Dear Young Master Spare Me Please? Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Mom?

'He fell asleep!' Han Meixiu didn't know if she would laugh or cry but she knew only one thing, her shoulder became heavier. She carefully and slowly moved her head to peek at the sleeping man.

He has that kind of face that could halter your movement anytime. His long eye lashes were profoundly covering his eyelids looked extremely beautiful. His imperious nose seemed perfectly carved by a matchless craftsman. This sleeping face became increasingly captivating in Han Meixiu's eyes.

'So a person can really become more and more attractive the longer you are exposed to him'. She told herself. It would simply be wonderful if his eyes would reflect love one day. She wanted to hope but she already abandoned that word. She just wanted to live with the moment. And if the moment was like this, she didn't have any complaints. She liked it. She felt alive.

It was almost lunch time and the older Liu couple already went back from their stroll around the hotel's vicinity but still they didn't receive any call. They planned to have lunch with the two so Madam Liu unhurriedly went inside the room only to see that the two were occupying a single seat.

She was even more surprised when she saw her son sleeping and resting his head on Han Meixiu's shoulder. The latter was seemingly lost in thought as she didn't notice someone came in.

"Meixiu dear," Madam Liu gently called the woman to get her attention. Han Meixiu looked at her with pleading eyes as if asking for an immediate help. Her back was already in pain not to mention her shoulder.

The older lady understood her sentiments as she carefully lifted her son's head and signaled Han Meixiu to go. But she's almost paralyzed by sitting in that position for so long. She slipped down and her but hit the floor. It was thanks to the carpet that it didn't add on to her agony but the movement was enough to wake Liu Zijian up.

"You drooled." Madam Liu said as she seriously stared at her son.

He immediately touched the side of his mouth to check and like what he expected; his mom was just fooling around. No matter how many times she did it, for some reason he always ended up doing the same thing falling for it.

'Old habit dies hard ah!' Madam Liu smugly said to herself when she saw what her son did.

Before he could stand up he saw Han Meixiu who was slumped below. He pulled her up and supported her by holding her waist to help her stabilize herself.

Looking at Liu Zijian's, he seemed to be doing this sort of thing for a long time. It looked so natural that left his mother speechless.

This was the scene Mr. Liu saw when he entered. Even though he was surprised he didn't show it on his face.

"Aren't you hungry? It's lunch time. We already made a reservation. Let's go." Mr. Liu then extended his hand towards his wife.

"This is how you treat a wife Little Zi, learn from your dad." Madam Liu said while looking at her son who was still holding Meixiu as she reached out to hold her husband's hand. Mr. Liu slightly shook his head while smiling faintly.

When the family walked towards the exclusive fine dining restaurant within the hotel, they attracted the attention of the crowd. . Majority of the people knew the Liu Family but not the girl who was walking beside the Head Chief.

The reserved table was located in the best mini room of the fine dining restaurant. The warm light and minimalist design were perfectly coordinated giving off a majestic air around. The table for four was centrally located in the room and wide enough to accommodate multiple dishes and personal space of the guests.

Both ladies were facing each other as well as the two men. While the scallop carpaccio as an appetizer was being served, Madam Liu excitedly asked what they talked about.

"Nothing much." Han Meixiu politely answered which was true.

"You didn't decide yet what kind of wedding do you want? Like a grand one? Or a simple one?"


"Call me mom. Aren't I going to be your mother soon?" Madam Liu said with an expectant look on her face. She wanted to normally have a daughter whom she could talk to just like a friend with almost no barriers but after an incident in the past she couldn't conceive anymore. Meeting Meixiu in that outdoor activity was a blessing in disguise. She's already happy that someone could connect with her in so many ways and now she's going to be part of her family, she couldn't be happier.

It was a simple request but for some reason the word 'mom' couldn't come out of Han Meixiu. She felt a large lump on her throat. It was not because she didn't want to call Aunt Yi Min mom. It's just the word brought a depressive feeling. When was last time she used that word to call someone?

She was five years old. In the middle of the night she woke up and saw her mom changing clothes, obviously planning to go out.

"Mom?" She sleepily said as she tried to get up.

"It's okay baby. Mom will just go somewhere for a while. I'll be back before you even wake up in the morning. So go back to sleep." She coaxed her and lowered herself down to kiss and tuck her daughter in bed. The only light in the room was the small lamp beside the bed but enough for Little Meixiu to see her mother's assuring smile. She nodded and obediently closed her eyes. In just few minutes she dozed off again.

That was the last. The last time she uttered the word 'mom'. The last time she saw her smile. The last time she felt pleasantly comfortable. The last time she felt complete. The next morning brought her massive disappointments.

Since then she couldn't sleep alone and if she did, she would wake up around midnight. She would just stay awake until morning. It affected her health thus her grandparents allowed her to sleep in their room. They added an extra bed for her. If she happened to wake up again, her grandmother would stay beside her until she could fall asleep.

As she grew older she realized that she should stop waiting for that 'morning'. It was just futile to wait. She ended up her hope. A hope that her so called 'mom' would eventually come back and smile warmly and lovingly at her. She decided to erase that word in her personal vocabulary. It's not useful.

Now, there's someone who would become her mom. Although not in a biological sense, it's nevertheless a mother. Maybe, that word would have a new meaning. A meaning that wasn't going to be connected to a depressive thought. It's worth giving a shot.

"Come on. Try it. You can also call me pretty or beautiful mommy. I wouldn't mind." Madam Liu urged her again trying to be bubbly as she felt the melancholic air enveloping Han Meixiu.

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