Dear Young Master Spare Me Please? Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Who is the Winner?

Lui Zijian called Ye Ming and told him to let his younger brother Ye Long handle the initial errand he gave him. Lui Zijian needed him for something else.

When Liu Zijian watched the video again and again, he noticed quite a lot more anomaly than before. Yes, there were two men carrying him but if one clearly look at the two people, it was pretty obvious that the other one has a smaller frame indicating that it was a woman disguising as a man. In short, it was indeed a woman who stayed with him inside the room.

While the young master was 'sleeping', the video showed two sets of visitors going inside the room. The first set was a man and a woman led by an unknown man that clearly knew how to avoid those CCTV cameras. So the faces weren't clear.

The second visitor was from housekeeping knocking and doing their daily routine of cleaning the rooms. Since he was sleeping and the sheets weren't changed, why did the cart with white sheet became disorganized after leaving the room. It was obvious that someone was hiding inside.

In short this was either someone bribed some of their employees or a definite inside job orchestrated by 'someone'. And he's calling this 'someone' to join him for lunch to confirm.

After Madam Liu received the lunch invitation of Liu Zijian, she felt distressed. While pacing back and fort for God knows how long, she also received a call from one of her 'helper'.

He informed her that the Second Master sent someone to get a copy of the CCTV on the day of the incident. Though they already deleted that part, Second Young Master's person was able to retrieve the video.

Upon hearing this, Madam Liu was now certain that her son already suspected her. She felt a little annoyed by how fast Liu Zijian found out and how good his people were.

As she was contemplating on how to coax her son, Meixiu called her.

A subtle smile appeared on her face. Maybe her son knew now that she's the master mind, but still he didn't know who was her accomplice since she was disguised perfectly. It would be better to give Meixiu a warning just in case. She answered the call.

After the call she immediately plan on how to divert her son's attention so he won't dig further. Like what she told Meixiu, in order to find her accomplice Liu Zijian might bug her phone or their internet to monitor her.

She must protect the poor girl from her son's grudge since she was the one who initiated the plan.

She originally wanted Meixiu to be her daughter-in-law but given the attitude of both of sons, the girl would surely suffer.

She was all smile when she saw Lui Zijian enter the restaurant and elegantly walk towards her.

He slightly curved his lips before sitting down and said, "I'm waiting Madam Lui." His all knowing smile was so similar to her husband when he's expecting her to explain her 'sins'

"Why don't we eat first little Zi? I am hungry." She smiled brightly instead discarding the 'command' of her son.

"Mom, you know what I want to know." He said then called the waiter to order lunch.

"I definitely won't tell you. Leave the girl behind. She just obeyed my orders." She answered. Clearly trying to protect Meixiu.

He just looked at her and didn't say anything related to the incident anymore even until they finished eating their lunch.

Until Madam Liu arrived at home she was still wondering if Lui Zijian let the incident go.

'Maybe he's matured now and doesn't hold grudges anymore?' she thought. But she was still willing to wait for few more days before putting every thing behind. Better be safe than sorry.

No matter how pressured the employees on duty during the incident, they couldn't give a definite answer since Han Meixiu's disguise was truly effective. Nobody saw her real face.

In the end, Second Young Master Lui only got vague descriptions of his 'attacker.'

He tried to finish some pending papers that needed immediate approval for the remaining hours of the day.

Solving this 'prank' of his mother took him more than half a day. He could actually track who were the people her mother interacted in the past days and even weeks. But that would also mean stepping on her privacy.

No matter how strong his desire to know the 'culprit' he still respected his mom. He would find another way to unravel this mysterious person.

He asked Ye Ming to continue watching the videos and be very attentive to any suspicious person or event.

Around past half seven in the evening, Ye Ming came in.

"Second Young Master Liu, there was something." Ye Ming the showed what he found.

The video showed Chen Dewei. The Third Young Master of the Chen Family. What intrigued Ye Ming was that there was no gathering required his presence and he wasn't also in the list of the guests of the hotel. He also stayed for only a short period of time.

Ye Ming then crossed reference the body built and suit to the man who visited the room Liu Zujian was in and it actually matched.

"The person with Second Young Master Liu was acquainted with Young Master Chen Dewei."

This new found link made Liu Zijian fell into a deep thought.

Although Chen Dewei and himself knew each other because they have common circle of friends they're not really close. He also didn't think that the man wanted to harm him.

'Who was that person?'

It was the question floating on his mind for a good couple of minutes before he heard his phone rang. It was his older brother who was in K Country preparing the expansion of their company.

According to their father, it's already time to have a permanent office in K Country's capital and one of them would be assigned there as the head chief.

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