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Demon Lords Reincarnation summary:

The strongest Demon Lord dies, and reincarnates as a human. Not only that, he because of various incidents turns into the heros best friend.Follow his journey as he tries to help the hero escape his fate, and on the sideline to conquer the continent while hes at it.

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Demon Lords Reincarnation Chapters

Time uploaded
256 Rabiaa month ago
254 Shadowa month ago
250 Haruto Kazuya2 months ago
249 The Owner2 months ago
246 That Was Fun2 months ago
244 Let Us Kill2 months ago
243 Scheming2 months ago
240 Demon Empress2 months ago
239 My Past?2 months ago
237 Death Battle2 months ago
236 Threatening2 months ago
235 High Pries2 months ago
233 Teach Me2 months ago
230 Studen2 months ago
228 Professor2 months ago
226 Keep It Down2 months ago
223 Where Am I?2 months ago
221 Restar2 months ago
219 ..2 months ago
217 Calm Yourself2 months ago
216 Rens Hear2 months ago
214 Im Sorry2 months ago
213 Sudden2 months ago
209 Four Women2 months ago
208 Death To All2 months ago
207 Convincing2 months ago
204 Lets End This2 months ago
198 Duel2 months ago
197 Just Tell Me2 months ago
196 Story2 months ago
195 Who Are You?2 months ago
194 Unwavering2 months ago
190 Girl Talk2 months ago
189 Diary2 months ago
180 In Prison2 months ago
179 Escape2 months ago
178 Investigation2 months ago
177 Time To Hun2 months ago
175 Tell Me2 months ago
171 Gabriel2 months ago
170 Hes My Master2 months ago
164 Feeling Weird2 months ago
163 I Wonder2 months ago
160 Transmigator2 months ago
158 Negotiations2 months ago
155 Thataposs It?2 months ago
146 Cornered2 months ago
142 The Curse2 months ago
140 Bad News2 months ago
139 Iselvs Speech2 months ago
135 Fear2 months ago
117 Laras Battle2 months ago
116 First Strike2 months ago
114 A Friend2 months ago
112 Be My Hero2 months ago
111 The Maiden2 months ago
106 Elizabeth2 months ago
105 Take Over2 months ago
104 Spirit Aura2 months ago
101 To Be King2 months ago
100 Could It Be?2 months ago
96 Ambush2 months ago
95 A Hero2 months ago
94 ???2 months ago
92 Give Them Back2 months ago
91 Training2 months ago
90 Tes2 months ago
89 Reques2 months ago
88 Lets Begin2 months ago
87 What I Desire2 months ago
86 Devils Whisper2 months ago
85 Its A Blessing2 months ago
84 Doubt Me2 months ago
83 Powerful2 months ago
81 Lets Do A Ques2 months ago
80 Reasonable Man2 months ago
79 Rens Return2 months ago
74 Sepchel2 months ago
69 Visions2 months ago
57 A Story2 months ago
55 Training2 months ago
51 Rens Rage2 months ago
49 The Mastermind2 months ago
47 Coffins2 months ago
46 Weapon Grade2 months ago
45 Silikas Pas2 months ago
42 Equipmen2 months ago
37 Subordinates2 months ago
36 Hildas Home2 months ago
34 Why?2 months ago
33 Slave Traders2 months ago
32 Not An Update2 months ago
31 Adventurers2 months ago
30 Dungeon Core2 months ago
26 Floor Sixteen2 months ago
25 Deeper In2 months ago
24 Dungeon Core2 months ago
22 Sparring2 months ago
19 I Choose You2 months ago
18 Weapons Shop2 months ago
15 Hilda2 months ago
14 Guild Master2 months ago
10 Knight Academy2 months ago
8 A Noble2 months ago
7 Bandit Attack2 months ago
4 Light Of A Hero2 months ago
3 Six Years2 months ago
2 Im A Human2 months ago
1 Demon Lord2 months ago
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