Dear Young Master Spare Me Please? Chapter 230

Chapter 230: The Fight

After Han Mingxia retracted her gaze, she ignored the man totally. Whatever he said, she didn't intend to listen. She just imagined that there was an unwanted bird chirping near her.

Her eyes were focused on the floor as if it was more interesting to study the material used to it than to whatever the man was babbling about.

She heard him asking her reason for sparing his life, but she didn't plan to answer nor even react.

She already learnt her lesson. It would be best to ignore him. If ever she would answer, in the end, she would just reveal more and more information that weren't really allowed to be known to outsiders.

'No reaction?' Liu Zilong muttered inwardly. His smile has been hanging on his lips and he had to admit, he's being entertained as of the moment.

Although this wasn't his first time witnessing this kind of behavior where he was being totally ignored, the reasons of those other women were different from the one he's facing right now.

'She's really planning not to talk again, huh.'

Liu Zilong's eyes narrowed as he continued to study the woman's reaction.

There was not much changes on her face despite his scrutinizing gaze and his teasing questions.

'She must have been wearing a mask.'

That was expected.

The woman's hair was loosely tied covering both of her ears. Her lips formed a straight line while her eyes were looking down and only ha subtle fluttering of her eyelashes could be seen.

Liu ZIlong wanted to see a reaction from his teasing using words but the woman probably learned her lesson thus she wasn't giving him any satisfaction.

Looking at her body language, she looked relatively relaxed as her back was straight. Both of her hands were carefully hidden under the spread piece of clothing she was wearing. Originally, he thought she was wearing a lousy and old style long skirt, but upon closer inspection it wasn't the case.

It was clearly a skirt with full of slits and a similar color pants under it.

His smile deepened as he moved closer to the woman it lift her face, she suddenly moved.

When Liu Zilong was mere few inches away from her, Han Mingxia lifted one of her legs swiftly and aimed to the man's most sensitive part.

Or course, even though Liu Zilong was caught of guard, he was able to block the kick few seconds before it could harm him. But to his surprise, there was quick follow up aiming his neck.

Using his other arm, he was able to prevent her another kick from hitting him but he suffered with that sudden changed in momentum. He rolled away from her while feeling the pain his arm and hands from the successive kicks.

When he raised his head to look at the woman, he didn't see her. He instead saw a cushion flying towards him. Since he was still recovering, his attention was distracted giving the woman a chance to ultimately hit him from the back.


He couldn't help but uttered a sound. That kick was no joke. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

For the next few minutes, all he could do was to dodge. It wasn't because he didn't want to fight back, it was just the woman moved really fast, thus he could only avoid her successive attacks.

He even tried to read a pattern behind her movements but he found none!

Her attacks were decisive and fatal. As if she really wanted to harm him which made him confused.

Didn't she save him? Why was she trying to hurt him seriously, now?

Was it because he pissed her off?

Did he really go over board?

Okay, he already took back his words earlier that this woman was a doubtful member of black.com because she couldn't manage properly her emotions.

Even though she was lacking in that area, she was truly a good close combat fighter.

"I'm sorry, okay! If I...." Another kick was on its way to his body.

Seeing the upcoming attack, Liu ZIlong narrowed his eyes as he planned to catch her.


She probably saw his plan and retracted her leg and quickly moved further away.

In a split second confusion of her sudden action, Liu Zilong found that the sofa was pushed towards him. He gracefully avoided it by jumping over it and took note that it must be another diversion.

Who would have thought that Han Mingxia used this chance to move under him giving Liu Zilong another hit.

The result, he had an unstable landing.

Instead of getting pissed, the man was deeply pleased. It has been quite a while since he experience this kind of unrestrained fight.

He totally abandoned the usual method he used when he fights, he just moved according to what the situation the woman was giving.

A free sparring partner that could be consider on par with him, gave Liu Zilong a sense of excitement.

Their fight continued until both was almost out of breath.

Both were standing opposite of each other with a fair few meters distance in between. Their eyes were sharp like a hawk monitoring its prey while the were catching their breathes.

"Miss 92, how about we call it a draw?" Liu Zilong gave the woman a mesmerizing smile.

Han Mingxia didn't respond but since she didn't move, Liu Zilong concluded that she accepted.

"We can continue our fight in a more suitable place, don't you think?" He continued.

Han Mingxia looked at the entire room. Indeed, it was a mess. There were broken glasses and decorations on the floor.

She frowned and relaxed her guard. It wasn't that she didn't want to fight anymore, it was just she was calculating the damages in the room.

"I'm not solely responsible for this." She irritatingly said. She's not willing to pay, alright. She's not that rich to begin with.

"Don't worry about it. I'll handle the total cost."

Han Mingxia nodded. She wound't decline this kind of generosity. She had to admit, she wanted to vent out her anger during the start of her attacks as his words really pissed her off. But later on, when he started to retaliate, she took it as a challenge and 'practice' sparring with him.

She could see his weakness and use it against him. But after doing so, he would eventually realize it thus he could counter attack.

In a way, it was like she was giving him a free lesson.

Given the length of time, she noticed she already improved quite a lot. She should thank her 'punishments' as well as Red for this improvement.

"Where is Granny Ling?"

"Oh, let me ask my brother." Liu Zilong answered and looked around to find his phone. Unfortunately, because of the chaos, it would be hard to find it.

He quickly went out and when he came back, he was already talking with Liu Zijian.

"They are coming..." He said and was reminded with the situation of the room. "Little Zi, it would be better to find another room. It's a bit chaotic here."

Han Mingxia sighed.

Before she could ask a question, someone came in holding a medical kit.

"You can use this room's bathroom to freshen yourself up. I'll send new clothes later and the location where you'll meet your grandmother." Liu Zilong calmly said. "If you ever need anything, don't hesitate to order." He added before he finally went out.

Han Mingxia stared at the close door for a while she went inside the bathroom.

How would she explain her bruises to her grandmother?

By the time she finished her bath, there was already a clean set of clothes on the sofa and a make up kit.

Her lips involuntarily curled up.

'That's Zilong for you. He clearly knows how to treat a girl right.' She muttered and picked up the things on the sofa before going back to the bathroom.

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