Dear Young Master Spare Me Please? Chapter 205

Chapter 205: Survey

Han Meixiu woke up in an unfamiliar place. After few minutes her eyes adjusted in that dim lighted room.

As she looke around, she instantly recognize the similarity of the interior to the side room in Liu Zijian's office in Q City.

She must have been carried here by her husband after she fell asleep in the car.

Indeed, she felt she was being transferred earlier but since her eyes were refusing to open, she let it be as she also smelled his familiar scent.

Remembering that she still has to work, she sprung up and searched for the door.

The moment she opened it to go out, she saw Liu Zijian holding a tray with a steaming bowl on it.

"Fill your tummy first before going to your work station." He said and carefully placed the tray on the table.

"I'm not hungry. I ate quite a lot earlier." She said and quickly gave him a kiss before running out if the office.

Liu Zijian sighed as he looked at the closed door.

He was feeling a bit melancholic. Wouldn't she normally tell him everything about her meeting with her mother?

As a boss, he should be happy as she chose to rush off to do her work. But as a husband, he felt a bit...off..a bit...neglected...

Speaking of being a husband, her mother told him that he only enjoyed being a husband right away.

He didn't even experience the phase before becoming her husband.

He pondered that kind of phase. Researching for a while, there's a phase called 'courting' and or 'dating'.

Was his mother in law talking about the first one or the second one? What if both?

He quickly recalled the his conversation with his father earlier today.

"Dad, how did you court Mom?"

Although Liu Zijian wasn't beside Mr. Liu he could imagine the surprised expression of his father.

Indeed it was a weird question early in the morning.

But Liu Zijian couldn't think of other person he could ask.

Mr. Liu coughed a little and cleared his throat before he answered.

"It's better to ask your mom about it."


Liu Zijian became puzzled. Based from what he read, man should be the one doing it. Why asked his mother?

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Since he knew he couldn't get answer from his father, he ended the call.

Tried to call his older brother but he wasn't answering his call.

He moved his attention to Ye Ming who just came in to report his schedule for the day.

"Ye Ming, how do you court someone?"

Ye Ming's face became blank in an instant.

'Isn't that something you do to woo a girl?' The lost assistant thought after a while.

But even though he dated a few girls, he didn't do it.

Girls were the one who would approach him first and he would agree if he liked them.

But in the end, they would also the ones to dump him after a month or two.

They would always say he's useless as a boyfriend and they're disappointed. They would eventually rant all their frustrations and unmet expectations.

But they were the ones who approached him first?

They're the ones who created their own 'boyfriend' with his persona from their ungrounded expectations but in the end they're blaming him.

It didn't make sense to him.

In the end he stopped accepting those girls and focused on his boss.

With the question being thrown at him now, how would he answer?

He could only give suggestions based from his observation around.

"Second Young Master Liu, that's... giving her something that she likes."

'That simple?' Liu Zijian thought.

He could only try if it's really that simple.

Normally, after Han Meixiu woke up, she would like to eat something light and warm especially these past few days. It probably because it's winter.

He ordered food that's light and tasted not too strong so she could eat it after waking up.

Unfortunately, she rushed off without even giving the food a glance.

He started to doubt. It probably wasn't just giving her what she likes. He should also consider the timing.

Another question popped up. What if she liked other things he's not aware of?

Then he's missing something.

What could be a woman her age like then?

That thought began an unexpected survey in the company managed by Liu Zijian, anonymously.

He knew that internet could probably provide some answers but he wanted something to be backed up by real time data.


Han Meixiu who was a bit late was extremely focus on what she was doing as she wanted to finish the assigned work to her.

She wasn't aware about the buzz going on around her.

"What's with this sudden survey?" A male who just opened an emergency company email.

"It's kind of weird but I also want to know the result of this." One female who was enthusiastically answering said.

The survey was short and concise. Two sets of questionnaire were provided. One for man and another for woman.

"Is it for the new promotion of the hotel this coming holiday season?" Another one who was aware about the connection of LCG and Imperial Hotel asked.

"That's right! It must be." The woman exclaimed.

"This is a nice move. Getting the opinion of people. I think it's better if we can expand the scope of this survey." The man who was originally puzzled said.

"Let me tell the marketing department head of Imperial Hotel."

"Why her? Tell it directly to the boss. He's the one that has final say."

"It's not easy to do that. Even if I tell Ye Ming, the chance that it will be considered would be slim."

"Then what about the Young Madam? She looked really approachable. Besides she always eat lunch with the boss."

"That's right! Before she goes to his office you can talk to her!"

"Who knows maybe you'll get a bonus for suggesting to expand the target respondents!"

Thus when Han Meixiu was on her way to Liu Zijian's office someone politely talked to her about the survey.

She simply nodded and said she'd bring it up to Liu Zijian.


"How was your meeting?" Liu Zijian calmly asked as he poured tea in her cup.

"It was fine. Thinking about it now, I think I wasted the chance to ask the questions I wanted."

Han Meixiu answered as her gaze followed the elegant movement of his hand.

"You'll have another chance..."

Han Meixiu didn't comment further. She tilted her head as her eyes followed the elegant movement of his hands.

Should she make a list of her questions?

"That's right. Someone asked me a favor. It's about the survey. He suggested to expand the scope of respondents."


"What's that survey all about? They said it was given to all but I didn't receive any." She curiously asked.

Liu Zijian fell into a deep thought.

If she would know, then the element of surprise will be forfeited. But if she would answer, he could directly get the information he needed. But what if there's something she likes but she's not yet fully aware of it?"

"If it's really for the upcoming promotions for holidays, I think I can give some additional information, too."

"Promotion for holidays?"

"En, that was what they're saying. The survey will be used for Imperial Hotel's holiday promotions targeting couples."

"That's right." Liu Zijian answered and smiled. He should really reward his people.

"I'll give you a copy. You can answer it before leaving." He continued.

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