Death System Chapter 9

10 Chapter 9

Walking inside, XB11's body trembled slightly as it spoke with a tone that was full of emotions, "Soon the time has come, soon it will all end.."

Glanced at XB11 directions, Zuyuan said, "Yes, you will be able to avenge your brethren."

Within the room, there's a massive sphere that seems to be made of gold. The sphere has white lines inscribed on it and hovering right in the middle of the room. The room seems to be 1000 square feet in size, along with dozens of two legged control panels just like Zuyuan saw when he found XB11. But instead, all the control panels appear to circled the sphere, and both of their legs are connected with white glowing strands that flow from the sphere.

"Is that" asked Zuyuan as he saw the massive golden sphere in the air.

Shaking its head, XB11 said, "This is not the bomb, Apostle. This is the place that will trigger the bomb from afar."

"I see" said Zuyuan as he looked at XB11 silently.

'A commander? The only being that is the last of its race is coincidentally a commander rank? Huh.' mused Zuyuan as he thought there's more in this.

'Is it have to do with that Requester stuff?'

Walking quietly behind XB11, Zuyuan starts to contemplate.

"We will be able to finish this in a moment, wait for me, Apostle." said XB11 as it went to one of the control panels that's the nearest to the sphere.

Nodding, Zuyuan tried to look around the place, as there's small orbs that shone brightly around the room, luminating the place.

'What's the secret behind the system? And what is this system?'

Now that Zuyuan had some time to relax, he began to reflect about what is the system. Although he's in deep thought, he still used half of his awareness in the surrounding area, if there's a sudden change in situation.


Suddenly, XB11 spoke to Zuyuan with its tone of seriousness.

"What's wrong? Anything unexpected happened?" asked Zuyuan in a grim voice.

Shaking its head, XB11 said, "It's not that, Apostle. The bomb has been activated successfully and would detonate in two minutes."

[Special mission: cleared!]

[You have found the \u003ckey\u003e to activate the last weapon of the Byonite race and succeeded to fulfil its last wish.]

[Reward: Soul's Contract: XB11.]

"A soul contract?" murmured it out loud, Zuyuan was astonished that the reward was something that's unexpected.

Eyes glow more brightly, XB11 nodded and said, "I have assumed that the system had notified you, Apostle?"

"What does this soul contract mean?" asked Zuyuan as he moved his gaze to XB11.

Silently shook its head, XB11 said, "Unfortunately, I can't tell you yet about it, Apostle. But it indeed has something to do with me as the Requester." reached out its right hand, XB11 continued, "And we don't have much time, Apostle. Let's establish a link soon before the bomb exploded."

A thin strand of blue light started to come out from XB11 right's hand. The strand began to orbit around Zuyuan as Zuyuan felt some kind of connection at that exact moment.

[A being has reached out their Soul link to you, would you accept?]

[Yes, No.]

A notification from the system rang in his head in the next second. Before Zuyuan can react to it, a voice with a tinge of urgency called out to him.

"Do not reject it, Apostle. Once It was rejected, it will take a bit more time to send out another link."


The golden sphere started to shine more brightly as the cold, buzzing voice from the gate resound once again.

[Warning! One minute left for the project to launch, all personels should evacuate immediately! Warning! Evacuation took the highest priority!]

"We didn't have much time, Apostle." said XB11 in a grim voice.

Frowning, Zuyuan nodded and said, "I accept."

[You have acquired a Soul link!]

Nodding as well, XB11 said, "Later, we will form our contract when you have been transferred into the Sanctuary, Apostle."

"This contract is"

Raising its hand into its chest XB11 said, "XB11 at your service."

[Five seconds left until detonation time.]

[Main mission: cleared!]

[Reward: Will be given according to the Missionary's grade.]

[Commencing the transfer to the Assessment room.]

White light started to shine from Zuyuan's body as he watched in astonishment. Looking at XB11 for the last time, it said,

"Let's meet soon, Master."

And then, with a bright flash, Zuyuan found himself in a room where everything was white. Around him, there's three other people.


A young man, who looked like he was in his twenties and wore a tuxedo, was watching Zuyuan and the group with a smile on his face. That man was just standing exactly five meters away from the group. His hair was violet, and so were his eyes, with skin that's so pale that he could be mistaken as a corpse.

[You have arrived at the Assessment room.]

"This is" murmured a bald man with tattoos all over his chest. The bald man was shirtless, with wounds all over his upper body and two axes in both of his hands.

"The assessment room. The place where one of the [Administrator], such as me, will be assessing the grade you will receive for your main mission." said the man calmly as he glanced at the bald man.

"Elder Lich" said a woman in blue robe, and a long staff in her hand. The woman's hair is long, with a color of green. She has a slender figure and ears that were longer than ordinary humans.

Moved his gaze into the woman, the man smiled warmly as he said, "Indeed I am, madam. It's a surprise to see an Elf In my turn as the [Keeper]. But a pleasant one nonetheless."


Glancing at the woman, Zuyuan realized that the woman indeed possessed features of an elf in fantasy movies with her beautiful face and clothes, especially her long ears.


A small growl sounded right beside Zuyuan. Turning his face to the side, Zuyuan saw a ten feet tall humanoid creature made of rock, standing with its back straight and shouldered a big mace in its right shoulder.

"Ohh, another Gargantua I see." said the man in a tuxedo coldly, as if he were looking at something he had enough to see.


The man's eyes widened after he swept his gaze towards Zuyuan. The man has a stunned expression on his face, but that's only for a second. Then, he quickly regained his composure and had the same aura from when they first saw him, as if his confused gesture just before was an illusion.

"Hoo.Isn't this interesting?"

The man said, slowly, as the corner of his lips curled upwards, as if he's just like a child that has given a toy. Then, he fixed the collar of his tuxedo as he continued, "Again, welcome, ladies and gentlemen."

"Welcome, to the Death System."

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