Divine Beast Creator Chapter 1261

Chapter 1261: Mutation

"Damn it, what happened."

Realizing that his Royal Beast was very upset, Qi Chen's father looked out the window while soothing. The sun was shining outside, no different from usual, but if it weren't for what happened, his Royal Beast couldn't be like this.

"The dead guy extracts a large amount of the earth's energy circulation. In order to ensure that the Star Sea is not involved, Delonta cuts off the energy circulation connection between the Shenzhou and the Star Sea."

Watching TV, Veronia said casually, although she was here to help protect their family, she wouldn't be too nervous.


Dou Yanlans mother saw Qi Chens father picking up the key and seemed to be ready to go out. She hesitated for a moment and didnt know how to speak. She and Qi Chens parents were not very familiar with each other. She didnt know whether to stop each others behavior, at least in her opinion. , Staying here is the greatest help to my daughter.

Don't worry them, this is what she has been trying to do.

Qi Chen's father looked at Qi Chen's mother, and the other side smiled and said

"Do it if you want, and they will understand you."

"what happened?"

Qi Shuang, who had just walked out of the examination room, looked at Little White Shadow Wolf with some doubts. The other party moved around her very uncomfortably, but now she is outside the high school entrance examination room. Those people should not be so frantically running here. Are you making trouble?

The little white shadow wolf wailed and waved its tail uncomfortably. It hadn't been able to learn human language yet, and it didn't know how to communicate with Qi Kuoshuang. It couldn't tell the truth just by making gestures.

At this moment, Qi Shuang noticed that most of the spirit beasts that were released had a look of restlessness similar to that of the little white shadow wolf. This was not a premonition of a crisis. It was obvious that something had happened that affected the environment.

"The free energy is declining?"

Guo Huai looked around with some suspicion, holding his hair uncomfortably with a frightened look. In Guo Huai's system information, a red warning word was so dazzling.

And the declining total free energy also made him understand how serious the problem is. Under normal circumstances, there is rarely a large-scale drop in free energy, not to mention that the answer given by his own system is that the free energy in the entire Shenzhou area is Declining rapidly.

"What happened?"

He had been distributing medicine before, and he didn't expect to encounter such a serious incident as soon as he came out.

"Ding~ I don't know, there is no corresponding data in the database. According to the analysis of the detection information, there is a high probability that there is a problem with the energy circulation.

"Energy circulation?"

Looking up at the sky, there is nothing unusual, is it not obvious? However, with such a big impact, there will be no movement?

"Ding ~ Not the sky energy circulation, but the earth energy circulation. The power of the earth energy circulation is abnormally reduced. Originally, the sky energy circulation can temporarily replace the earth energy circulation to maintain the free energy within a certain range, but the previous accident caused the sky energy circulation to be seriously weakened. , Cannot replace the earth energy circulation to maintain.

"What is that guy doing?"

For a moment, Guo Huai directly suspected that Feng Yuan was doing something again. There was no way, that guy had a criminal record. It is obvious that in Xinghai's historical documents, that unknown person is so reliable...wait! Those documents seemed to only record major events. Thinking of Feng Yuan's reliability in the event, Guo Huai felt a little headache holding his forehead.

Forget it, call and ask, Guo Huai thought, guessing so much, it is better to just ask him quickly, even if he didn't start, he should know what happened.

However, Feng Yuan's cell phone couldn't get through at all. The other party seemed to be busy and didn't have time to answer the call.

"What are they doing?"

Seeing those tentacles change again, Feng Yuan scratched his head and said silently, is this too big enough? However, Feng Yuan's complexion changed after a while, and he waved his hand directly, and the dark ancient book appeared, and the pages of the book were quickly turned. Golden runes rushed out of it and hit the ground fiercely. The black pattern suddenly began to draw a large amount of earth energy circulation. the power of.

"what are you doing!"

Agunas was startled and wanted to prevent Feng Yuan from being blocked by the natural barrier formed by the dark ancient book. Is this guy trying his best to activate the dark ancient book? ! Agunas watched Feng Yuan's actions in shock.

The tentacles are gradually turning blood red, and terrible power is accumulated in the tentacles. In the sky, the eclipse brows are frowned. This seems abnormal. The power is very wrong. At the same time, it senses that Feng Yuan is fully releasing the power of the dark ancient book. He glanced at the coming Hirneth and waved his paw.

The breath of death was compressed into a large number of black **** the size of a ping-pong ball and smashed towards the enemy camp below, but the blood-red tentacles surrounded those people. Just as the eclipse was preparing to strengthen the offensive, Hill Naith rushed in time. To.

"You didn't realize that fate was involved?"

"What does the real world do to us?"

Eclipse said without emotion, Hill Nath glanced at Eclipse and rushed downwards. The dragon waved its wings and rushed to the enemy formation. After a while, it grabbed a person and threw it upward, a special black rock. The cage trapped him and led him into the sky. After a while, Hill Naith captured many people from the enemy line in this way.

"You, this may not be a good thing."

The eclipse looked at the flying back Silnas and said, the other party said without paying attention

"I think what he said is right, do what you want to do, why bother about what other people say."


Hillnas looked at the panicked enemies below and said

"Go ahead and keep them, not necessarily a good thing."

The wings shook, and Hill Naith issued a sky-shaking dragon roar. The death breath blocked by the tentacles shrank and suddenly expanded. The amount of death breath became huge in an instant. In just one second, the death breath enveloped the whole position.

"I thought you would pity them."

Eclipse said calmly, as if what was happening below was just a trivial matter, Hill Naith said indifferently

"This is the enemy, there is no pity, there is no right or wrong in war, I only came at his request."

Agunas turned around and couldnt bear to look at it. With such a huge breath of death, Im afraid that there is no more alive in the coverage area. Closing his eyes, Feng Yuan sighed. He always knew the cruelty of the war, so he didnt want to participate in the war. Qi Chen and the others thought of their friends in Daxia, and in a flash, Feng Yuan erased the guilt.

This is the end of the matter, there is nothing to say, not to mention that there is still a big trouble ahead.

"What are they thinking about, and what good will it do for them to pollute the earth's energy circulation."

Looking at the tentacles that were constantly turning blood red, Feng Yuan muttered to himself, and Agunas looked at Feng Yuan in surprise.

"Polluting the earth's energy circulation?"

"Otherwise? You can't see that those tentacles are polluting energy? If it's not the case, I have nothing to do with the energy of the earth's energy circulation."

Rolling his eyes, Feng Yuan said silently. At this moment, there are several spherical energy aggregates around him. That is the force he used to draw from the earth's energy circulation by using the dark ancient book. The contaminated force is definitely impossible to send. Back in the circulation, then, what he can do now is to pump away those energy before the opponent.

As for how to deal with the problem of the exhaustion of the earth's energy circulation, he can't manage it. If you don't do this, there will be too much contaminated power, and it will be troublesome to solve the opponent.

"Damn it!"

Hearing what Feng Yuan said, Agunas took out the pages of the golden book and rushed out angrily. Naturally, he didnt think Feng Yuan would lie to him. The other party didnt have that need or interest. Although he occasionally liked pranks, it was important , There really is no habit of making jokes.

"Strong corrupting effect? Why do they love this so much?"

In the sky, the eclipse looked inexplicably at the half-transformed tentacles below. Due to strength problems, Agunas could not detect the anomaly as it did for the first time, but because of their power and strength, they could easily find the blood red tentacles. That weird energy characteristics in the middle.

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