Death System Chapter 20

21 Chapter 20

"Oy, oy, can't you do anything except run?"

A girl smiled inside a mecha cockpit as she kept pushing a control stick. The screen in front of her beeped as it locked its sight to her target. Typing on the keyboard on her left side, she said quietly, "Now, let's try this one."

The mech was designed with numerous features intended for battle. With three metallic claws on each of its hands, missile compartments built in both arms, shoulders, and even chest, and an armour that can deter any attacks inflicted upon it. But although it stood towering in dominance, the bright pink hue that was painted upon it, especially that tiny detail of a rainbow on its plated front, just didn't do its intimidation justice.

In the next moment, the missiles came out from its left shoulder. Five missiles locked on Zuyuan as they flew towards him. Frowning, Zuyuan tried to get closer to the Mech while gripping the hilt of his sword backhandedly.

In a few more seconds he would get blown to pieces. Right when they were only a meter away, his figure blurred and the missiles only struck empty ground.

"Ha! That trick won't work anymore!"

Clicking one of the buttons on her right, The mech created a pulse wave radiated in 30 meters.

"Kuh!" shielding himself with the back of his blade and his left arm, Zuyuan's feet dug deep on the ground as the force tried to send him in the air. Using this chance to attack him, the emerald twintails hair girl pointed the mech left arm and ejected a gigantic energy beam at him.

A massive explosion occurred where Zuyuan once stood. Smiling as if she had finally killed him, the girl leaned her back on the cockpit chair.


"You had done it, Valkyrie!"

"That newcomer is nothing after all!"

The spectators' seats around her burst into cheering voices as men and women alike either congratulated her or jeered at Zuyuan.

"Unbeatable twenty streak my ass." said the girl in smugness as she crossed her arms and leaned her back in the cockpit chair. But after a few seconds, the notification that should announce her win didn't appear. Eyebrows scrunched, she looked around the area as her mech tried to search for any living lifeforms nearby.

Beeping noise appeared as the screen showed her something unbelievable. The screen changed into a map of 360 degrees and a small orb kept flashing on the screen, right where the mech was.

"Above!?" She quickly raised the missile compartment on the left shoulder and shot.

Gunshots rang in the air as XB11 aimed a rifle gun towards the incoming missiles. Avoiding the burst, this time XB11 shot a laser beam that was as thick as an ordinary man's thigh.

Transparent energy shield withered the mech from XB11's attack. Gritting her teeth, she raised both of the arms and pointed the metal claws of both hands.

"Die, You defec-!"

Before she could finish her sentence, both of the legs were sliced clean as someone broke the barrier when it was weakened. Flicking his wrist, he stabbed towards the mech as four sword's phantom struck at the same time with the real sword, dealing heavy damage right where every joint was.

"Bastard" Snapped, she was about to retaliate as she pulled together both the control sticks of her mech. Realizing that the thing won't budge no matter how strong she pulled, she tried to type right at two keyboards of her sides as she said, "If I lose on this round, you won't be left unscathed either!"


Sound of steel being ripped apart was heard and she began to tremble slightly. Zuyuan slashed right at the entrance of the mech's cockpit and said, "it's your loss... "

Without waiting for a reply, he beheaded the girl immediately as the system's notification emerged.

[You have won the challenge!]

The atmosphere was filled with silence as the audience began to stare at Zuyuan in different gazes. Some were in awe, some were speechless and shocked, while others scorned and hated him at the same time.

"Aghh! That asshole has yet to die! I spent a fortune to bet Valkyrie would win!"

"Same! What the hell was that anyway!? Did he cheat?? Valkyrie was one of the best combatants in sector 23!"

"No, didn't you see that? He used the chance when the barrier was weakened to attack with his strongest skill!"

"That should be impossible for a newcomer!"

Similar arguments and complaints come out one after the other. In no time, the murmuring began to get worse as some even accused Zuyuan how shameless he was to cheat.


Trying to not mind what others said, Zuyuan stood as he closed his eyes and meditated on the ground. Breathing in and out in a rhythmic manner, he tried to absorb any Qigong energy in the air, no matter how thin they were.

[Another challenger has appeared! The battle would begin in 10 seconds!]

Particles of light began to gather ten meters away from him as they swirled in place. Then, they gathered together to form a man's shape as the notification started to ring out again.

[The battle would begin in five.. four... ]

XB11 descended as it moved its gaze towards Zuyuan quietly. Waving his hand in the air, XB11's figure shone with a flash and disappeared immediately.

[Two one.]

A man with an auburn ponytail and porcelain mask emerged with a spear in his hand. His stature was average, with the height of 168cm and a body's figure that was more on the lean side.

[Battle.. Begin!]

The man smiled as the wind flapped the edge of his golden overcoat. Pointing his spear to Zuyuan, he said in a loud voice, "Zhu Rurong! May we have a fully satisfying battle to the death!"

Eyes widened in surprise, Zuyuan asked in amusement, "Shouting your identity loudly?"

Shaking his head, Rurong said, "Warrior won't bother with such trivial matters." twirling his spear in full circle before making it straight, he continued, "Although you may have not seen my face, you might at least know the name of the man who would defeat you."

"We will see about that." the corner of his lips curled up as Zuyuan readying his stance.

"So it be." Rurong laughed. And within fifty millisecond, his spearhead had punctured Zuyuan's lungs before he could react.


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