Death System Chapter 12

13 Chapter 12

"Souls... " murmured Zuyuan as he started to recall what was happening in his last moments.

\u003cDo not give it up, that's what your master said, isn't it?\u003e

An old man's voice whispered at him as he slowly became entranced.

\u003cYou don't want to disappoint your master right?\u003e

Soon, Zuyuan felt the chill on his back when he remembered those voices.

'Something feels wrong'

That man, the Agent, has done something to him that time. Clenched both of his fists, Zuyuan's face began to scowl as he realized what's going on.

'That f*cker I have been duped!'

Gritting his teeth, Zuyuan's blood lust was about to arise, until XB11's voice could be heard again, "Even though at our last effort, we've been able to create the weapon to win the war, unfortunately, that weapon was too strong to be used."

Glanced at XB11, Zuyuan replied, "The micro black hole bomb?"

Nodded, XB11 said, "Indeed, that one, Master. Its power is strong enough to even destroy our own planet. But the moment our race had been driven to the corner, and my brethren had been slaughtered to the last person, we had decided to let the world be destroyed rather than give it to them."

"Then why didn't you guys activate it at the end?" asked Zuyuan as he raised his eyebrows.

"We didn't have the chance to." shaking, XB11 said, "There are a lot more dangerous monsters in the Rograst race. The most powerful would be the Destroyer. It's a being that has a height of more than fifty meters, and it's destroying prowess were not to be underestimated."

"Oh?" surprised, Zuyuan put his finger on his chin and said, "Then, What is the Death System, exactly?"

This time, it's XB11 turn to be surprised as it asked in exclamation, "Shouldn't master already met with the guide? Usually, the new missionaries always asked for the information of what happened to them."

"You mean those kids on the public square?" asked Zuyuan as he slightly tilted his head to the side.

"Yes, master." nodded, XB11 continued, "Those are the homunculus guide the system created, didn't you ask them how the system works?"

Shaking his head, Zuyuan said awkwardly, "I was too tired yesterday, so I only asked the most important things."

"Such as..?" inquired XB11.

"How much time did I have to rest, or you can say, prepare for the next world." replied Zuyuan as he recalled yesterday's scene.


"It's impossible, mister."

Said Amura while she glanced at Zuyuan weirdly, "You have already died, sir. So it's impossible to come back to your world again."

Realization dawned on him, "Then what will I do for now?"

"Training and preparing." This time, it was the Elf girl who chimed in, "For the System will always give its missionaries a mission, and that mission will bring you to another world."

Turned his gaze to the Elf, Zuyuan asked in curiosity, "How do you know all that?"

Sighing, the Elf replied, "Because my world has always been visited by the mercenaries, and whenever they appear, things have always become worse."

"Is that so" mused Zuyuan as he frowned.

"You have to become strong as soon as possible, mister." smiled Amura as she said cheerfully, "Not everything is as bad as it seems. We have some places for you to increase your power dramatically! As long as you are rich enough, this place can offer you everything!"

"So, you guys still use money here? Huh" asked Zuyuan with a sarcastic smile.

"Nuh uh." shaking her head, Amura replied, "If the money you meant is those things you used in your world, then you're definitely wrong."

Smiling again, Amura said, "Everything was decided by Death points."


"So, master had learned that information already." Nodding, XB11 replied, "Yes, master. There is always a time for the system to assign missions for its missionaries."

"A week." answered Zuyuan as he leaned his head on his hand, "And what kind of world will it be, only told at the last one hour."

"Yes, Master."

"You seem to know a lot about the system as well, Don't you?" asked Zuyuan suspiciously as he stared at XB11's eyes.

"Indeed, master." admitting it immediately, XB11 explained, "For I have met some Missionaries that travel between the stars and stop in our world to resupply."

"hm? I thought the missionaries's mission scope was only on one planet?"

"I heard higher rank would have a different mission, master." said XB11 calmly.

"I wonder" mused Zuyuan as he contemplated silently.

'Will this the rest of my life gonna be? Missions with no end?'

Moving his eyesight above, Zuyuan thought deeply into his future.

'Why is it always bloodshed no matter where I go? I have no revenge now that I have died. I can't chase anyone or anything that should be responsible for the master's death. Then why should I keep fighting? Just for the sake of surviving? Did I really want to live that badly?'

Unintentionally sighed without him knowing it, Zuyuan asked to himself.

'What the point of living anyway? Why does it matter or not if I live or die? No one would care.'

When his train of thought reached into that conclusion, his mood became down and he started to get a little depressed.

"I just want to run away"

Mumbling softly, Zuyuan unconsciously said aloud what's on his mind. Before he could continue his existential crisis, a voice replied to him.

"Although this one didn't know what happened, but this one would suggest that maybe, there's time that we can't run away, even if he wanted to. The responsibility is always there, eating our guilt slowly."

XB11 stared at Zuyuan quietly and he bowed slightly to Zuyuan when Zuyuan was surprised by his sudden answer.


Chuckled, Zuyuan laughed a little as he smiled at XB11, "Don't worry, no matter what happens, I won't run."

"For I am a strong man."

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