Death System Chapter 7

8 Chapter 7


Zuyuan quickly raised his head to look into the creature's eyes, "What do you mean? I don't think my body is that bad to need one."

Shaking its head, the creature said, "Even though we call it surgery, it's not that kind of surgery that humans use. What we are gonna do is something really different."

Placing me in the middle part of the two cone shaped machine, my body starts to hover in the air, "I will inject our energy to accelerate your regeneration capability, Apostle."

After that, the two cone shaped machines start to glow with blue light. Strands of flowing blue light began to come out and spread to every part of Zuyuan's wounds.


Groaning slightly, Zuyuan feels like each part of his injuries began to burn, with every cell being so active. In a few breaths, his injuries start to heal in speed that can be seen with naked eye. Gritting his teeth as the burning sensation began more hurtful, Zuyuan fixed his gaze on the creature and tried to talk to distract his mind, "You.. Do you have a name?"

The creature stayed quiet for a minute, and then quietly said, "XB11, Apostle."

"What a cyborg sounding name.." the corner of his lips moved upwards, Zuyuan chuckled and said, "So does that armor of yours. Are you the only one that's left in this place?"

Nodding its head, XB11 said, "I'm the last one of my race, Apostle."

"I see.."

Breathing heavily, Zuyuan became silent as he endured the pain. After a few minutes, Zuyuan continued after thinking for a while, "What happened that made you guys lost by the Rograst? Why are they invading this planet? And what is the dea-"

[Warning: Any discussions about the [Death System] outside of the [Sanctuary] would be taken as offense and will be terminated.]

[Warning: The host Missionary's permission is only on the rank of examinee. Permission to discuss about [Death System] will grant the host a death penalty.]

'So I can't ask anything about them, huh and Sanctuary? Another new word.'

Suddenly, XB11 body's trembled for a second, as it said to Zuyuan in astonishment, "Do not pry into the System carelessly, Apostle. Especially when you are still yet an official Apostle."

Nodding his head, Zuyuan said, "I understand, I didn't know there was something like this."

Sighed, XB11 waived its right hand and said, "It will all be revealed in time, Apostle. You will know soon enough."

Shaking his head, Zuyuan spoke in a tired voice, "Just call me Zuyuan. That's my name. Rather than you calling me Apostle each time you talked."

Staying silent, XB11 replied in an ambiguous tone, "Every participant shall be respected, especially when I'm the requester."

"Requester?" raising his eyebrows, Zuyuan asked with a confused tone. But XB11 didn't continue the conversation and only responded in silence.

Understanding that it's another way of discussing the Death System, Zuyuan nodded, "Alright, I won't ask anymore."

Replying with a nod, XB11 said, "As for the Rograst, they are one of those cancers of a race in the universe. Their home planet has been destroyed and their reproduction is more than goblins in heat. Their numbers are in more than hundreds of billions, and they have various biological weapons to invade any habitable planets they can find."

"And you guys lose in terms of weapons?" asked Zuyuan in curiosity.

Nodded again, XB11 said, "And numbers."

"I see.." looking downward, Zuyuan feels that his body has become much better, and the burning pain has become itches instead.

Following my gaze, XB11 saw that the blue strands that connected to me become so faint. XB11 nodded and said, "It's done, Apostle."

Raising his right arm and pointing it at Zuyuan, the unknown force that had been supporting Zuyuan to float began to move and let him down to the ground. Moving his joints and feeling his body, Zuyuan said, "Thank you for the help."

"At your service, Apostle." slightly bowing to Zuyuan, XB11 then continued, "If you had reached this room, the Sentry outside must have noticed you, right Apostle?"

"That gigantic one-eyed octopus? Yes it has. It has a good speed with its tentacles and almost killed me with its bombarded assaults." replied Zuyuan while swinging his arm around.

Putting its finger in its chin, XB11 contemplated for a moment and said, "There's no other way, the Sentry eye will be needed to open the central room."

"Its eye?" asked Zuyuan as he bent over to pick his spear that had been lying in the ground when XB11 lifted him. Glanced at Zuyuan's spear, XB11 said, "Have you been fighting with the Rograst using that dust sweeper, Apostle?"

Almost keeling over when he heard those words, Zuyuan abruptly asked back, "A what? Dust sweeper!?"

"It is indeed a dust sweeper, Apostle." nodding as if it's an obvious question, XB11 pointed its index finger and said, "The tip's hole is for absorbing the dust when we infuse our energy in it."

Jaw widened as realization struck him, Zuyuan's face made an awkward smile, "Do you have any weapons then? Preferably a sword."

"Perhaps I do." said XB11 as it turned its body and went towards the two legged control panel. After clicking some buttons, a futuristic sound effect can be heard as one part of the walls ejecting a steel shelf, with two things inside it. One of them was something that resembled a metal hilt, while another one was a steel sword. The sword was made of steel from the hilt until the sword's tip.

Moving to grab the black hilt and the sword, XB11 gave the steel sword to Zuyuan and said, "I hope this one would satisfy you, Apostle."

Taking the sword, Zuyuan swung it some time as he nodded with a smile, "This is a good one." glancing at the hilt in XB11's hand, he asked, "And that one is..?"

"A lightsaber." raising its hand, the hilt starts to emit a blue luminescent blade.

"Oh, that's cool." said zuyuan as he threw the spear and inspected his new sword, "So, shall we just fight that Sentry head on?"

Shaking its head, XB11 said, "I have a plan, Apostle."

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