Death System Chapter 5

6 Chapter 5

Falling down, Zuyuan tried to stab into the tentacle and pierced it. Unexpectedly, the tentacle is much harder than its look, especially with Zuyuan's awkward pose, made it more harder to attack it.


Metal debris surrounded Zuyuan as they all descended into the underground. Suddenly, Zuyuan found that the black tentacle let go of Zuyuan's ankle, let the gravity do the work.

Watching the ground below approach him soon, Zuyuan cursed silently in his mind as he started to cover every part of his body with Qigong, formed a transparent oval shield around him.

'Sh*t, I don't know any 'lighten steps' technique...'

Hoping that strengthened his body's defense with Qigong is enough, Zuyuan tries to adjust his body into a position that will be able to soften the impact.


Rolling on the ground after some time, Zuyuan tried to get up. But before he could do that, another different tentacle, which is much smaller than before, struck Zuyuan's left side and made Zuyuan roll on the ground again.


Coughing out blood, Zuyuan can feel that his wounds start to open, and one of his rib bones has broken. Not planning to be lashed out once more, Zuyuan raised his body and started to make a fighting stance.

His instincts that have been tempered in battles start to ring in his head. Without thinking twice, Zuyuan dodged to the left side. And from where he was standing before, a tentacle much bigger than his waist is striking the ground.

But before he can sigh in relief, Another tentacle that's much smaller, lashes out at the right side of his arm, throw Zuyuan far away and made him roll in the ground once more.


Cursing loudly in his head, Zuyuan gritted his teeth for he almost coughed another blood. The wound in his arm opened up again and became wider. Blood flowed rapidly from all his injuries as Zuyuan's body crashed into the wall.

Trying to get up, another tentacle is swinging to his direction. Noticing another assault from the black tentacle, Zuyuan quickly jumped to his left, even when his body was hurting.


"Huff.. Huff"

Cold sweats dropped from his forehead as he knew how dangerous his situation now was. His right arm is broken, same with one of his rib bones, his wounds all widening and getting worse, and not to mention, he's running out of Qigong.

His eyes look around the place as he searches for the creature's main body. Finally, he saw where all the black tentacles come from. A thirty feet being that resembled octopus is hanging in steel rods connected with the wall above. The octopus have one big eye with a pupil that's glowing with red light. But even with how massive the octopus was, Zuyuan noticed that the room he's in right now is as big a soccer field.

The being's eye is looking straight at Zuyuan, observing him while it's tentacles are waving around. Frowning, Zuyuan started to avert his gaze in another direction, swiping around the whole room and seeking for the exit gate of this place.

[Warning: The Sentry has locked its sight upon you. Please find the \u003cKey\u003e and escape immediately!]

'Even if you say that where's this Key'

Grumbling inside, Zuyuan wanted to try looking for anything that resembled a gate in the wall, but then, he remembered that he still had that red arrow floating above his head.

'The red arrow..'

Gazing up above, Zuyuan saw the Red arrow is blinking, while pointing into a direction. Exhaling a sigh, Zuyuan dashed to the direction where the red arrow guided him.


Emitting a low growl, which was loud enough to echo through the room, The Sentry began to move again and started assaulting Zuyuan.

Zuyuan's retinas started shrinking as he saw tens of tentacles, varied with each size, moving together to strike him down.


With death looming over him, his trait Undying Will activated. His already run out Qigong come back flows from his dantian, even though it's so miniscule small compared to what it used to be. But this trait strengthened this small streaming Qigong and made it much more bigger, letting Zuyuan to draw out power that shouldn't have existed.

'Left, Right, Left, Right, Right!'

Utilizing his focus to the max, as well as his instincts, Zuyuan brushed each strike of the tentacles with precision, making it that he was only able to almost get hit.


More and more tentacles coming towards Zuyuan as The Sentry noticed Zuyuan energy has yet depleted. Dragging his wounded body, Zuyuan gives out a low shout as he fills his arms with more Qigong. Raising his spear, Zuyuan parried any tentacles that were too many or fast for him to dodge.

Step by step, Zuyuan finally arrived at where the arrow pointed. In front of him, there's some kind of small entrance, that is only as tall as his chest.

Squinting his eyes as he can't fail to get out, Zuyuan shouts out loud and he swings his spear upwards, deflecting another tentacle. Then, Zuyuan rushed towards the small entrance while focusing only on running.

Some small tentacles successfully whipped at him as he abandoned caution. Gritting his teeth in pain, Zuyuan was still rushing to the entrance.

'Five meters three meters.. One.. Now!'

Zuyuan immediately slid on the ground and used his running momentum as a force to push him. In two seconds, Zuyuan got away from the room and escaped from the tentacles attacks.


Few tentacles with the longest reach were still pursuing Zuyuan, as he had used all his strength in that last sprint. Struggling to move with all his body drenched in blood, suddenly, a blue transparent shield came out of nowhere and cut the tentacles.

[Hint: You are in the Safe Zone, the Safe Zone has been created by the Byonite to protect and hide anything that they deemed important.]

[Hint: You have arrived at the \u003cKey\u003e, please awaken it quickly.]

'Safe zone?'

Mildly surprised by the appearance of the blue shield, Zuyuan's gaze swept across the place to see where and what this \u003ckey\u003e.

The small entrance led him to a room with a size of 350 square feet. In the middle of that room, there's an egg, that's twice bigger than ordinary people's head in diameter. The egg seems like it is made of steel, with another feature that he has always seen since he woke up in this world, the bluish glowing lines.

[Hint: You have found the \u003cKey\u003e.]

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