Death System Chapter 6

7 Chapter 6

"That's the key?"

Observing the egg carefully, Zuyuan spotted that there's a faint, buzzing kind of sound coming from the egg.

'Four, five, three, nine, seven, five'

The buzzing sounds emitted some kind of series of numbers. It's like a language, but one Zuyuan definitely never heard of.

'How can I understand this sound?'

Contemplating for a while, Zuyuan thinks that perhaps, it was influenced by the main mission, making him easier to finish this.

'Does the system always this helpful?'

Zuyuan doesn't know for sure, but, from how the system supports him this far by giving hints and warnings, perhaps it did help him at some point.

Glancing around the egg, the egg is suspended in midair, floating right in the middle of two steel cones shaped from the ground and the ceiling. In front of it, there's a futuristic terminal with two metal legs, two hand sensors on each side, and with a glass screen in the center, and some rolling sensor right in front of the screen.

'Are they the password for that control panel?'

Sighing, Zuyuan started to walk towards the terminal. Arriving in front of it, Zuyuan is knitting his eyebrows as he doesn't understand how to activate the terminal.

[Hint: Inputting the codes will be on the left side of the screen.]

Looking at the buttons on the left side of the screen, Zuyuan saw that the weird symbols of the buttons started to change into numbers that he knew.

'Well, aren't that handy.'

Pushing the first number of the codes, the screen began to shine and the exact symbol that Zuyuan had clicked immediately appeared on the screen. Seeing that, Zuyuan continued to input the rest of the codes.


With a beeping sound, the hovering egg starts to tremble. Bluish glow began to dim and even emitting gas. After ten seconds, the egg cracked, and its shells peeling down one by one, revealing an oval shaped thing that had a bluish screen in the middle. The thing's form seems to be like a human head, but with longer length, and blue glowing tendrils emanating from both of its sides.

A white pupil emerged from the thing's screen, and it immediately moved its gaze towards Zuyuan who was already in a fighting stance and pointed his spear towards it.

"Are you the Apostle?"

The creature started to speak, and a buzzing kind of sound came from its tendrils.

Eyes widened in surprise, Zuyuan again amazed at how he understands a whole different language he never heard before, along with how unique the creature's appearance was.

'Apostle where did I have seen it before.. Ah!'

Reckoned that he had seen that word in his status title, Zuyuan quietly said the word status in his mind.


[Name : Tan Zuyuan

Race : human

Profession : None

Title : The Apostle

Health : 32/200

Spirits : 2/160

Ability scores :

-Vitality : 20

-Strength : 24

-Dexterity : 17

-Intelligent : 16

-Agility : 18

-Charm : 16

Traits :


-Script of the Qigong

-Path of the banshee

-Undying Will

-Objective Sense (Temporary)]


-The Apostle : Given to every [Death's Missionaries], for they are the Apostle of the [Death] in every sentient being viewed outside of [Death's System]. Whenever the user uses this title, the user will be able to comprehend any languages of civilizations that's in cooperation with the [Death].]

'As expected.. Looks like the title is the main reason for me to understand the foreign language, huh.'

Nodding, Zuyuan focused his gaze into the creature and said, "Yes, I am."

Silently watching Zuyuan and as if contemplating something, the creature finally said in a low voice, "So.. It has come, the time has come for it, huh."

Frowning, Zuyuan was about to ask what the creature meant, But before he could say anything, both of his knees gave out and he immediately fell to the ground.

'Cr*p I'm at my limit..'

Breathing heavily, Zuyuan began to feel every inch of his body aching and hurting. Since he has been beaten up by the black tentacles, his injuries have been bleeding nonstop. If he doesn't get treated soon, perhaps Zuyuan will faint from blood loss.

"Apostle... You are seriously wounded."

The creature flew to me with its white eye staring at me from head to toe. All of a sudden, a bright, blue scanner came out from its screen and scanned me.

"You are in need of immediate treatment. Wait for me, Apostle."

After it's done scanning me, it goes to the two legged control panel and starts to insert its tendrils into it. The glowing blue tendrils began to shine, and in a few seconds, there's a circle of light through one of the corners of the room. Then, a big green tube started emerging from the ground and there's a humanoid, high tech armor inside of it. The armor is jet black in color, and has a height of six feet.

After that, the creature commenced to drift to the armor. The moment the creature arrived, the chest area of the armor began to open and the creature opened the tube's door. A second later, the creature immediately went inside the armor chest area and connected its tendrils.


A futuristic sound effect can be heard, as the armor begins to budge. The lid of the armor's chest is closing as blue glow emanates from the full plated eye socket.

Moving towards me, the armor spoke, "Apostle, because we are not carbon based beings, we do not have any medication for it."

Lifting me up in princess carry, the armor continued, "But it doesn't mean that there's no other way." then, the armor starts to walk to the spot, that when it still an egg.

"Let's do the surgery."

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