Death System Chapter 15

16 Chapter 15


Moving like a shadow, Zuyuan swiped past another five of Rograst as his sword flowed swiftly. Each assault was a quick jab towards the Rograst heads, as he attempted to avoid every claw that was swung towards him.

Deflecting every attack that couldn't be dodged, every collision of the claws with the back of his blade rang loudly, as if it was the melody of some destruction tune.

Another party to the right side, he flourished his sword right towards two Rograst's neck in one motion, beheading two enemies at the same time. Another three Rograst about to slip into his blind side, and wanted to rip apart his back. In a heartbeat, Zuyuan movements became a blur, before the unexpected Rograst could react, Zuyuan had already kneeled so low, while spun around behind and cut the Three Rograst feet horizontally.


Shriek of pains sounded, but gave it no mind, his right hand already moved in a stab motion. Two swords phantoms materialized on both sides of the sword, while his real sword pierced through the Rograst in the middle right through its skulls, the rest did the same as they all moved in sync.

'Another fifteen more.'

Focusing the flow of Qigong towards his feet, Zuyuan used Ghost Walk again and again as both of his hands devoid of any Qigong. With pure physical strength, Zuyuan shifted to another group of Rograst. Five Rogarst surrounded him, as they moved in tandem with their claws brandished towards Zuyuan in five directions.

A rushed sound sounded as the claws only hit empty air. Appearing midair, he twisted his body as his foot propelled Zuyuan to one of the five Rograst. Ripple emerged in the air from his feet, while his charge granted him a sword that stabbed right inside the Rograst head. Green blood painted his face as Zuyuan still took use of the force to cleave the already dead Rograst into two.

Noticing their companion's death, the rest immediately howled and charged. With four of the Rograst rushed to him at the front, and another additional four behind him, Zuyuan burned a chunk of his Qigong as he activated the ultimate move of Ghost Walk.

Making a low stance with his knees bent a little, as both his hands grabbed the longsword hilt and pointed it to the ground, His figure disappeared in two breaths. Emerged fifty feet away from where he stood, eight heads flew in the air with their headless necks gushing out rain of greenish blood.


The last seven Rograst growled quietly as they approached warily at Zuyuan. Sighed at their antics, Zuyuan walked towards them in a calm demeanor.

"Let's end this."


Howled loudly, the Seven Rograst charged at Zuyuan at the same time. Following their lead, Zuyuan lunged at the nearest Rograst with unnatural speed. Before they could react, he already punctured his target and lopped off its head. Without wasting any seconds, he swiped his sword towards his left side as he made a quick leap.


Tried to counter attack with its own claw, The Rograst swung its claw towards the incoming sword. Flicking his wrist, the sword's trajectory changed and slashed towards the Rograst arm instead. Moving his hand in swift motion, the sword tilted vertically and sliced the Rograst's neck.

Pumping his qigong more into his feet, Zuyuan's movement accelerated and in the blink of an eye, he arrived upon another Rograst in his right side. Hacking the surprised Rograst into two, he moved again to another prey and wasted no time.

Once more utilized the Ghost Walk ultimate move, his figure became a blur, and in the next second, all of the Rograst beheaded without mercy.

"Huff... Huff... "

Heaving breathily, he brushed off the sweats on his forehead as Zuyuan glanced towards the sword in his hand.

'Incredible I don't have to spend any Qigong for Phantom's Sword to sharpen the weapon. My physical strength was able to cleave anything into two'

Clenching both of his fists, Zuyuan sat on the ground as he contemplated, 'Not to mention the increase of qigong in my dantian. I would be able to spend more on Ghost Walk perfection technique in quick succession.'

Sighing, He lifted his head as his gaze stared into the sun high above. Mumbling unknowingly, Zuyuan said, "Maybe if I had this power when I was alive perhaps.."

But there's no ifs in this world, realizing that what he had thought of was just another empty dream of his, Zuyuan shook his head with a smile, as notification rang inside his head.

[Ten minutes left until the user time is up in the Temple of Trials.]

"Oh? It's fifty minutes already?" mused out loud, Zuyuan thought that it might be better to leave, until he remembered something.

"The reward" putting his index finger on his chin, Zuyuan said to no one in particular, as there's only empty air in front of him, "System, if I wasn't wrong, I got a sword isn't it?"

[The Missionary had acquired The Sword of Estgard.]

"Isn't it?" Smirking, Zuyuan continued, "So, what does this sword look like? Why haven't I got it yet?"

[The Missionary rewards had been automatically sent into the personal storage.]

"A personal storage? Why didn't I have anything like that when I was in the Revrolt world?"

[Hint: Personal storage feature only available for level 2 Missionary. This Personal storage feature could only be used in the Sanctuary.]

"huh.." Disappointed at the fact that he couldn't use this game-like option in other worlds, Zuyuan said, "I want to receive my new sword."

[Commencing the command]

Golden orbs emerged from thin air as they swirled right in front of Zuyuan. They flew towards the ground and made a shape of a longsword. Shortly, the golden orbs flashed brightly as a sword appeared from the light.

[Name : Estgard

Rarity : Upgradable

Rank : Magic

Attack power : 56 ~ 70

Special Trait : Catalyst

Catalyst : This trait was able to make the sword fused with any kind of the user's energy. It would be able strengthen the user's energy attack or spells.

Background : It was once stood at the pinnacle of swordsmanship and wielded by a legend. No one knows its master, but it awaits for the time its potential fully unleashed.]

"Oh?" exclaimed in surprise, Zuyuan took the sword's hilt and swung the sword a few times. Nodding satisfyingly, "Yet fully unleashed its potential huh."

A humming sound came out from the sword as Zuyuan's eyes widened. Smiling, Zuyuan continued,

"Nice to meet you too, Estgard. From today onwards, I will be your Master."

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