Death System Chapter 3

4 Chapter 3


Rushing at Zuyuan with a speed that is just like a cheetah, the Rograst lunged at him after a certain distance, while swinging it's large claw as well.

Already in the stance to receive it, Zuyuan dodge to the side. Guiding the Qigong in his body, his arms smoothly moved and stabbed the Rograst right through its head.

"Grrr" growling for the last time, the Rograst's body starts to slump and fall to the ground, just like that.

'That's.. Surprisingly easy?' mused Zuyuan as he flicked the tip of his bluish-glowing spear to clear the Rograst blood.

[Congratulations! You have finished the side mission!]

[Reward: Lucky roulette]

[Warning: Because every single Rograst has a link that connects to the main hive, now The Hive has noticed your presence, beware.]

'A link?'

Frowning, Zuyuan was still in the middle of reading the texts, until out of nowhere, dozens of howls came out of every direction. Surprised, Zuyuan looked around and found out he's being surrounded by dozens of the same Rograst he just defeated.

'With a glance there's at least fifty of them..'

Calculating their numbers roughly as he saw them running to him from the distance, Zuyuan gritted his teeth and clenched his grip on the spear, steadying his stance.

The Rograsts appeared from every building, as well as from the street, quickly approaching Zuyuan in a few breaths and would arrive upon him soon.

'Come at me, you b*stards..'


"Huff.. Huff.."

Twenty minutes later, Zuyuan is breathing heavily, as all of his body is full of scratches and deep wounds.

"They are all easy as they move like mindless beasts.. But...do they know no fear?'

Throughout the fight, even after Zuyuan had killed at least half of them, they are still charging at him even with all their comrades' bodies fallen one by one. But weirdly, they didn't rush at him at the same time and overpowered him with numbers, instead, they attacked In group of three or four.

Thankfully because of that, Zuyuan had a breathing room to dodge and counter attack at the same time. Without knowing the vital organ of the creature, Zuyuan decided to kill them by stabbing their heads, killing them instantly.

'It's like.. They want to chipping away at my stamina and observing me too.'

The feeling that Zuyuan got from this battle is that, perhaps, The Hive is observing him by sending some fodders.

'If not, why wouldn't they attack me at once?'

Huffing, Zuyuan clutching at the deep slash on his waist, as well as some in his arm. If one looks carefully, the wound is deep enough for one to see the whiteness of his bone.

'This is bad.. If I don't get treatment soon, I'll faint from the blood loss.'

Knitting his eyebrows, Zuyuan starts to walk away from that place, much less there will be another wave of Rograsts, which are attracted because of the blood smell.

[Hidden mission: cleared!]

[Hidden mission: fighting against more than twenty lowest Rograst and killing all of them.]

[Reward: Trait =\u003e Objective sense (temporary)]

[Objective sense: a trait that lets the user be able to pinpoint the direction of the mission's objective. (This is a temporary trait that will only work in this world. After the user left this world, the trait will be deleted from the user trait list.)]

'So there's something like a hidden mission too, huh.'

After reading the text, a red arrow suddenly came out of nowhere and drifted in the air, pointing into a certain direction.

'That's convenient.'

Following where the arrow pointed, Zuyuan walked towards the path that led deeper into the wriggling vines area. The structure of some building seems bent from how the vines are clutching so tight. At some times, the vines create bubbling sounds. All of them have holes that puff out warm air.

After five minutes of walking, Zuyuan kneels on the ground as he starts to lose strength. He takes off his clothes and rips them apart, tying them as bandages for his wounds. Seeing that the bleeding has stopped, Zuyuan starts to take a deep breath as he uses the Qigong from his dantian to flow to his legs.

Crouching down, Zuyuan started to run with a speed that did not lose to a car, which is 40km/s. He becomes faster as he feels the urgency to finish the mission quickly. Strangely, even though he seems to be running without abandon, his footsteps did not make any loud noises at all, it's like he's tiptoeing instead of running.

'Ghost walk.'

Ghost walk is the first layer martial art of the Path of the banshee. This martial art uses the user Qigong to suppress any noises from the user footsteps, as well as making the user movements twice more nimble. After mastering this martial art into perfection, the user will be able to have a short burst of speed that makes his movement so fast that it becomes a blur. But the Qigong consumption for that last move is too much to use wastefully.

And Zuyuan, definitely has mastered the martial art into perfection.

This martial art alone is one of the major reasons why Zuyuan has been called the Silent demon. If Zuyuan wants it, he should be able to sneak past all the Rograst monsters and go to the central without being spotted.

'But can I?'

Doubt started to cloud Zuyuan's mind as he recalled how he met with the first Rograst. Even though he's being distracted by the blue texts, he shouldn't be noticed as he hides his aura and walks quietly as possible. But even with that, the Rograst still has sighted him as their eyes met. How?

'Does the Rograst have the ability of a thermal sight or something like that?'

If so, then, it's quite hard to sneak past them, but it's still possible with the martial art 'Clouding aura'. A martial art that is able to hide his existence, even if the other party has a thermal sight.

"Graaaahhhhh" "Grrrr"

Finally, Zuyuan has arrived at his destination. A big mansion constructed from steel is the place that the arrow has pointed to him. But unfortunately, a dozen more Rograst is guarding the place, led by one Rograst that is particularly different from the rest. That Rograst is two heads taller than the other, as well as having claws much bigger, with blue stripes all over its skin.

Right now, it's talking with one of the Rograst with their guttural noises as language. As their guttural sound becomes louder, the blue striped Rograst suddenly opens its mouth wide. The blue stripes all over its skin are shining, and so does its mouth too. And in a few seconds, a blue laser beam starts pouring down from its mouth, obliterating the upper part of the ordinary Rograst into ashes.

'Well.. I guess it won't be that easy huh..'

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