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Dominating Evolution Of The Cosmos summary:

Blue Star Year 2019, the alien invasion of the Blue Star. The planet has been transformed, air, gravity, magnetic field all sent changes. Air and water are highly toxic and polluted. In order to adapt to the environment, human beings and organisms have embarked on the path of gene evolution. “I, soldier Steve Washington, hereby vows to protect mankind, bring hope and light to m...

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Dominating Evolution Of The Cosmos Chapters

Time uploaded
283 Soiree Date2 weeks ago
280 Nickerson2 weeks ago
266 Lounge2 weeks ago
260 Two Punches2 weeks ago
259 All Ou2 weeks ago
249 Affected2 weeks ago
247 Mutation2 weeks ago
243 Ambiguous2 weeks ago
230 Lucky4 weeks ago
226 Place A Be4 weeks ago
224 A Debate4 weeks ago
213 Challengea month ago
209 Discovereda month ago
208 Peepinga month ago
204 Detentiona month ago
203 For Moneya month ago
201 Threatsa month ago
185 Sexy Goddess2 months ago
182 Opportunity2 months ago
178 Audrey2 months ago
175 Huge Shock2 months ago
173 The 16 People2 months ago
170 Final Resul2 months ago
164 Jinx2 months ago
159 Victorious2 months ago
148 Outstanding2 months ago
143 Disadvantage2 months ago
142 Round One2 months ago
137 Bilitis2 months ago
135 The Wai2 months ago
128 Strength Tes2 months ago
125 Inheritance2 months ago
119 Ancient Ruins2 months ago
117 Escape2 months ago
110 Tough Figh2 months ago
108 Danger2 months ago
107 Interception2 months ago
98 Qualification2 months ago
95 Exchange Group2 months ago
93 Elizabeth2 months ago
90 Negotiation2 months ago
86 Evaluation2 months ago
83 Streaking2 months ago
80 Steves Talen2 months ago
79 Love Rival2 months ago
70 Cursed Imprin2 months ago
65 A Weak Spo2 months ago
61 A Reversal2 months ago
58 The Erinnyes2 months ago
54 Award Ceremony2 months ago
51 One Move2 months ago
46 Top Five2 months ago
45 The Ugly Side2 months ago
43 K.o.2 months ago
42 First Round2 months ago
39 A Raging Storm2 months ago
34 Auction2 months ago
27 Chameleon2 months ago
23 Wharton Mall2 months ago
20 Pharmaceutics2 months ago
19 Separation2 months ago
14 A Good Deal2 months ago
13 Fire And Ice2 months ago
9 Collaboration2 months ago
6 Mission Teams2 months ago
3 The Last Chance2 months ago
1 Blue Star2 months ago
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