Death System Chapter 24

25 Chapter 24

"...And the verdict shall be to pass your original post back to you."

A man's voice came out from the holographic screen that was projected through an iron plate on his desk. Then another voice followed, a woman's this time, "Another deduction upon your overall score, we are disappointed, Ryuhei."

"Do not repeat your mistakes."

"This had been tolerated enough."

"We are not Saint, remember our purpose."

Echoes of many kinds of sounds were said. Nodding his head, he said, "I would reflect on myself and become better, Councilors."

The holographic screen became silent in a few seconds. When he always started to feel uneasy, the man's voice from before sounded, "You are under our radar now, Ryuhei. We won't tolerate any more failures coming from you."

Slumping his shoulders slightly, Ryuhei said, "Understood."

Shortly, the screen disappeared as silence permeated the area. In another second, he slammed his fist on the wooden table while he gritted his teeth, "Bastard! Talk about a diligent Administrator, what a loaf of bullsh*t! Showed up out of nowhere and asked me for my work just to mess it up I'll f*cking kill him!"

"Do not get too worked up, or you will have a stroke, you know."

A giggling voice that's like a melodious, ringing bell sounded in front of him. Looking at the beauty with long curly blonde hair that was crossing her arms and legs, he uttered her name slowly, "Angela"

Shaking his head, he continued, "Your friend just brought me trouble, woman."

"Did he?" After Ryuhei mentioned Astar, Angela mused, "It's so unlike him. I don't know what's on his mind lately."

Rolling his eyes, Ryuhei said in frustration, "Why would an Administrator help a newbie? It's one thing if it's a few top ranking Missionaries. But we are talking about a complete newbie who yet tasted his first world! And doing it openly by inviting him to his office room with the System's teleportation spell? God, this is so dumb!"

"That's true He's the kind of person who won't just go willingly under a trial" Murmured Angela. Glancing towards Ryuhei, she said, "Isn't it time for you to open the mission's world portal?"

Twitching his short but pointed ears, the corner of his lips curled down as he said, "That's right.. It's time for that Astar's favourite newbie to expect his first world too."

Clicking his tongue, he waved his hand in the air and two holographic keyboards appeared on his desk, projected from the same iron plate. Raising his eyebrows towards Angela, he asked in curiosity, "Why are you still sitting leisurely in here? Don't you have your own sector to monitor?"

Shrugging her shoulders, she winked her right eye and said seductively, "A woman need some more rest too, you know~"


[Attention to the Missionary. Your next mission world would be open in 10 minutes. Please proceed to the Sanctuary plaza urgently.]

Sighing as he walked, Zuyuan wished there was a setting to turn off the System's notification.

'It has been ringing for a few times already'

It started two hours ago when he was in his room, meditating. Then, the System began to notify him once every 30 minutes.

Looking around, he saw that the stalls on the street were bustling more than usual. Behind him, XB11 followed as it suddenly asked, "Shall we buy some potions, Master? It's never hurt to always be prepared."

"True." Nodding, Zuyuan approached one of the nearby stalls with rows of alchemy bottles in front of it. Looking at the owner, the merchant was a humanoid, with the head of a spider and eight arms. Rubbing two of his arms, he said, "Oh, welcome to my humble stall. What can I do for you?"

"You are not a homunculus or undead?" Piqued Zuyuan.

"Of course not, isn't it obvious?" Laughed the merchant as he said, "I'm a Missionary, just like you. Don't you know, Missionaries can open stalls and sell the goods they have obtained from the missions?"

"That's interesting." Said Zuyuan as he put his finger on his chin while staring back at the alchemy bottles filled with many colorful liquids, "Do you perhaps have healing potions or medicine?"

"Certainly." Taking two bottles from the row that was filled with green liquid, the merchant informed, "This small one would be able to heal 5 points of health every second and would last for 10 seconds. While this big one is able to heal 10 points of health and also would last for 10 seconds."

"Oh, what is the price for each of them?" Asked Zuyuan.

"That would be 200 death points for the small one and 500 death points for the big one."

Smiling wryly, Zuyuan watched the option for his points and it only said 1000. After contemplating for a while, he sighed, "Fine.. I will buy two of the small ones and one of the big one."

"Much appreciated, customer." Said the merchant as a low noise of 'tktktktk' came out from his mouth.

Both of them reached out their hands and crossed their DSM, both of them successfully completed the transaction as the potions automatically went into Zuyuan's personal storage.

"Do you need a bag, Customer? After all, our personal storage won't work outside the Sanctuary." said the merchant as he took out a green satchel.

"How much is that"

Heading that same 'tktktktk' noise again, the merchant rubbed his arms, "Of course, it would be yours for 100 death points."

"Too much, it's just a bag and nothing too useful, 40 death points." argued Zuyuan while shaking his head

"That is too forced, isn't it? 95 death points."

"Not really, I think it's already a normal price for a satchel, 45 death points."

Shaking his head, the merchant sighed, "80 death points, I won't go lower than this."

Nodding, they both exchanged their DSM once more. Pulling his newly bought potions into the bag, some commotion could be heard as twenty or more people began to gather at the center of the plaza.

"I think it's better for you to hurry, it will open soon." Putting his hand upon his chest, the merchant said, "May God of Void and Shadow, Alactrus be with you."

"Thank you." Moving his gaze towards the silent XB11 who had been silently watching the conversation from the beginning, Zuyuan smiled and walked towards the crowd as well, "Let's go. We have a job to do."

Nodding its head, XB11 followed, "Ready anytime, Master."

[Time to open up the portal. All Missionaries that would have their mission this week were advised to be within the portal's range.]

[Your name was registered as you are in the portal's range.]

[Begin the countdown in 10...9...8..7..]

Right away, more than twenty azure beams of light came down from the sky and cleaved a few clouds. Each beam was blinding and it covered each person that was in the plaza center.

"I'll wait for you on the other side, Master."

The only one who wasn't wrapped around the light, XB11, dispersed into small orbs as it lay dormant in Zuyuan's personal storage. Waiting to be summoned later, using the power of their soul link.


"See you there." Muttered Zuyuan as the light shines brighter every second and his body feels the familiar feeling of space's rift.

[2...1 Transportation begins.]

[We wished for your successful journey, Missionary.]

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