Death System Chapter 19

20 Chapter 19


Sounds of gunshots rang in the air as a man dodged with unnatural speed. Brandishing a sword with golden guard on its hilt, the man dashed in a zigzag way from time to time.

"Tsk." Clicking his tongue, a burly man with a scar on his left eye pulled out a black ball from his back. Pushing the triangle button on the ball, he threw it towards Zuyuan as he shouted.

"Go die!"


The ball exploded right on the path Zuyuan would take. Smiling at the smoke and fire, the burly man laughed as he thought he had killed off his opponent.

"Don't be too happy yet."

A voice sounded behind him as the man tried to turn his body around in panic. With a slash, Zuyuan beheaded the man in a clean cut.

[You have won the challenge!]

The system's notification rang inside his mind as the corpse of his opponent dispersed into small orbs of light. Observing what has happened in a blank expression, Zuyuan stood and waited for what was to come.

[Another challenger has appeared! The battle would begin in 10 seconds!]

Still standing straight, Zuyuan moved his body slightly to prepare his stance.

[Battle would begin in Five.. Four.. Three.. Two.. One..]

A light emerged from thin air in front of him, starting to take the shape of a humanoid being. The lights started to dim and a clown with a height of more than 180cm in a glance appeared.

[Battle begin!]

Howling, The clown charged towards Zuyuan as it pulled out a halberd with red gemstone in the middle of the blade. The weapon shone with crimson light, and swung at Zuyuan.

Zuyuan raised his sword whilst holding it with both hands. Moving it above one of his shoulders, he parried the incoming blow and redirected it to his left side as he bent on his knees. His foe's blade burst open the ground with a heavy force as flames enveloped it.

Furrowing his eyebrows, Zuyuan glanced at the newly made crater. Propelling himself, he dashed as he flicked his wrist to make a stab motion. Surprised at the sudden counter attack, The clown growled and tried to step away from Zuyuan, while pulling his halberd and used the pole to shield the strike.

Unexpectedly, the clash didn't happen. With a smooth movement, Zuyuan withdrew his sword and slashed horizontally towards his opponent's right knee. Noticing the feint way too late, his sword was already embedded deep inside the flesh and cut off a chunk of it.


Screaming in pain, the clown opened his jaw wide and breathed flames at Zuyuan. Seeing the incoming attack, he immediately used the ultimate technique of Ghost Walk and disappeared. With a flash, Zuyuan appeared behind his foe and slashed right through the neck. In a heartbeat, the head looped off from its neck as blood spurted out.

[You have won the challenge!]

"Tsk." Clicking his tongue, his expression became grim as he felt more annoyed to himself.

'This is bad.. I've been using Qigong too frequently at the start for the battle.'

Displeased at how he had distributed the flow of Qigong, Zuyuan again stood in place as he waited for another enemy.

[Another challenger has appeared!]

Hearing the familiar tone, he sighed. Readying his stance, Zuyuan murmured, "Yes, yes, I know. Just let it start already."

[Battle would begin in Five Four.. Three.. Two.. One.. ]

The same silver light emerged from thin air, just like the last time, but the shine of the light was a little bit brighter than before. This time, the humanoid shape became taller and taller as the light started to disperse.

[Battle.. Begin!]


A loud pierced through the air as a white giant with the head of a deer howled at the top of his lungs. The giant had some strange tattoos all over his upper body, along with only wearing some kind of pants made of animal hide, and a massive bone that could be used as a two handed warhammer.

"It's a giant now?" asked Zuyuan to no one in particular.

Rushing towards Zuyuan, the giant's speed didn't lose out with the lizardman earlier. In a few seconds, the giant arrived in front of his opponent as he swung his bone mace at Zuyuan's head.

Avoiding the assault by stepping away, his hand moved and tried to slash the giant's left leg. His blade bounced back as some kind of invisible protection surrounded it.

"What the"

Before Zuyuan could contemplate what had happened, the giant's movements became faster and in a blink of an eye, his right hand struck Zuyuan's right waist. The impact sent Zuyuan flying ten meters away as he began coughing blood.

"Kuh!" Gritting his teeth, Zuyuan immediately tried to raise his body and just in time dodged a laser beam with a diameter of 10cm. Moving his gaze towards the source, he saw the giant's outstretched palm pointed at him.

"It can attack from far away?" murmured Zuyuan as he activated the Ghost Walk. Rushing towards the giant, his speed became faster.

"Grrrr" Growling at the sight, The giant dashed as well while both his eyes fixed at his foe. In a few moments, the distance between both of them was 20 meters away.

Bending his knees a bit lower, he shouldered his sword on top of his right shoulder while on the move. After the distance was close enough for the giant's weapon, he swung the five meters bone to Zuyuan vertically.


Jumped right at the time where bone would hit his left waist, he avoided the strike midair. Stepping into the bone at that millisecond, he kicked it for another leap while holding his sword's hilt with both hands and slashing it down with all his strength.

"Grrhh?" Surprised at the sudden counter attack that successfully injured his left shoulder, The giant tried to punch Zuyuan while he was still in midair.


A golden light flashed from Zuyuan's body as armor appeared. Pulling out his sword, he curled up his arm on his right side to brace for the incoming impact.


A sound of something hitting a steel sounded and he was sent flying once more. Rolling in the ground fifteen meters away from the giant, he tried to stand up quickly as he clicked his tongue in annoyance.

'Ghost Walk!'

In a heartbeat, he already moved behind his opponent as the tip of his sword stabbed right through his foe's head, lashing out when his enemy's guard was down for a second.

[You have won the challenge!]

Standing up straight, Zuyuan wiped off the sweats from his forehead as his gaze moved downward. He decided to use the armor at that moment, and activated his Ghost Walk ultimate art once more.

[Another challenger has appeared! The battle would begin in 10 seconds!]

Sighing from another notification, Zuyuan shook his head and smiled wryly, "I guess I have to be more serious after all.

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