Death System Chapter 4

5 Chapter 4

'Is it plausible?'

Watching the Striped Rograst's every movement, Zuyuan contemplated if he could kill it in one shot.

'or should I go for the smaller ones instead?'

The three times short burst movement amplification from the Ghost walk is all he needed to kill the minions in two seconds, but he would be hard pressed to fight against the leader after that.

'It takes so much Qigong after all... '

It took a lot of Qigong to execute the move, not to mention that he will definitely need to use another martial art to kill the minions.

'Let's do my best to get rid of the boss first then.'

Eyes filled with determination, Zuyuan took his stance with his body slightly leaning to the Rograst direction.

'Let's finish this as fast as I can!'

Letting out a breath, Zuyuan started to fill each part of his body with Qigong. After the flow of Qigong surged through his body, Zuyuan moved and in the blink of an eye, he already arrived right in front of the blue striped Rograst and stabbed his spear to its head.

Suddenly, a phantom-like spear materialized right beside Zuyuan's spear. The spear and the phantom spear moved together at the same time, as if the phantom was just a reflection of the spear.

'Phantom's sword.'

A second layer martial art of the path of the banshee. A martial art focused on the way of the sword, as it is able to make the user sword's attack multiplied at the same time and any weapons the user uses would become twice sharper. Zuyuan has only reached the expert realm in this martial art, instead of perfection.

Unexpectedly, the striped Rograst moved its head to the side. As if it was pure instinct, the direction where its head moved was completely opposite to the phantom spear, allowing it to completely miss the phantom spear. But the real spear was still able to stab it right at its cheek jaw, digging deep till it reached the creature's skull.

'I guess I'm forcing it too much huh, it's a sword technique, and I should be able to create four phantoms.'

With his expert mastery, Zuyuan would be able to form four sword phantoms, but as he was holding the spear at the moment, he could only create one phantom instead.

Pulling out the spear, greenish blood started flowing down from the Rograst head, as it slumped to the ground. Turning his body to face another two Rograsts, Zuyuan used Ghost walk again and his body moved so fast that it only left after-image. And in a heartbeat, both of them were killed instantly.

'Ten more to go.'


Seeing that their leader died with another two of their brethren met the same end, all of the Rograsts start to rush towards Zuyuan immediately.

'Oh? They are running in line, great.'

Zuyuan's body stood in stance once more as he readied the spear in one hand, his right hand, and pointed it towards the dashing Rograsts.

'One second'

That's all he needs to finish them all. With that in mind, Zuyuan started to rush towards them as well. Qigong poured out as Zuyuan executed Ghost walk and Phantom's sword at the same time.

Within a single breath, his spear plunged forth and killed all of the Rograst before they could react.


Standing out of breath for a while, Zuyuan started to direct his sight to the building's entrance. Steeling his gaze, Zuyuan immediately dashed inside with Ghost walk. There, he found that there were three pathways, which are right, middle, and left.

Frowning, Zuyuan begins to look at the red arrow that's hovering above his head. The arrow pointed to the middle section. Not wanting to waste anymore time, Zuyuan ran to the middle pathway of the mansion.

'hmm.. This place is bigger than what I expected.'

after rushing for some time, Zuyuan noticed that instead of going above, the pathway was leading him underground.

'What's this feeling?'

Feeling that something was wrong, Zuyuan raised his guard and became more wary of the surrounding. Noting that nothing has happened, Zuyuan only felt more uneasy.

'What is it that-'


Before Zuyuan could react, a black tentacle as big as his thigh came out from the ground and grabbed his ankle. The metal pathway below him crumbled instantly as everything around him began to shake.

[Special mission has appeared!]

Reward: Unknown

Punishment upon failure: death]

[Main mission has been updated!]

[Warning: The Sentry has caught up on you, now you will face The Sentry's wrath.]

Rows of blue text started to appear right before Zuyuan's eyes, as he was pulled by the black tentacle to the deep darkness below the ground.

"What the-"

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