Dear Young Master Spare Me Please? Chapter 209

Chapter 209: Compensation

"92, you're being called."

The woman who has been lost in thoughts for the past days stood up and walked towards the room where she would communicate with the leader.

"I'm not a tattletale." Red whispered while passing her.

'What does that mean?' Han Mingxia's eyes followed the woman as she walked towards the opposite direction.

Was it because of their last 'mission'?

She wasn't actually worried if red would tell the leader that she spared one of those people as she believed he was innocent.

Han Mingxia remembered their conversation after they finished their 'mission'.

"Where is your drug?"

"Which one?"

Red showed her a small pouch and she already understood. It was a drug used to make someone resembles a dead person for a given time. Normally it would be use to play dead while they would wait for someone to get their body.

Han Mingxia didn't answer.

"You left one alive?!?" Red exclaimed in surprise.

"He's innocent."

"Hah, how can you be so sure he's innocent? Because of his looks? Or you know him?"


"92, even though the person is your family you can never be 100% sure he doesn't have any stain in his body! Such a novice move!" Red said angrily.

"The follow up 'mission', do it properly." Red continued and left the room.

That's right, the follow up mission was to silence the two women whom they borrowed their identity.

Han Mingxia looked at her hands, no matter how any time she washed, she could still imagine the ghastly image and the pungent smell of the blood.

She has been comforting herself that the people she killed were bad. And yes, she strongly believed that the one she spared was innocent.

She trusts her own judgement.

As her thoughts ended and she silently waited outside the door to be called in, Han Mingxia tightly closed her eyes.

This is the life she chose. Although after getting the detailed 'mission' of her husband there's no other clues she could get, she still believed that she could find his family members in time.

If she could made it to the top, then a chance to find out her late husband's record would be possible.

"92, come in."


"Did you do what I've told you?"

Madam Liu's voice was half reminding half scolding as she asked her good second son's development.

Mr. Liu who was lazily sitting on a sofa and seemingly reading a book was actually all ears.

He really felt amused as he couldn't imagine his younger son doing the things his mother did to him in the past.

"I told you, don't forget the personal touch! Do you hear me?"

Madam Liu went on enumerating again the 'tips' from someone well experienced.

As Mr. Liu listened how his wife put on an enormous effort to those presents he felt more and more remorseful.

An example was, Madam Liu would give him chocolates and flowers. But she didn't just buy them in a store. She remixed the chocolate based from his taste. She would melt and mixed the variety of chocolates and added nuts. She would then shape it carefully and carve her short message on it.

As for the flowers, she would wake up early to get the freshest possible ones. Each flowers she would arrange in a bouquet had their own meaning. Sometimes she would plant her flowers on her own and when they bloom, she would give them to him. There was also a time that she really gave him a pot of flower.

Back then people laughed about it. It was actually the time he hated to hear the sound of mockery around him.

What's so ridiculous with flower in a pot? It was more usable than the bouquets. She probably didn't know but he placed them inside his office. Maybe it was that time that he started to take notice of her and her efforts.

There was also a card or a letter. She would scout different books and ready made cards and would modify the messages to suit her personality to express feelings better.

Mr. Liu never thought she made those tedious works.

He pondered as he remembered her giving him a lunch box. Based from how she prepared those usual presents, he could assume she painstakingly prepared the food herself and probably studied cooking to please his taste.

But what did he do during those times?

He didn't appreciate them. He even threw some. He never tried to even open her lunch boxes.

His heart was slowly swallowed with guilt and by the time Madam Liu's call ended, he looked dejected and thankful at the same time.

It was a good thing she persevered.

When Madam Liu looked at Mr. Liu his gaze was loving and soft.

Feeling pleased, Madam Liu sat slowly beside him.

"Yi Min, I'm sorry... I never thought you put so much effort to those presents you gave me."

"Only sorry? You know, I still continued even though I saw my presents being thrown away."

"You did?"

'Damn' Mr. Liu cursed inwardly.

"En. But instead of giving up, I continued. Why? I was thinking that maybe I should have put more effort because they were still not up to your standards."

Her heart really broke when she saw the things she meticulously prepared were discarded like trash. She even cried her heart out until there's no more tears coming out. But the action didn't make her give up. Instead, it lit up an even more raging fire.

Mr. Liu felt even worse. If he could turn back the time, he would definitely receive then wholeheartedly and maybe put them on display to boast to everyone.

Madam Liu felt the gloominess around her husband. She lowered her head hiding the slight smile and the glint reflected on her eyes.

"Ah, I remember those times. You were really a heartless man. But what can I do? I already decided to give you my heart. You could only be mine, you know. I was more than ready to fight for you."


"Compensate me for a lifetime." She emotionally said.

"No problem. What do you want?"

Madam Liu inwardly smile. She won!

Being married for more than two decades wasn't a waste. She really knew how to make her way to get what she wanted.

"Let's go to K Country."

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"I want to personally witness Little Zi's efforts."

"Alright. I'll call Zijian.."

"No, no, no. Don't tell him we're going. I want to secretly observe."

"You really think you can spy Zijian?"

"Come on, don't tell me your men are already too old to even do this simple thing?"

Mr. Liu resignedly sighed.

"Okay. We'll do what you want."

After receiving a kiss he pondered while looking at his wife's back as she slowly walked out of the room.

He felt he had been deceived? That he fell again in her little play?

He chuckled and shook his head slightly. Clever.

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