Death System Chapter 16

17 Chapter 16

"Next would be"

Putting his finger on his chin, Zuyuan said, "System, show me the lucky roulette."

[Commencing the command]

Shortly, a roulette emerged from thin air and floated. The roulette indicated symbols instead of numbers. There were symbols of a sword crossed with a bow, fire, a box, a bottle, a coin and lastly, a question mark.

"Hmm.." Scrutinizing the roulette, Zuyuan sighed and said, "Oh well, might as well try it. System, please roll the roulette."


As he looked at the white ball circling the spinning roulette, Zuyuan nervously tightened his grip on the Etsgard sword.

After observing the ball quietly for a moment, it finally landed on the rare symbol in the roulettethe box symbol. Ringing inside his mind, the notification from the system came shortly after.

[Congratulations! You have received a Silver Package! Do you want to open it now?]

"Silver package?" Tilting his head to the side, Zuyuan said in confusion, "Sure?"

[Opening the user's package... ]

Bright light enveloped the floating roulette as It slowly formed into a ball. The ball split into two and began to morph. What used to be the right side changed, forming a vague shape of armor, and the other into a scroll.

After the glow subsided, a full set of silver plate armor lay before him, along with a crimson scroll that was suspended in midair.

[Congratulations! You have received Armor of Oste and Trait: Equip!]

"Oh?" eyes widened in surprise, Zuyuan was about to reach out his hand to touch the armor. Immediately, before he could react, the crimson scroll flashed brightly and changed into a red light. It flew towards the middle part of Zuyuan's eyebrows.

[Trait: Equip Acquired!]

With another unexpected notification, something flowed into his brain as a foreign knowledge arose in his memory. Instinctively following the instructions of the newly found knowledge, the air around Estgard sword distorted as if something covered it.

Another minute, the Estgard sword disappeared, and in his mind, an image of a sword emerged and stayed. The back of his right wrist felt like being burned, while a small tattoo of a sword created just right on the part where he felt the pain.

"Kuh" Gritting his teeth, the pain was abated in half a minute. Sighing in relief, his eyebrows furrowed as he raised his right hand to carefully look at the new tattoo he had got.

With a thought, the tattoo vanished and on his right hand, the Estgard sword appeared. Another thought again, the sword disappeared and the tattoo emerged on the back of his wrist.

"Huh, this is neat." Smiling as if he was a kid that just received a candy, his gaze fixed towards the silver armor as he continued, "Armor of Oste?"

The armor glowed with green hue around it as it slowly floated down to the ground.

[Name: Oste

Rarity: Fixed

Rank: Magic

Defense: 32~41

Special Trait : Impact Absorption

Impact Absorption: able to absorb 60% of the impact that inflected to the armor.

Background: The knight of Oste had been a legend to his homeland. His name spread far and wide. And with his fame growing, his beloved armor would inherit his title as well, becoming a mark of his name.]

Smiling, Zuyuan's hand touched the armor and the air around the armor distorted. The armor disappeared at the same time as a burning pain assaulted his left chest. This time prepared, Zuyuan only furrowed his eyebrows as one drop of cold sweat flowed from his forehead. After some time, a small tattoo with drawing of an armor appeared in his left chest.

"Now, For the advancement scrolls-"

[Your time has been used up! The user would be ejected immediately!]

"What?" bewildered at the sudden notification, Zuyuan's body warped and in a heartbeat, he was back again in the magic circle right near the reception desk.


Waiting behind him, XB11 saluted at Zuyuan as he was looking around, stunned from the sudden teleportation.

"Are you alright, Master?" Said XB11 in a concerned voice.

"Yes, I'm fine." shaking his head slightly, Zuyuan walked towards the entrance of the building, "Let's go back, there's many things to sort out."


"You are waiting for me all this time, Astar?"

In a hallway of some office building, A man was sitting on one of the benches near the wall as his gaze fixed upon a book in his hand. After his name was called, he moved his gaze towards the source of the sound as his smile beamed, "Of course, Ryuhei."

Another man with fiery hair stood in the hallway. He wore a kimono and a katana was strapped in his waist. His height was around 178cm, with emerald eyes that pierced any souls he saw.

Clicking his tongue, He said in an annoyed voice, "What is this now? Never saw you in a good mood for a long time."

Raising his body, Astar smiled politely to Ryuhei and said, "I wanted to have authority for sector 23."

"Huh!?" Scowled at the sudden proposal, Ryuhei squinted his eyes and said, "What the hell are you talking about? Go do your job. We all have our own sector to manage and don't spout nonsense on me."

Unfazed with the rude tone of Ryuhei, Astar raised his hand and a golden card appeared. Reaching out to give the card and still smiling, Astar continued, "Of course, it won't be free."

"Tsk." Grabbing the card and putting it inside his obi, Ryuhei asked in curiosity, "What made you suddenly interested in that sector anyway? Not like I'm complaining that you gonna do my job, but"

Ryuhei's eyes became cold as killing intent emitted from him, "You know the rule. Even though you do my job, that doesn't mean I'll do your job. So you better manage my place, or when I got my ass on the frying pan because you did something weird, I'll put a fucking burning rod on your ass too."

Chuckled at the barbaric threat, Astar waved his hand and replied, "Ah of course. How could I get you into trouble, Ryuhei. You know my efficiency."

"Well.. I guess that's fine then." sighed in relief, Ryuhei moved his gaze towards the book in Astar's right hand. The book seems worn out, with its brown cover was ragged and some cuts could be seen in it.

Raising his eyebrows, Ryuhei pointed his index finger towards the book and asked, "Hey, What book is that? What kind of book did you read?"

"Oh, this?" smile widened as Astar stared at Ryuhei, he said in cheerful voice,

"A really interesting story."

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