Death System Chapter 10

11 Chapter 10

"Now, let's get started, shall we?"

Waving his hands, there's a multiple beeping sound that rang together at the same time.

[Main mission: cleared!]

[World's Mission: Revrolt.]

[Cleared in four days earlier than the time limit.]

"Oh? Looks like some of you has achieved quite good results." said the Administrator as he crossed his arms and put his right arm's index finger at his chin.

Smiling beamingly at Zuyuan and the Elf girl, the Administrator continued, "Let's see... Huh? One hidden mission cleared and one that has acquired a unique title?"

The administrator's smile became wider as he looked towards Zuyuan and the Elf girl, "Congratulations is in demand for both of you, heroes. You both deserve an appropriate grade."

'His praise is honest, but there's a tinge of sarcasm when he said the word heroes'

Eyes squinted at the administrator's words, Zuyuan decided to ignore it as he saw the administrator snapped his fingers and another row of texts appeared in his sight.

[Mission Grade of Revrolt: A.]

[Reward: Sword of Estgard, 10000 Death points, 200 prestige, two scrolls of advancement traits.]

[You have been succeeded in the trial and have acquired the permission of Rank 1 Missionary!]

[You have leveled up your rank!]

[You are now ranked 2 Missionary!]

"Some of you have leveled up already huh."

Said the administrator with a playful tone in his voice as he clapped his hands, and all the weapons in everyone's hand began to disappear into thin air, including Zuyuan's steel sword. The Elf woman even lost her bracelet.

"Oi, Oi, what's the meaning of this! I have risked my life to get those two axes!" shouted the bald man as his face warped in anger.

Chuckled at the bald man respond, the administrator replied with a calm face, "Don't you know? Everything that you had brought from the trial's world would be taken by the system. Unless it came from the system reward, it would never be yours. Of course, it will be different in the next world now as you are a full fledged Missionary, and will have the permission to exchange those stuffs with the death points."

Clapped his hands once more, the administrator said, "Now enough of this. I'm not your nanny, so go learn it yourself when you are in the sanctuary. My job here is done. So, bye bye for now, newbies."

A bright light covered Zuyuan's body and the others. Soon, the light started to shine more brightly as Zuyuan felt his body become lighter and transparent.

"We will meet again next time, Zuyuan."

The Administrator's voice sounded inside Zuyuan's head as the last sight Zuyuan saw, was the Administrator that was gazing at him playfully. Then, in the next second, the bright light filled Zuyuan's view.

Then, the light started to fade from Zuyuan's sight in a few seconds. What he saw after that was a busy market, as he found himself in the middle of a public square.

[You have arrived in [Sanctuary]!]

[Welcome to the [Sanctuary], Missionary!]

[You have a Soul link inside you. Assimilating the chosen Soul link to the [Sanctuary]: 08;23;57 ]

'So it's 8 hours more to meet again with XB11?' mused Zuyuan as he watched his surroundings in curiosity.

"The sanctuary" murmured the Elf girl that somehow appeared right beside Zuyuan.

"Hey hey, beautiful lady."

A little girl that looks like ten years old, nudged the Elf girl in her right leg. The little girl smiled at the Elf and said, "Do you need information or seeking a place to rest? I can help you! Only for 5 death points!"

"Oh my." The Elf seemed surprised, but then gave a warm smile to the little girl and said, "Sure, little one. Lead the way."

"Me too." without thinking twice, Zuyuan replied, "How to transfer you the points? I wanted an inn for a rest."

Raising her right hand, the little girl said as she showed us a black watch band, "You would have this DSM to trade death points, mister!"

"DSM?" puzzled, Zuyuan moved his gaze downward and saw a similar black wristband in his right wrist, "How to use this?"

"Put your DSM right atop of mine, mister, and said trade."

Following what the little girl said, Zuyuan quietly said, "Trade."

[Trade function activated!]

[What do you wanna trade with Amura?]

"5 death points for information?"


Gazing at the little girl, Amura, she nodded and said, "I accepted."

[The trade is successful! Your Death points have been deduced!]

"Thank you, mister! Now please wait for a moment, I will trade with the beautiful lady over here!" said Amura beamingly.

Nodded, Zuyuan waited for Amura to finish her deal.

"Let's go, mister!" called Amura as she held the Elf and dragged her into the street.


"Have you finished?"

In the white room that Zuyuan had left, a ripple suddenly appeared as a man emerged. He possessed royal blue hair as well as aqua colored eyes. The stranger wore a cotton suit, of the same color as his hair.

Glanced at the newcomer, the Administrator replied with a smile and said, "Yes, I have."

Fixing his bow tie, the Administrator quietly asked, "Why are you here, Zorath?"

The man, Zorath, frowned his eyebrows as he said, "To pick you up for the [Council].... That's a rare thing, to see you smile truthfully, Astar. You won't smile sincerely no matter what, unless you are reading your books."

"Is that so?" asked Astar as he raised his eyebrows in surprise, "How do you know if my smile was sincere or not?"

"A dumb question." replied Zorath curtly. Crossed his arms, Zorath asked, "So, what made you in a good mood all of a sudden?"

Playfully tidied his white gloves, Astral mumbled with mysterious tone.

"Because I have met him, the Main Character."

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