Dear Young Master Spare Me Please? Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Sunset

The island resort wasn't really open to the public yet therefore the only guests were the soon to be couple. The people around were mostly busy preparing thus Han Meixiu couldn't find someone to talk to. She only met Liu Zijian during lunch and after eating he bid goodbye once he said she could roam around and enjoy the scenery. Though she wanted to explore the island with someone, she couldn't ask him to accompany her. She simply didn't have the courage to do so.

It would be dinner soon and she was enjoying the beautiful sunset alone. Her thoughts went to the past as the wind softly blew her hair adding an air of melancholy. She looked extremely lonesome.

Liu Zijian saw her sitting on the sand and facing the sunset from his makeshift study room. He had an urge to come especially when he remembered his brother's 'advice'.

'When she's alone and looking somewhat gloomy or lonely, it's a good situation. A chance!'

He put down the paper he was holding and made his way towards Han Meixiu. It has been a while since they had contact. Although he hugged her that night, the conscious Han Meixiu was still better than the sleeping one.

Han Meixiu suddenly felt an intense gaze coming from behind. It's been a while since she felt this kind of powerful force. A subtle smile appeared on her face. When Liu Zijian sat beside her, the gloomy atmosphere she felt earlier gradually disappeared.

"You're not busy anymore?" She observantly said as she wanted to assess the state of the man beside her. She didn't dare to look. His presence was more than enough to remind her that he's doing fine.


'His usual response.' She told herself and her countenance became even more attractive as she was now smiling up to her eyes.

Liu Zijian was in return took notice the changes on her. Though like her standard action, she didn't look at him, she seemed fine and not lonely? Then he didn't need to be here. He had a moment of internal battle within. If the situation wasn't right, kissing would not be good?

"Are you lonely?" He wanted confirmation.

"Not really. Sunset just gives me a melancholy feeling." She answered.

It meant she felt lonely, right? They're the same. Coming up into a conclusion, he slightly moved his body and used his finger to make Han Meixiu looked at him. And slowly he lowered his head to let his lips touched hers. It was a swift move that she wasn't able to react in time before her lustrous lips were sweetly captured.

A simple touched on the surface no longer satisfy Liu Zijian. Like what he did before, he persistently pried open her mouth to give him a way inside. He wasn't meant to be disappointed as Han Meixiu warmly welcomed him and together their tongues danced in a music only known to both of them. Their lips were interlocked like two puzzles perfectly fit together.

Anyone who would dare to look at them would eventually shy away as the two over powered the enchanting colours of the sunset.

When they broke away, Han Meixiu found out that there was almost no space between them and she could feel how his heart was beating fast against her chest. She looked at the man with slightly red lips, obviously from the rigorous exchanged they did, emitting an aura of seduction. His eyes were lowered and seemed to be in deep trance.

When she thought once was enough, another round came..and another..and another..

Without any disturbance, Liu Zijian could still continue but Han Meixiu felt her lips were already numb. "Can..we..stop?" She asked softly between her breaths. It was soft whisper

Liu Zijian rested his forehead against hers and touched lightly her now swollen lips. "Sorry." In all honesty, he didn't want to stop. It was like it wasn't enough no matter how many times they did it. But he felt sorry when he saw her lips.

The sun already set and natural light was slowly fading. They stayed facing each other in not wanting to move as if the time totally stopped.

When she thought it was finally over, Liu Zijian lowered his head again. But this time, it was headed for her neck. She heard him murmured "You still owe me."


Staring blankly at herself in the mirror, Han Meixiu smoothly touched the new hickeys Liu Zijian gave. Like the first batch, they're equidistant forming an equilateral triangle. 'What's with the equal distance? Does he have OCD?'

She sighed and recalled a short message by Mommy Yi before they left.

'Don't just let him dominate you; you must dominate him as well. You have to raise the fighting flag of all the women.'

But how could she overpower Liu Zijian. He only needed to look at her and she would eventually surrender. She was just successful the first time because he was drugged and was sleeping but when he's conscious it would be next to impossible. Deep down she badly wanted to dominate, too. But the problem was her self-control.

She went out of her room after fixing herself to be more presentable. Tonight would be their first dinner alone together. Although Liu Zijian told her he didn't mind if the marks were visible thus no need to cover them up, she still considered that there were other people around thus she changed into a top with high collar. The marks were located slightly lower from the previous one so they're easier to cover.

The dinner went by silently and even though they didn't talk much, it was rather comfortable and she was able to eat a little more than the usual.

She requested a cup of tea after dinner while Liu Zijian answered a call. She then went to the porch and looked at the darkness covering the entire ocean. It was a moonless night.

When she was about to go back to her own cottage she saw him coming back and asked if she's going.

"Yes." She simply answered.

"I'll walk you there." He volunteered. She just nodded in response and like a normal thing to do; they held their hands as they made their way towards her place.

Unlike the first time he walked her to her room, Liu Zijian didn't leave immediately. It was as if he wanted to say something so she waited and didn't go inside, yet. But after a good couple of minutes he didn't say anything. Feeling perplexed, she said. "I'll go in now."

"Mmm." He shortly answered but still he didn't move.

Like a polite thing to do she said, "Goodnight."

A light suddenly shimmered on his eyes.

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