Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 476

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There were bones wherever the eye could see.

Not far ahead was a dark red mountain which had already lost all its edges to the winds' constant onslaught. There was a wide stone cave of an unknown origin inside the mountain. Ye Chen was sitting in the center of the cave and on top of a huge rock.

"Parallel space battlefield There are a lot of Sea of Souls Realm warriors here. With my power now, I might be able to make it out alive in the battles with some rather powerful warriors, but I would die eventually once I encounter a master level warrior. So, I think it would be best for me to improve my cultivation for now."

Letting out a breath, Ye Chen took out the storage ring he got from the man in yellow robes.

Inside the storage ring were countless martial manuals, but there weren't any top rank Earth Realm ones. There were four mid rank weapons, a hundred thousand mid rank spirit stones, and more than eight thousand top rank spirit stones. There were also four Spirit power crystal

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