Death System Chapter 1

2 Chapter 1

'...agent?... What agent?'

Still giving Zuyuan a smile, the man swirled the handle of his umbrella and said, "Well, well, let's say I'm the [agent] of death."

'You can you hear me?'

"Oh yes, I definitely do." tilting his head to the side a little, he continued, "Let's say not only I can hear you, but I'm here for you too."

The moment the man spoke those words, somehow, the little hope in Zuyuan diminished, 'I see so he has come here to guide me to the forgetful river'

Smiling, the man said, "Now now, who said I have to take you to the forgetful river and will reincarnate you? Why make you so sure that instead of the realm of hell and heavens, it's reincarnations that are waiting for you?"

Stunned by what he said, Zuyuan can only respond by just staying quiet, 'No matter where it is, it doesn't matter to me I have already died, and it won't change the fact that I won't be alive again..'

"I won't be so sure if I were you." Suddenly, the man spoke, with his smile ever so widen, "You See, the [agent] has been tasked to search for [missionary], and bring them into the new heights that they have never expected before."

'What do.. You mean?'

"Oho, running out of time, aren't we?" The man lowered his umbrella, to let Zuyuan see his face clearly while letting himself get wet from the raindrops. After the shade of the umbrella lifted, Zuyuan saw an old man's face, full of wrinkles with a tinge of youthfulness at the same time in his eyes, "Now, let's make this conversation quick before your consciousness will leave your body and go into oblivion. You, do you want to live?"

'Is there anyone who doesn't?'

Shrugging his shoulders, he said, "I have seen a lot of suicidal one's , some who accept their death and not want to be bothered with the world anymore too. And you, are you want to live or will you just disappear from everything you have known?"

'i I do not know.. Maybe actually, it's better for me to-'

"Well, well." Out of nowhere, the old man's eyes began to glow with a red color of blood, as he stared at me and his voice changed into full of temptations and warmth, "Don't you think, it will be a pity? You will lose everything, every memory of your master, and everything you held dear."

'But I actually.. Did not like-'

"I know, I know, but think for a moment here. 'Do not give up' isn't that what your master has always been teaching you?"


"Yes.. Yes! Your master!" the old man's voice suddenly rising in excitement as he said, "He will be disappointed if you were to give it up. Don't you do all this, against everything, against the world itself, just so you can upheld his teaching? So, can you bear the thought of disappointing him, at the very last step?"

'...do you...think...he will be...proud?'

With a smile full of confidence, he said "definitely so."

'..i...do...not want..to die.. I...want to live'

Nodding in understanding, the old man let go of his umbrella, and snapped his finger, "And shall it be."

A sucking force coming out of thin air and sucking so fast before Zuyuan can't react to it, and the last thing Zuyuan ever heard is the old man's voice that said, "Remember to finish the trial in a good grade and survive."

And then darkness

Zuyuan can't see anything.. Hear anything.. Feel anything.. He just.. Floating in a very dark place, with only darkness and darkness surrounding him.

"You... "

A woman's voice can be heard, as a scene of the past forming right in front of Zuyuan. A young man and middle aged woman are standing in front of each other in a room. The middle aged woman threw her wine glass to the young man's head, making his head bleed from the impact as she howled at him, with an expression full of rage, "You useless piece of sh*t! I shouldn't have let you be born!"

Another scene, and this time, that young man is standing with a blonde girl. Both of them staring at the moonlight, with the girl embracing him from behind. The young man can feel the softness of her chest in his back, with her body heat that warms his very soul. The girl's hug became tighter in his waist as she asked, "What would you do.. If you lose everything?"

In a single beat, the man said with a voice full of conviction, "Then I will die."

The girl raises her head, as her lips now inches away from his left ear. She whispered to him as her breath brushed on his ear, "Then what would happen if you lose me?"

"I would die as well." the young man said, with a grim face on him.

Without the young man can see, the girl smiled. Then, her lips start to move to kiss the tip of his ear, as she said, "Then.. I will never leave you."


And then the kiss turned into a gentle bite, as she continued, enjoying the fidgeting gestures the young man has, as well as his face blushing so badly, "I will always guard your back."


The girl start to insert her tongue into his ear, while noticing that the young man's breath start to become heavy, "I will never let you go~"


Screaming loudly, Zuyuan found himself raising his body and opening his eyes, with both of his fists clenched tightly. Realizing that he is not in the abyss anymore, he looked around and saw himself sitting in an unknown metal bed, and a room that's so foreign to him, even the design is very different from what he has ever seen. Some texts is inside of a transparent, bluish square is floating right in front of him, it said

[Welcome to the trial, Missionary]

[You have been selected by one of our [agent] to become our ambassador, the bringer of death and destruction]

[We will assess you with how you will fare against the missions and challenges in this world, and how you overcome any hostile beings that hated us]

[And the most important thing]

[You have to survive]

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