Death System Chapter 2

3 Chapter 2

[To check your status, please think of the word 'status', and we will provide you with the latest statistic of your condition]

Staring quietly at the hovering texts in front of him, Zuyuan tried to assess the condition near him. The room's wall is covered with iron. And there's a lot scattered, unrecognizable iron tools on the ground. Picking one of them, he sees that the thing has the appearance of a cross, but with some glowing blue lines over it.

Frowning, Zuyuan tries to caress every part of the thing, that perhaps the thing will have some switch button somewhere. After two minutes without results, he throws away the thing and starts to walk around the room. The room itself would be as big as any ordinary living room, but the room giving out an image of a messy storage room at the same time.

'Am I in the storage room?' mused Zuyuan as he crossed his arms. Finally, he looked into the text that was still floating right in front of his face, and then he sighed and said, "Status."

[Name : Tan Zuyuan

Race : human

Profession : None

Title : The Apostle

Health : 200

Spirits : 160

Ability scores :

-Vitality : 20

-Strength : 24

-Dexterity : 17

-Intelligent : 16

-Agility : 18

-Charm : 16

Traits :

-Meditation : restoring the spirits value by 0.1 each minute

-Script of the Qigong : you finally have harnessed the unique energy in your native world, called Qigong. This trait will be able to let you harnessing and understand the flow your Qigong energy more easily

-Path of the banshee : this is a martial path that will be divided into several layers for mastery. For each mastery upon each layer, the user would be able to master one martial art corresponding with that layer.

-Undying will : in the face of certain doom, you will unleash your potential like never before. Even though you have expended all of your power, there will always be a sliver of that power left in your body and will be strengthened for a very short time. This will only apply if you ever so close with death.]

Looking at the rows of texts that now replaced the one's before, Zuyuan knitted his eyebrow as he finished reading them, 'This thing called 'status' is what you expected from playing RPG games. But this is reality, not a game, why would there be something like this? It felt unreal and fishy.'


An explosion noise can be heard from outside the room and the ground shook in tremors for a little. Making a grim face, Zuyuan looks around to see if there's anything that resembles a weapon to defend himself with. Finally, he took a long white steel rod that has a hole in its tip, but even with that, the thing can be used as a spear with its pointed tip.

[Main mission has appeared!]

[Main mission : you are in the world of Revrolt, the world full of wonders that has been the home for the advanced construct race, Byonite. Their home planet has been ravaged and invaded by foreign species from another planet. Even in the brink of extinction, Byonite would not forget revenge, they gathered all the last resources they had and created a massive weapon to create a micro black hole bomb. The Missionary will be tasked to go to the central room in the military building and activate the weapon.

Reward : Depend in how quick the Missionary finish his quest

Your time limit is 5 days

Warning : will not be able to finish the quest in time would be subjected into death punishment ]

'Main mission?'

Surprised at the sudden blue text that appeared out of nowhere, Zuyuan read the context carefully.

'If what the words said are true, that means I'm in another world...5 days deadline? Huh. Or I will be executed.'

Assessing that his situation is like walking on thin ice, Zuyuan starts to frown and looks around the room, and he finds something that seems like a door.

'Should I move now? But there's an explosion outside isn't it?' contemplating on what he should do, Zuyuan decided it won't get anywhere if he has yet to know the situation on the outside at least.

Walking through the door, Zuyuan saw some kind of switch on the wall. After switching it, the metal wall starts to open and a vast scenery of a city that's mostly constructed with various metals can be seen in view. The place is like something that came out of sci-fi movies, but except the familiar high towering metal buildings, the other buildings have different kinds of design and structure. While most of them are square in designs, a lot of them are in another weird shape.

"So this is what another world looks like" after the initial surprise from the view, Zuyuan smiled and chuckled at his own situation. Stepping out of the room, Zuyuan starts to explore the unknown city. Around the Metal like buildings, there's some kind of fleshy black vines, covering the entire metropolis.

No matter where, the vines are always circling and moving in the metallic buildings, just like some kind of gigantic worm that is all over the place. Walking for some time while trying to be as quiet as possible, suddenly, Zuyuan heard shriek noises right on the front.

Zuyuan starts to become more cautious as he approaches the source of the sound. After two minutes, he found a group of five humanoid creatures that had heads much longer than humans, which shaped into more of a jaw. Yellowish glows shine from their four eyes, and their body looking height is around 6 feet tall.

With their arms and feet that's twice much longer than ordinary people, they clawed at each other. Biting and clawing, until only one of them is left standing. Huffing with greenish blood all over its body, the creature starts to pick one of its former comrade limbs and munch on it. Soon,the creature makes some kind of high pitched shriek as it eats the corpses around it with a gusto.

[Side mission appeared!]

[Side mission : To give the Missionary a feeling of battle, along with evaluating the Missionary combat power, The Missionary will be tasked to fight one of the Rograst. Rograst is the species that has come to Invade Revrolt, and have tendencies of cannibalism. Defeat one of lowest Rograst in front of you to finish the mission.

Reward : Lucky roulette

Punishment upon failure: death]

'Fighting that thing?' Frowning, Zuyuan took another glance at the Rograst again. Somehow, without Zuyuan knowing it, that same Rograst eyes staring at him from a distance. Letting out a howl, the Rograst now rushing to him in all fours.


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