatic as they have two new trainees this year. There were actually teams that didn't have any.

"Zed, have you checked the output of the new trainees?" A chubby guy asked the man in front of him. The man called Zed was the one considered as genius in digital team. He was the record holder in solving the scenarios during the training program. The person second to him had actually score less than half of his.

"No." Zed simply answered. He wasn't interested. For the past five years, they would always receive a new trainee but in the end the person would be transfer into another team as it couldn't cope up with the way they're handling their work.

"I've heard one trainee already finished 37 scenarios." The chubby guy continued. If this would continue there's a big possibility that a new member would be really added in their team.

The man called Zen stopped eating and looked sternly to the chubby guy.


The chubby guy nodded to confirm his words.

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