Death System Chapter 14

15 Chapter 14

[Name : Tan Zuyuan

Race : Human

Profession : None

Title : The Apostle

Health : 200

Spirits : 160

Ability scores :

-Vitality : 20

-Strength : 25

-Dexterity : 17

-Intelligent : 16

-Agility : 18

-Charm : 16

Traits :


-Script of the Qigong

-Path of the banshee

-Undying Will.]

"Raise 5 more points in strength attribute."

[Death points deduced! You have raised your strength!]

[Death points: 6885]

"Add 5 more points in the intelligent attribute."

[Death points deduced! You have raised your intelligent!]

[Death points: 3385]

Frowning at the cost, Zuyuan hesitated for a while, until he said, "....Add 1 point in agility and 1 point in dexterity."

[Death points deduced! You have raised your agility and dexterity!]

[Death points: 2385.]

Sighing, Zuyuan stared at his updated status screen and went into deep thought.

[Name : Tan Zuyuan

Race : Human

Profession : None

Title : The Apostle

Health : 200

Spirits : 160

Ability scores :

-Vitality : 20

-Strength : 30

-Dexterity : 18

-Intelligent : 21

-Agility : 19

-Charm : 16

Traits :


-Script of the Qigong

-Path of the banshee

-Undying Will.]

'Should I use the remaining points for vitality?' contemplating for a second, shortly after, the change in his body started. Gritting his teeth in endurance, Zuyuan's brows snapped together as he shook his head.

'Should I use the remaining points for vitality?' he contemplated. Shortly after, the change in his body started. Gritting his teeth and bracing himself, Zuzana's eyebrows furrowed as he shook his head.

'No... It's impossible as living here would require death points.' he sighed at the realization. Zuyuan was about to look for a way out when he felt something invade his heart.


That indomitable force began to flow through his heart and down to his dantian, a core that every martial artist like him used to store their Qi.

The energy began to envelop his dantian and sink into it. Instinctively wanting to reject the foreign energy, a warning appeared in Zuyuan's mind.

[Warning: Death System is attempting to strengthen the host. Please do not refuse or there will be dire consequences.]

Clenching his jaw, Zuyuan felt it was absurd to not resist anything foreign that tried to touch his most vulnerable spot. Still, he tried to relax, not willing to risk angering the system, not when it was the powerful system that made him back to life.

Carefully observing the energy, the energy began to sink into his Dantian and toughen it. Then, the energy tried to reconstruct and enlarge the space inside the core, granting Zuyuan another volume to store more Qigong.

Releasing a breath of relief, Zuyuan felt at ease after he saw that nothing's wrong happened. The most thing he concerned at the moment, would be undesirable damage to his dantian. After all, it was his foundation to survive and fight another battles.

As he was back again to move his gaze around and seek any entrance, another notification rang in his head.

[Hint: To leave the Purification circle, the Missionary just has to think of wanting to be discharged.]

[Would you like to exit the Purification circle? To enter once more, you have to spend another death point.]

"I want to leave." said it out loud, his body soon began to shine and illuminated the place. Bright light wrapped his vision as his body began to feel lighter.

Before he knew it, Zuyuan had found himself already stood in a broad magic circle, right on the left side of the [Rebirth] counter. Looking around, he saw the clerk from before. The woman's eyes glanced at Zuyuan and nodded slightly. In front of her, there's a lizard man, stand and in contemplation.

"Oh, you're already back, Master."

Shifting his gaze towards the sound, there he saw XB11, who had stood behind him, as if it had been waiting for him all this time.

"Yes I have." replied Zuyuan as he stepped out of the massive magic circle. Looking at the area of the magic circle once more, white lights flickered out of thin air. After the light began to shine brighter, humanoid beings emerged. Some have a bored expression on their face, and some others have stunned and bewilderment expressions, but the majority had a calm expression, as if nothing happened.

Sighing, Zuyuan walked to the counter once more to where the ginger haired girl was. After she was done with the lizardman, Zuyuan proceeded in front of her and said, "Do you offer a place for training?"

"Yes, Missionary. We called it [Temple of Trials.] For activation, it would take 150 death points each hour." replied the woman as she smiled to Zuyuan.

'it's become more expensive' frowning, Zuyuan sighed and reached out his DSM, while said, "Sure, but before that, would I be transferred to a weird place again?"

"Oh?" continued the payment procedure, the woman said with a chuckle, "Would this be your first time in here? Missionary. Although this weird place was surprising for the beginner, they are really useful as you would have privacy and didn't have to worry about breaking anything."

"Is that so?" Raising his eyebrows, Zuyuan crossed his arms and said, "So, what kind of door should I go to this time?"

Shaking her head, the reception woman replied, "there will be no door, this time, Missionary." Moving her hand in front Zuyuan, she continued, "Enjoy your training, Missionary." with that she snapped her fingers.

In a heartbeat, Zuyuan's body decompressed into an atomic level before his brain could react. His retinas widened and when his brain could perceive what's happened, he was already standing in the middle of dessert.


Another wondrous transportation that he had witnessed. With this much power, Zuyuan wondered how strong the owner of the system would be. That if the system had an owner in the first place.

[Welcome to the Temple of Trials, Missionary.]

[In this place, we would create images of all the opponents you have faced so far since you had become a Missionary. It would be based on your memories of them. The more you know them, the more real the image would be.]

[What kind of enemies would you like to face? Missionary.]


-Fifty lowly Rograst.

-Tundra Rograst.

-The Rograst's sentry.]

"I choose fifty Rograst." replied Zuyuan on knitted eyebrows. He had to suffer a lot of injuries from this battle. And now, he wanted to know how far he could go with his new-found strength.

[Please select a weapon:


-Short sword and buckler

-Great sword

-Battle axe



-Two handguns

-Assault rifle

-Machine gun

-Sniper rifle

-Mace and shield

-Two gauntlets

-Rows of throwing knives

-Two knives

-Magical wand





-Other (any kind of weapons can be requested) ]

Looking at the long list in front of him, Zuyuan immediately replied without even take glance at the other weapons, "I choose a longsword."

[Selected. The battle would begin in five seconds.]

[Hint: Any damage that the user got from the Temple of Trials would be healed the moment the user had left the Temple.]

A ray of golden lights gathered in Zuyuan's right hand as they began to mold into the shape of a sword. In a second, the light unfolds and an exquisite sword landed in his hand.

Smiling, Zuyuan grabbed the sword's hilt tightly as portals of blue lights appeared around him. Each of the portal revealed the Rograst that he had fought before, but in enormous numbers. Shortly after, he heard the notification inside this mind once more.

[The Trial begins!]

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