Dear Young Master Spare Me Please? Chapter 91

She didn't know how she should continue. After deliberating for a short period of time, she opened the drawer of the end table near their bed. As expected a paper and a pencil were there.

She took out both and started to draw.

Liu Zijian, although puzzled why his wife was drawing something didn't say a single word.

It didn't take too long for Han Meixiu to finish what she was drawing. The moment she showed it Liu ZIjian, he surprised.

He knew that image so well.

"Black.com?" He asked as he reached the paper and like an automated machine, he tore it into several pieces. He stood up and went out to burn it.

Han Meixiu felt shocked by how her husband acted but she didn't move a muscle until he came back inside the room. She knew Liu Zijian wouldn't act that way for no apparent reason thus she waited.

"Never draw it again. If ever you see it somewhere, never recognize it." He said and sat back on the bed. But this time, he pulled her to his embrace. His act earlier might have startled her so he needed to calm her down first before continuing their conversation.

She obediently let herself enjoy his warmth. She was actually deliberating if she would still continue. But in reality, she wanted them to proceed talking. She already decided to let Liu Zijian know everything she's been keeping.

Liu Zijian thought he needed to explain further his action.

"There are two opposing forces looking for people who are aware of that image. One is the military force and the other one was their members. Whichever sides see you have knowledge about black.com, you will be in a not good situation." He explained using as simple words as possible. It would less scary that way.

But Han Meixiu would not just settle on those words. Her curiosity was something not to be underestimated.

"Military? Why not the police force?"

"Do you know the difference of the two?"

Han Meixiu looked at her husband with disbelief.

"Of course I know."

Liu ZIjian felt his question was perceived wrong based from how Han Meixiu suddenly acted. He only wanted to know if she has an idea how severe the difference of the two when it comes to handling issues as well as punishment.

He never imagined that time would come that he would explain himself to pacify someone.

Looking at the woman who was still embracing him but was pouting and her eyebrows were crinkled together clearly showing she wasn't pleased with what she heard, he sighed inwardly.

"Maybe my question was stated wrong. I didn't mean anything aside from wanting how much do you know about the two forces." He said calmly as if he's coaxing a little child.

Han Meixiu snuggled further in his embrace as if telling him she understood.

Liu Zijian remembered his brother's words.

'Women, they might talk a lot but don't be deceived by their words. Pay attention to the little movements they make. Those movements say a lot more about what they really feel.'

His brother simply believed that men who didn't understand women were not really paying attention to them.

But unlike what his brother mentioned that a woman might say something though she means otherwise, his wife seemed not be that kind.

"I know that they have different scope and responsibilities. But the case about black.com isn't it domestic and it's within police force's jurisdiction?"

"It's not."

"Ohh!" She exclaimed. She thought it was not just a local criminal activity.

"Tell me, how you encountered that image."

"I saw it first when I helped Xiao Xiao in her assignment. She was looking for an interesting case to present in her class."

"Where did you see it?"

"In her Brother's Shan file."

"In short it's classified information, right?"

"Uh-huh. But I didn't see the content. I merely helped her acquire it" She started to defend herself.

"Reading or not, you helped 'get' that forbidden piece of information. Both of you know the gravity of that 'crime', am I correct?"

"Yes. But we didn't get caught."

"Even though. That was a dangerous act. Then when was the second time you encountered it?"

"When Han Mingxia visited me. She wanted to ask me if I've seen that image in Han Family's main house. But I didn't."

"Where did she saw it?"

"In the room where Wang Jinyi was killed. My father recognized it and after that he disappeared."

Liu Zijian was intently listening as he nodded his head slightly.

"Did you see it again after your cousin visited?"

"Yes. In the hospital."

"Hospital?" His wife was more observant than he originally thought.

"To be specific, it's in Dr. Tang's table. There's a paper weight shaped like a peony and in the middle of it was an engraved image of black.com."

Han Meixiu deduced that her husband probably didn't see it. Based from the location where he was seated inside the clinic, it would be impossible to see as the item was almost behind the pencil stand.

Liu Zijian on the other hand was surprised. He did an investigation about the doctor and didn't find any suspicious details on it.

"She owned it?" He asked. If the report didn't mention anything related to black.com then probably the item wasn't hers.

"No. It was given to her."

"I See." He was right. But the question would be who gave it to her and for what purpose. Normally, black.com would not just randomly show their image without a reason. It's either she was 'invited' to be part of it or the person 'betrayed' the organization and gave the doctor a subtle clue.

If the doctor declined their invitation, she might be dead already but since she's still alive it's either she accepted it or the second case happened. If it's the second case, then the person who gave it to her was most likely been already dead.

"Another thing, I personally think there's probably a connection between black.com and a man power agency."

"Why?" Liu Zijian asked. It's not just a probability. He would bet there's really a connection. But as how his wife arrived in that conclusion, he wanted to know.

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