Death System Chapter 13

14 Chapter 13

"Oh, good morning, Missionary."

A woman wore a red dress was standing on the counter as her eyes glowed with red hue. The woman slightly bowed to the young man, who was wearing black clothes and had arrived from the teleportation device this place had.

"Thank you, Maya." nodding at the address, the young man walked to the counter and asked, "I heard there's a place to enhance my attributes?"

"Yes, Missionary. The place would be on the last section of this street. Please go to the right direction of the entrance, and walk ahead."

Nodding to show that he understood, Zuyuan proceeded to the entrance while glanced around the place. The place has a good atmosphere, with rows of tables and chairs on the side to let the missionaries, who wearied from the battles, relax and have their food.

This inn was what you can see from a modern hotel in design, but it was run by the vampires as the receptionist and skeletons as the janitors.

'A place only the dead can enter'

Except for missionaries, which were gathered from all races in the galaxy that had died, The Death System was a small, alternated space that tread in the boundaries of dimension.

Only the race that's in the category of undead, would be able to be promoted as the staff in the system. The namely staff would be the people that take care of the Sanctuary, while the agents and missionaries go for missions.


A very familiar title reminded Zuyuan of the past. Frowning, Zuyuan tried to not get his mood fouled and quickly departed to his destination.

'A place to make myself touch the height that I never imagined, huh?'

Recalling the words of what the old man had said, Zuyuan thought deeply on his way.

'But what is strength when you have nothing to protect?'

That same question replayed over and over in his head as Zuyuan sighed in tiredness.

'Again, the same cycle.'

Considering that his train of thought would go back into something unpleasant, Zuyuan immediately increased his pace as a kind of distraction for him.

Moving his sight around, He saw bustling streets with stall vendors all over the street. There Are many kinds of shops and buildings, but one thing that they have in common, it's a place of business for the missionaries to spend their points. Weapons, armors, and many kinds of colorful liquids in bottles were displayed on the stall.

"Master, I would suggest buying some armor."

Following him from behind since his exit from the inn, XB11 continued, "It would be better to have more defense, master. Of course we could do that when you have free time."

Nodding, Zuyuan said, "We would."

After ten minutes of treading the street, Zuyuan saw a towering building, with the symbol of a cross placed right under a scythe as its banner. Going inside, Zuyuan noticed that a lot of people were lining up in some bulletin boards, and the few counters were always filled with beings from all races.

"It's in here?" mused Zuyuan for no one in particular.

Realizing that one of the counters was available for him, he proceeded to the counter and met with a girl that had her eyes glow in crimson, and had ginger hair.

'Another vampire.' thought Zuyuan as he saw her eyes.

"Welcome to the [Rebirth], Missionary. What service do you need?"

Rebirth, a place that would let missionaries exchange their death points to increase their status, such as strength, vitality, and more. But that's far from the only service it has.

"I want to strengthen my status."

Nodding slightly, the girl said, "Purification circle it is, that would be 100 death points for activation, Missionary."

Sighing, Zuyuan thought that everything does need death points in here, even for food and longin, "Should I just reach out my DSM?"

Smiling politely, the girl answered in a cheerful voice, "Yes missionary."

Showing the girl his DSM, the girl put hers atop of his and there's a small notification in mind.

"Your points have been deduced, please walk towards one of the doors in there, Missionary." said the girl as she pointed her index finger to rows of doors on the very right corner of the room.

Following the girl's instruction, Zuyuan chose one of the doors with some kind of rune inscribed in it. The door was crimson in color and had a wide length of 2 meters.

Opening the door, there's only darkness in sight. But then, Zuyuan felt a sucking power from the darkness, and in a split second, he had transferred into an unknown space with stars all around him, as if he's floating in space.

[Welcome to the Purification circle, Missionary.]

[Which part of your attributes that you wish to empower?]

[Name : Tan Zuyuan

Race : Human

Profession : None

Title : The Apostle

Health : 200

Spirits : 160

Ability scores :

-Vitality : 20

-Strength : 24

-Dexterity : 17

-Intelligent : 16

-Agility : 18

-Charm : 16

Traits :


-Script of the Qigong

-Path of the banshee

-Undying Will.]

[Each one point attribute would cost 500 death points.]

"This is'' look of bewilderment plastered across Zuyuan's face as he looked around, "XB11 was not here?"

Found out that it's only him in this space, Zuyuan sighed and started to focus on his status, "Let's see... "

[Death points: 9885]

'Strength and vitality huh how strong would I be if I focus on strength?' putting his index finger in his chin, Zuyuan contemplated as he stared towards his Death points.

'Is there no better explanation from the system?' thought Zuyuan while he said, "System, explain what or how the strength attribute works."

[Strength: Related to the user physical power.]

'This... ' clicking his tongue, Zuyuan tried another attribute, "How about the intelligent?"

[Intelligent: related to user memories and spirits.]

'Spirits' frowning, Zuyuan said, "What is spirit?"

[Spirits: related to how much energy the user can draw from the user's body."

Sighing, Zuyuan rubbed his hair and said, "So it's just like status in games after all? Huh. Well, if this is all the information I had, there's only one way to find out."

Gazing at his death points, Zuyuan said, "Add 1 point to the strength attribute."

[Death points deduced! You have raised your strength!]

Raising both of his hands, he clenched them as he felt a slight amount of power flow into him. Then, he felt itch, as the power began to reconstruct his muscles and made them become more sturdy.

Cold sweats fall from his forehead after the power strengthens him, although the rise of power is small, but with points that he still has, Zuyuan sure he could rise to new heights.

Smiling, Zuyuan felt excitement envelop him as he mumbled,

"Well, let's get it started."

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