Dear Young Master Spare Me Please? Chapter 90

"Leaving Q City wasn't all because of escaping Han Family. I also wanted to find my mother. She left me a month after we left the Han Family main house." She started. She mentioned what she remembered on that particular night when her mother left her and promised to be back.

"Xiao Xiao got some information that she's here in K Country though the information was a stolen one from her brother, I think."

"I visited her secretly but...the woman I saw wasn't her. I also joined Emerald to search information about her. The time when you saw me alone in that office, I was looking for some details."

Liu Zijian remembered that time. It was the first time he saw her sneakily doing something alone in the C&E office. She looked so engrossed in what she was doing that didn't even notice him when he came in.

Initially he wanted to threaten her but changed his mind when he saw her. She probably could not stand his interrogation thus he opt to choose to do the same thing she did to him.

Since Han Meixiu was leaning on his shoulder, she didn't see the subtle smile visibly plastered on his face.

That was their first contact that he was fully aware.

She continued to tell him what she did together with Li Xiaozhi and the missing crime map in her apartment. She also mentioned the moment she met her father but when she did so, she looked at Liu Zijian who was listening casually as if he already knew.

"You knew it was my father?" She wanted to confirm.

"Mmm." He answered and looked at her.

She pouted a little thinking she's been fooling herself the entire time.

"So you basically know."

"I was waiting for you to tell me." He felt that she became somewhat down after she found out that he knew. But why?

"He's missing now."

"Wasn't he hiding?" Liu Zijian didn't actually further investigate her father after she said not to ask anymore about it. Besides the man was clearly didn't want to be found.

Han Meixiu shook her head before she answered.

"Mingxia visited me to ask me something. It's related to my parents. The woman I visited in a hospital before died. She wrote something that my father recognized and then after that, he disappeared."

"Why did you think she was your mother in the first place?"

"They look exactly the same. Considering the age, I think she's younger. Her name is Wang Jinyi. She was the one who worked in Emerald whom I thought was my mother using a different name."

"Wang Jinyi?" Liu Zijian pondered about the information his wife got. Although he knew about Wang Jinyi but the fact that her father was hiding this woman was something he's not aware of.

"Yeah. She drew an image using her own blood. It was as if the last message for my father."

"How did you know it's her own?"

"Mingxia told me..." Realizing Liu Zijian's question she started to doubt. Unless both Han Mingxia and her father tested the blood, they couldn't be 100% sure it was Wang Jinyi's.

What if the two were deliberately mislead? Would it mean her father was really in grave danger? Her cousin was also chasing the answers using the image that was drawn on the wall. Would it mean she might encounter a mishap, too?

Feeling the slight tremor in his wife's body, Liu Zijian knew she's scared and worried at the same time.

"Zijian... What should we do?"

He liked what he heard.


Before he address this concern he wanted her to be fully aware about the danger that's lurking around.

"Let's talk about your concern first before you worry about your father and cousin."


"Hmm.." He simply answered.

"But I'm already safe here, right?"

"Of course. It's just that your apartment was being monitored so if you have plan of visiting it, I suggest to forget about it now."

She had to admit that she indeed has plan to do so. But now, she seemed to think otherwise.

Liu Zijian didn't really want to scare her off but she should be fully aware of her situation. Thus despite her reaction, he continued.

"I don't think there was only one group or person went inside your apartment."

The moment his wife told him that her documents were stolen and was returned back by Li Xiaozhi, he already had an idea what happened. But he needed hard evidence before he could fully conclude that's why he made a short call to Ye Ming.

"What do you mean?" Han Meixiu eyes widened and sat up abruptly. She suddenly felt dreaded as the sense of fear traveled around her body.

"The first one might be related to your best friend. I assumed they removed all the traces of what you're doing. Although the action resembled stealing, you should be thankful to them. They acted swiftly and prevented unnecessary trouble." He calmly explained as he guided her to lean on his shoulder again.

"Meaning the second one..."

"The second group or person might bring you harm."

"Do you think Xiao Xiao knows?"

"Probably not at first. You can ask her once you meet her again."

It was thank to the first group that there was no trace of 'investigation' in her rented place. If it was the second group who came in first and saw what they did, she might not be able to live peacefully anymore.

She shivered by just thinking about it.

"As for you father and cousin.."

"I have to tell you something more about them." Han Meixiu wasn't able to finish her 'report' to Liu Zijian about her father and cousin's involvement.


"The image. I knew it when Mingxia describe it to me. I saw it before when I helped Xiao Xiao look for an interesting case."

Before Han Meixiu could continue, they heard Aunt Jing's voice and a knock followed.

"I'll get it." She said and immediately stood up to open the door.

After receiving the tray containing the light snack and ta set of tea that Aunt Jing prepared, Han Meixiu pulled a chair near the bed. She sat on it and looked at her husband.

Feeling baffled by her actions, Liu Zijian also sat down properly and faced her. He was patiently waiting for her to continue.

Based from her reaction, it seemed that she's going to tell him something that's really important.

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