Divine Beast Adventures Chapter 507

Chapter 507 Uproot

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The smoke and dust gradually settled. The fire on both sides of the road slowly died as well.

Rains were more frequent recently, and the forest was extremely humid. Other than where the cannon shells had fallen catching fire, it was difficult for the vegetation at other places to ignite.

Given how big of a commotion there had been, the military camp at the spatial gateway was long aware of this. A group of soldiers were currently rushing over in an armored vehicle.

However, by the time they got here, the battle had already ended. All they saw was the ruin left behind where Zhang Che was ambushed.

Not only that, the fog of poison from the poisonous shell had yet to fully scatter. The soldiers who got out of the vehicle to investigate all felt various degrees of dizziness, some of them even vomiting.

The soldiers were astonished. They quickly got back into the vehicle and got treated.

Luckily they were in a spacious valley. The mountain winds were strong and had scattered the poisonous air into the forests at the sides of the road. Otherwise, the soldiers might have died here for no reason.

The matter was quickly reported to the military in Yuanshan City. Not long after, the rumbling of engines were heard from far away. A series of military helicopters quickly arrived. Afterwards, teams of soldiers wearing gas masks jumped off the helicopters and investigated the situation.


Zhang Che had never suffered such a huge loss before. After returning to Yuanshan City, he immediately notified Huang Juyun about the matter of him being ambushed.

Huang Juyun was shocked, and quickly came to a realization. No wonder! The southwestern military just reported that a cannons-fired incident happened in the suburbs of Yuanshan City. The military there is still investigating this.

Very well. Ill relay the information to them immediately and have them investigate these so-called Freemasons and see what kind of organization they are. They actually dared to ambush our Huang familys men. Well definitely remove them, stem and root!

After understanding the truth about this ambush, Huang Juyun suddenly remembered something. He asked, Oh, right, Xiaoche, are you injured?

He didnt seem to be too worried about Zhang Ches safety. After all, they had only used cannons and missiles. It was almost impossible for them to hurt Zhang Che with just those. Also, Zhang Che had mentioned that they were prepared to mobilize epic-quality subdued beasts, but were scared off by him in the end!

A streak of black lines appeared across Zhang Ches forehead. His father-in-law asked about his well-being only now? Wasnt he a little too confident of Zhang Che?

Im fine, mostly, just that I suffered some slight internal injuries from the explosions. Ill recover in a few days after consuming some spiritual honey. Luckily they didnt use any nuclear warheads this time, or I might not have made it out alive.

-As I expected. I knew this kid wouldnt be in too bad shape,-Huang Juyun thought. Afterwards, he chuckled, Dont worry. Not just anyone can get their hands on nuclear warheads in Hua Xia. Thorough checks are made even if the government wants to use nuclear weapons. You dont have to worry about anyone using nuclear weapons to attack you in the future.

It made sense to Zhang Che, when he thought about it. Hua Xia wasnt like other regions, after all. Except for the government, it really was unlikely for individuals or factions to obtain strategic military weapons like nuclear devices.

If those who wanted to ambush Zhang Che were really someone or some faction with the ability to get their hands on nuclear weapons, they wouldnt have to use it anyways. The high-end forces they would have would be enough to ensure Zhang Che had no chance of escaping alive.

After ending the call with Huang Juyun, Zhang Che remained in the hotel and took out a bowl of spiritual honey, treating his injuries.

His organs were injured from the resulting shockwaves of the explosions. It wasnt a small matter. If it were any other beastmasters in his place, theyd need to spend quite a lengthy amount of time to recuperate without any medicinal pills or spiritual herbs.

Of course, for a stupidly rich man like Zhang Che, not only was he not lacking in spiritual herbs, he even had spiritual honey, which was something anyone would drool in greed for. Recovering from his internal injuries was too easy.

At the side, the elemental queen was fighting a tough battle on her personal terminal. Zhang Che gulped down a bowl full of spiritual honey in one go, then drove the incredibly pure energy to slowly heal his injuries.

While Zhang Che was healing himself, the military in Yuanshan City was completely mobilized, sweeping through the city in search of members of the Freemasons.

Regrettably, after the ambush failed, the three high-tier beastmasters had already notified the higher-ups in this branch. They had already escaped from Yuanshan City, leaving only a bunch of low to mid-level members behind.

That night, military vehicles rumbled all over Yuanshan City. Countless soldiers fully equipped with firearms, along with powerful beastmasters, scoured the streets, imposing martial law and arresting people. In the end, they arrested hundreds of ordinary members of the Freemasons. Not only that, the military and investigated the source of the weapons and ammunitions of the Freemasons thoroughly.

The Freemasons had actually recruited a few members in Yuanshan Citys military. One of them was an officer from the logistics department. The large number of cannon shells and missiles originated from that logistics supervisor and his subordinates!


The sky brightened up the next morning. After Zhang Che woke up, washed up, and ate his breakfast, he made his way to the airport in Yuanshan City. On his way, he received a call from Huang Juyun.

What? The Freemason organization is actually an evil cult? Zhang Che was astonished. Afterwards, he came to a realization, saying, No wonder. Those people were saying I was possessed by a devil when they ambushed me. Evil cults like that can only use things like that to fool the people. Oh, right, Uncle Huang, has the mastermind been caught?

The Freemasons in Yuanshan City is only a branch of the evil cult. At present there is still no news on the location of their headquarters. Huang Juyun replied in a low voice. After the incident, they have withdrawn their important members from Yuanshan City. Although the cults branch in Yuanshan City has been uprooted, none of their important members were apprehended.

Hundreds of ordinary members were caught, however. But those people didnt have much intelligence on the organization, nor did they know who the higher-ups of the Freemasons were, nor the headquarters of the organization.

The military will continue to strike at the organization in every city and try to find the main nest of this evil cult. Also, you have to look out for your own safety for the future. Since they have already infiltrated Yuanshan Citys military, theres no guarantee of them not having any fiercer methods. Although their ambush on you failed this time, Im afraid they might continue taking actions against you in the future.

After listening to Huang Juyun, Zhang Che felt somewhat regretful about not capturing any important members. It seemed like this evil cult couldnt be underestimated!

However, itd be best if they dared to continue ambushing him. They might not be so lucky the next time about the mastermind escaping!

Rest assured, Uncle Huang. Ill look after myself!

Mmm. Its best if you directly pilot Dijiang-hao to your destination when you move around in the future. Its precisely because they caught onto the opportunity of you not doing so that they managed to ambush you this time, Huang Juyun reminded Zhang Che for a while before ending the call with him.

Zhang Che was deeply convinced. Indeed, he was a little careless on his part, resulting in them finding an opportunity on his way back to the city. If he had directly left on Dijiang-hao after exiting the beast world, they could have done nothing but watch him go.

That lesson would be kept in mind. When Zhang Che went to beast worlds in the future, it would be safest for him if he directly piloted Dijiang-hao into the military camps next to the spatial gateways.

As for whether his enemies ambushed him in the beast worlds, Zhang Che didnt care at all. They might have a chance at injuring him if they ambushed him with scientific weapons, but if they tried using subdued beasts to do so, it would be impossible unless they were using a divine-quality subdued beast.

However, how could an evil cult like them, living like rats, possibly have a strategic force like a divine-quality subdued beast? In all of Hua Xia, there were probably less than ten divine-quality subdued beasts in total!

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