Death System Chapter 18

19 Chapter 18

"For love and hate."

Sitting at his desk, Astar flipped another page of the old book he always carried.

"It's a story about a boy that was once casted away by his family. Fighting for his beliefs even though that same faith would be the one to destroy him." Glanced towards a woman in a suit five feet away from him, he chuckled and said, "That's all of this book is about."

The woman was pouring hot water into a small cup at the table right beside the wall. Adding two cubes of sugar, while humming quietly, after a whole, she replied, "So? That doesn't answer my question about why you wanted to take charge of sector 23."

Leaning his head on his right hand, his left finger tapping at the desk as Astar said, "That I did. But is that the only reason for your sudden visit?"

Making a pouting expression, The woman moved her gaze towards Astar as she raised the cup to her lips, "This occurrence always happens when there's a special circumstance. You know what you do. Everyone's curiosity was piqued because the staff of the inner section decided to take the role of the outside section."

"Doesn't matter." Raising his body from his desk, "I care not for such faction politics. You should know me better, Angela."

"Yes, I am." While taking sips from the small cup, Angela twirled a single lock of hair around one finger. The lock, one of many from her tightly bound curls, was the color of golden yellow. In the sunlight that came through the window, it seemed to glisten, "Because I knew you better, that this antic of yours was so unlike you, Astar. Why sector 23? You are a man who won't blink even if the Sanctuary was ravaged upside-down."

Fixing the sleeve of his suit, Astar said, "Who knows. But I did tell you."

Raising her eyebrows, Angela asked in surprise, "Because of that storybook?"

Smiling, Astar said in a soft voice,

"It is precisely because of that storybook."


"I hate storybooks."

"Pardon?" asked XB11 in confusion, "What do you mean by that, Master?"

The waiting room was empty and white, stripped to the minimum, which was the bench Zuyuan sat on, waiting for his turn. The neon lights exposed every grain, every tiny flaw in the white paint. Some people might have found this room anguishing, maddening even, with nothing to see, or hear, but he was calmed by it, his senses soothed by the nothingness before the fight. At his side was XB11, and he turned his head slightly to look at it.

"All that happened this time felt like a story from storybooks." Leaning his back to the wall, Zuyuan said, "It feels unreal. Like a game that you played on your computer."

"Entertainment of the human race in your world, master?" XB11's eyes began to glow as it stood straight.

"Yeah, it is." Glancing around the room, Zuyuan tilted his head to the side, "This is kinda bland, isn't it?"

"Yes it is." XB11 was staring at Zuyuan quietly. After some minutes, It said, "You could store me in your personal storage, Master. After all, I'm not a living being."

"Oh? But wasn't it boring to stay in an enclosed space that was only surrounded by void? That's the reason why I didn't banish your summon isn't it?"

Its eyes shone a bit brighter, XB11 replies, "But you would need me for a surprise in your incoming battle. The Hall of Fame would gather any strong figures, and we shouldn't let them see all our cards, Master."

"Hmm.." Contemplating for a while, Zuyuan sighed, "Alright, I will try to make it fast."

Bowing down slightly, XB11 said "Your concern is much appreciated, Master."

With a wave of his hand, XB11's body glowed and changed into small orbs that were dispersed into the air. Frowning slightly, Zuyuan crossed his arms and waited for his turn once more.

The silence was harrowing and calming at the same time. With nothing to do, Zuyuan closed his eyes and began to meditate, while activating the Script of the Qigong at the same time.

Trying to absorb as much Qigong as he could from the air, Zuyuan sighed as he found the energy was so little. Opening his right palm, he silently ordered the system in his mind and soon, a golden scroll appeared on his hand.

Zuyuan knew the function of this scroll after he left the Rebirth building. Inside his room, that night he checked out the feature of this scroll and the rarity of it, the scroll of advancement trait. With it, the word 'bottleneck' doesn't exist, not to mention with enough scroll, he would be able to master any traits into the maximum within only a few minutes.

But the rarity of this scroll was much higher than ordinary items. Scroll of advancement trait was categorized as divine rank, and one would get it only by scoring grade A or higher in their mission's world. Zuyuan was not a surprise person. He knew that he was able to reach that rank because it was a trial world and his skill was much higher than the usual examinee. Not to mention this one scroll could only one trait into the next level.

'Two scrolls.. Two free bottleneck huh "

[Your battle would begins in 5 minutes, Missionary. Please be ready.]

Frowning his eyebrows, Zuyuan shook his head and murmured to himself, "It's better now than later."

With that, The scroll on his hand shone brightly as his vision was filled with golden lights. Shortly after, it was gone and a notification rang inside his head.

[Scroll of Advancement trait used, which trait would you want to upgrade, Missionary?]

"Path of the banshee, second layer."

[Accepted. Commencing the command]

Closing his eyes once more, Zuyuan felt a deep, submerged feeling that creeped inside him. Something unknown directed his muscles, bones, even to the point of his subconscious mind where lied his instinct. After four minutes, that feeling disappeared as if it didn't exist in the first place and another notification came out.

[The upgrade was successful. User mastery upon Path of the banshee, second layer has been leveled up into perfection.]

[Congratulations! You have acquired a unique new move from the Path of the banshee, second layer!]

Letting out a breath away, Zuyuan curled up his lips slightly as he said, "I'm ready."

[Battle begins at 5 4 3 2 1.]

[Challenger accepted. Immediately proceed to the arena.]

White light enveloped Zuyuan's body as he felt weightless. In a few breaths, Zuyuan noticed the foreign view, Transported into a battleground with sand and surrounded by spectator's seats. Across him, a shade of a man stood and pointed the tip of his machine gun towards him.

[Battle Begin!]

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