Demon Hunter Book 5 Chapter 4.1

Book 5 Chapter 4.1 - Luck

The male that walked in was tall in stature. Even though he wasnt all that robust, his near perfect muscle lines displayed explosive power. He had short silver-colored hair, and even his eyebrows were a strange silver color. His hair was soft and smooth, continuously fluttering above him like a silver-colored flame. However, there was no wind in the laboratory, and Helen couldnt see any energy supporting his hair. 

At the center of the mans brows was a faint silver-colored decorative design, something one would easily overlook without looking carefully. These patterns seemed to be made from energy and not something purely for decorative purposes. 

This was already power equal to the strength of a Black Dragonrider general, only, it was unknown how old he was. In this era, many powerful ability users could change their own appearances, and the higher the level of the ability user, the greater the extent to which they could change it. However, Helen sensed extremely young signals. No matter which angle she looked at it from, his body still seemed extremely young. 

The mans eyes burned like miniature suns as they stared at Helen, to the extent where she felt a bit of pain. The burning pain moved from top to bottom, and then back up over her entire body, and as a result, Helen knew that he had already conducted a scan of her body. 

Lafite Waltz, pleased to make your acquaintance, Miss Helen. The man introduced himself, and then he took a step forward, reaching out his hand. 

Helen reached out hers, shaking Lafites hand, discovering that his hand was ice cold and moist, as if she was holding the hand of a corpse. It was entirely different from the brilliance released from his eyes. 

After just a brief moment of contact, Helen pulled back her hand and said, Mister Lafite, I never expected the empress would have someone like your distinguished self in her ranks. Did you come this time to bring me away, or is it for something else? Please be a bit more direct, our time is extremely limited. 

Lafite touched his chin as he stared at Helen, not concealing his desire at all as he said, I dont have much of a connection with neither the Spider Empress or Bevulas. The one who asked me to come was Josh Morgan, he wants me to ensure your safety during this period of time. Damn it, this really is an annoying matter, definitely be offending both sides. I do owe the old man a favor, but it shouldnt be to this extent. That is why the additional condition for this transaction was that you are mine. 

You think that is possible? Helen wasnt affected at all by Lafites words. 

Lafite laughed and said, What is there to not like be happy about as my woman? alright, this joke is a bit lame Morgan that old thing only agreed to let me pursue you as I wished. Fuck, why do I feel like I was cheated? 

Helen still spoke with a mechanical and ice-cold voice. There is no chance for an advantage when doing business with him. However, if you are regretting it now, you still have time. I do not need your protection. As for the two on the ground, you can consider it as me owing you a favor. 

You really dont? You think this little thing really can protect you? Lafites smite was extremely brilliant. One had to admit that if one was judging only based on his external appearance, he truly was a rare handsome individual. He suddenly reached out his hand, and then Snow who was cowering behind Helens feet was surrounded by a formless force field, its body involuntarily flying into Lafites hands. 

Snow curled up into a ball. All of its sharp teeth, bladelike pricks, and sharp claws retracted into its body, and its compound eyes tightly closed. However, when Lafites blazing eyes landed on its body, its skin immediately changed color. Two burn marks unexpectedly appeared under his eyes, and there were even two strands of clear smoke rising, as if it had been burnt. 

Helens face immediately changed, but she recovered soon after. Only, when staring at Lafite, a rarely seen viciousness appeared in her eyes. 

I truly must apologize. Ive only recently recovered my freedom, so I havent fully adapted yet, still unable to fully control myself. Lafite said. However, he clearly didnt possess much sincerity. 

If you wish for our interaction to still be pleasant, lower my daughter! Helen said one word after another. 

Daughter! Lafites expression immediately became extremely brilliant. He gave the Snow in his hands who was clearly an abnormal creature a look, and then looked at Helen, his mind rising and falling intensely. Even when he was fighting while soaked in blood against his mortal enemy, it was nothing more than this. 

Alright! Im sorry. Lafite took a deep breath, and then placed Snow into Helens hands. Afterwards, he revealed a smile similar to that of Apollo and said, Regardless, you are still as attractive as in the past. 

As soon as it returned to Helens hands, Snow immediately extended its eight limbs, crawling up Helens chest and then making its way inside. The two burn marks remained on its body, and even with its powerful recovering ability, it still couldnt get rid of it. It seemed like Lafites gaze wasnt as simple as just heat. 

When he saw that Helen didnt reply, Lafite didnt seem too bothered by it. He smiled and said, This place doesnt seem bad. If you dont mind, lets sleep together tonight. 

Get lost! 

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