Death System Chapter 23

24 Chapter 23

"You look surprised."

Astar chuckled behind his desk as he observed Zuyuan's expression.

"Administrator" Zuyuan squinted at the man he saw back when he finished his trial.

"Shouldn't you call me Sir?" Astar asked, leaning his head on his hand.

Remembering how high and important the position of Administrators were, Zuyuan bowed and said, "I apologize, Sir."

Astar smiled at Zuyuan while emanating a mysterious feeling, his finger tapping at his desk much to his amusement. Waiting patiently for the Administrator to say the purpose of calling him here, Zuyuan stood straight as he calmly paid attention to the man in front of him. His suit attire was tidy, with his violet hair trimmed behind and his youthful face gave him a scholarly image. He wore glasses that were absent in their first meeting. The glasses frame was tinted in gold and it was glistened slightly from the sunray that came out from the window behind him.

"Tomorrow will be your first mission world, won't it?" Asked Astar as the corner of his lips curled up ever so slightly.

"Yes." Pausing for a second to contemplate, he furrowed his eyebrows and asked, "What do you need of me, Sir Administrator?"

"Hmm" Stopping his tap, his hands clasped in front as he said, "Before that, tell me your experience so far in the Sanctuary, Zuyuan."

'Again that tone, why did he sound as if he was familiar with me..' Thinking silently, Zuyuan answered right away, "The facilities were great. With teleportation devices all around the place the Missionaries will be able to save time from walking."

"Is that all?" Taking the small cup on the table, Astar lightly sipped the coffee while his gaze still fixed upon Zuyuan's figure.

"..." Responding in silence, Zuyuan stared at the man in front of him carefully, after two breaths, he asked, "May I ask two questions, Sir Administrators?"

"Rejected." Said Astar simply.

"...won't you at least ask what they are?" Said Zuyuan as his lips twitched.

"I could guess." Tilting his head to the side, he continued, "Wouldn't you gonna ask what's the purpose of me calling you here, and... "

Stretching his arms, he said in a relaxed manner, "Why would a person such as me act like someone who had already known you, no?"

"That's right" his face warped in wariness, he asked slowly, "Who are you?"

"One of the Administrators." Answered Astar playfully.

"...." frowning, Zuyuan was about to pursue more. Raising his hand, Astar pulled a card from his chest pocket and placed it in front, "I will answer one of your questions. I called you here for this card."

"This card?" Looking at the card with curiosity, he was about to reach out his hand but the card changed into a spark of light and flew towards Zuyuan's glabella.

[You have acquired a Guide of Nurth!]

"What's this.." Holding his forehead in panic, Zuyuan watched each move of Astar in a vigilant manner.

"A gift." Chuckled from his reaction, Astar sipped the coffee once more and continued, "Let say this is our meeting gift. Definitely would be useful for you in the future."

Stepping back, Zuyuan carefully scanned the man in front of him. All of this just doesn't feel right for him, and he hates to feel this kind of feeling. The feeling of dancing someone else's palm. His right hand itches to grab his sword that lay inside his space storage, "I am just a nobody to you, why would you even bother to give me a gift?"

"Because I want to." laughed Astar as he said cheerfully, "It sure is nice to say such irresponsible words like this once in a while huh."

"Well" Ceasing his laughs but still maintaining his smile, Astar said, "Now that I'm done with you, begone."

Gritting his teeth from the haughty attitude, Zuyuan was about to retort. But before he could do that, Astar flicked his fingers and a notification ring out inside his mind.

[A new route has been issued.]

[Warning: A sudden transportation issue has been issued, please be ready.]

[Transporting immediately Commencing the command.]

"You" Right when he was about to curse him, his body was pulled by unknown force as it disappeared into thin air.

The office room now back again shrouded in silence, but a particular man was still smiling as if he couldn't contain his amusement.

"Pu-" Holding back no more, Astar laughed heartily as he leaned his back on the chair, "Ahahaha. His reaction is just like what I expected him to be!"

Giggling, Astar felt his mood become much better than before. But his elated expression faded slowly until it ended up with a poker face. Right three seconds after that, an indigo colored portal formed in front of him. Three men walked out in sync as a chilly atmosphere came from them. They wore black garment with Arabian design, a black Sutra on their head and black cloth covered their face.

"Oh? How I may be of service, Guardians?" Said Astar with a voice devoid of any emotions.

Without wasting any time, three of them opened their right hand's and ignored Astar's presence. A translucent vermilion colored orb with a diameter of 110 millimeter floated above their hand. The three orbs gave out colorful hues that scanned the entire room, leaving no spot that was not inspected.

[Suspected case of breaching the rule no. 17, direct interference with the Missionaries.]

The cold voice of the system sounded everywhere within the room. In another heartbeat, the System ring sounded again.

[Suspected preparator: The Administrators of ID 354379, Astar Rezkat Governberg.]

[Immediate capture is strongly suggested.]

Whispering behind his breath, Astar said, "Still as rigid as ever, eh?"

In just fifteen millisecond, three of them already surrounded Astar as one in the middle said, ", (Astar, you are under arrest.)"

Shrugging his shoulders, Astar said while still maintaining his monotone voice.

"So be it."

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