Death System Chapter 17

18 Chapter 17


Three known personas sat at a private room, each minding their own businesses. The room was designed like an ancient royal dining area from the land of the Red Dragon (Chinese). The interior was more than fascinating, there were plants that bring life and balance in the room, on two opposing walls, a golden dragon could be seen, sculpted into place with fine details. The center was nothing much of a difference, except for the placement of the dragon. The dragon is placed in a gong like structure, symbolising the powerful deities and prosperity.

In the middle of the area itself lies a finely made table, covered in silk white cloth and crystal blue detailing sequence at the ends. The chairs were that of elegance, cotton padded sits and sturdy wood sculpting, with details carefully carved in, displaying an art fit for an emperor.

Glancing at the little girl that sat across him, Zuyuan asked, "There are ten sectors in the Sanctuary?"

Shaking her head, the little girl replied, "Nope nope! There are thirty of them."

The little girl brought her hands behind her head and reclined at back to her seat in a relaxed manner, leg loosely on top of the other. "And usually, each sector was always managed by one of the Administrators." opening one of her eyes lazily, Amura continued, "Just like you thought of, Administrators numbered only thirty in the whole Sanctuary, and each of them is hella strong."

Furrowing his eyebrows, Zuyuan took a sip of a wine as he asked, "Would it possible that the Administrator know about the Missionaries before they meet?"

Trembling, Amura quickly dropped her relaxed gesture and gazed at Zuyuan seriously, "The way you said it is as if an Administrator was noticing you?"

Answering the question in silence, Zuyuan stared back at the little girl with a stern expression, "Might be."

"Pfftt-" chuckling, Amura waved her hand as she laughed, "Impossible, there's no way an Administrator will know a newbie like you, mister."

"More importantly" Moving her gaze towards XB11 that was quietly sitting beside Zuyuan, Amura put her right hand on her lips as she said in a cheerful tone, "That's a really good Mercenary you got, mister. From a trial world nonetheless."

Sighing, Zuyuan shook his head and said, "Let's go back again to our chat. Although you had told me the gist of how the System works, there will be more than that right? I spent 500 death points after all."

Snacking on the French fries in her plate, Amura said, "How about a signed up form for the Half of Fame?"

"Hall of Fame?"

"That's right~" opening her hands cheerfully, Amura said with a smile, "The place where every Missionary has a battle against one another. It's just like a colosseum. The one who had reached top rank 30 would get death points each month without doing anything! They just have to keep their rank and the points flow into the DSM by itself."

"It won't be advisable, Master."

Having been quiet all this time, XB11 spoke as it looked towards Zuyuan, "Although it sounds like a good place to train and get more points, we can't rule out the chance that other Missionaries would know Master skills."

Raising his eyebrows in surprise, Zuyuan asked, "Oh? Do we need to guard with the other Missionaries? Does that mean they could attack us?"

"Yes." Confirming Zuyuan's inquiry without delay, XB11 said, "In every world, there are always Missionaries who target the weaker. Not only there's a chance that the death of Missionary dropped the death points card, but also, they could also drop their equipment."

"Oh?" Smiling, Zuyuan said in a sarcastic tone, "It almost sounds like"

"The Death System encourages killing." This time, Amura said as her lips curled down, "Of course it is. it's the rule of the jungle, where the strong survive and become stronger, while the weak become weaker and dead."

Back again to smile, Amura gave a V sign with her finger and she said, "But don't worry, although you have to reveal your skill in the Hall of Fame, they protected your secrecy. That place is anonymous, so you would wear a costume, mask, anything that hides your features when you battle in there."

"It's still too dangerous." Shaking its head, XB11 said, "I think we should just train quietly for some time, While Master last points would be used for healing potions."

Glanced at XB11, Amura said with a smile, "The prize of Rank 10 would be a high tech plasma rifle, you know. I think it would suit your Mercenary in the incoming world."

Its shoulders trembled a little, XB11 still shook its head and stayed firm in its opinion, "Still too dangerous."

"Fine then." Reaching out his right hand, Zuyuan said in a resigned tone, "Give me the form. Let's see what I can do."


Glanced towards XB11, Zuyuan furrowed his eyebrows, "You sound too worrywart for me. Are you doubting my ability?"

Staying silent as Zuyuan scrutinized XB11, XB11 froze in its seat while awkward silence filled the air. Pulling out a paper from her handbag, Amura gave the paper into Zuyuan's right hand and said, "This is the form, and ah! Please sign this one as me would be the person who recommended you to the Hall of Fame."

"You" Seeing her cheerful gesture, Zuyuan squinted his eyes and said, "You definitely benefited from having a new Missionary joined the Hall of Fame in your name, aren't you?"

Awkwardly scratched the back of her hair, Amura stuck out her tongue and said, "Come on, mister! You would get the profit too when you reach high rank!"

"And it would be four more days again for the next world, isn't it? Better to be stronger soon~" Beamed at Zuyuan, Amura gave two V signs on both of her hands at Zuyuan.

Shaking his head, Zuyuan read the form as he chuckled, "Well, it sounds fun. Fine, let's see how strong those Missionaries were."

"After all.. I won't lose."

Moved his gaze towards Amura, Zuyuan asked,

"Oh by the way, do you have a pen?"

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